Quote of The Day 12-1-17: The Best Marketing Strategy Ever
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Quote of The Day 12-1-17: The Best Marketing Strategy Ever

Hey guys Zack here at G&N with the quote
of the day for Friday. The best marketing strategy ever: care! That’s by Gary Vee,
today’s a Gary Vee kind of day and just thinking about how this quote relates to
us creating raving fans and this morning 8:24 a.m. email from Santander bank
asking for a binder for a 10 am closing in an hour and a half.
Lisa from our team she’s an Account Manager she got it done in five minutes.
Santander Bank needed an updated binder we got it done in five minutes
clients closed on the property and they’re happy – that’s how we create
raving fans that’s how we abide by this Gary Vee quote we care! Have a great

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2 thoughts on “Quote of The Day 12-1-17: The Best Marketing Strategy Ever

  1. Not sure who this gary guy is you keep referencing but he sounds legit. And to your point, i was having this exact conversation with one of my referral partners (mortgage loan originator) this morning about our synergy and why she keeps referring new home buyers our way. The reason that she gave was because she can tell that we "care". I took it a step further and said the we actually "Give a shit" — yes I used that word because i think it draws a specific distinction about the relationship we have with each and every client that we do business with. "Caring" is meh, ok and is nice. But when you are doing business with a person that actually gives a shit about making sure they have the right coverage and that the loan closes on time and you treat them like family……. we believe that's a totally different level of service that we strive for every single day.

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