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Rachael Kay Albers – Funny Keynote Speaker – Marketing, Branding, Business Comedy

I’m Rachael Kay Albers. I am a designer and business comedian. Hey! This is RKA And this is another episode of Awkward Marketing I founded RKA ink, which is a branding, web design, and marketing studio 10 years ago. And, so I help thought leaders And visionary entrepreneurs create epic, unforgettable brands This little lightbulb kinda went off for me The very thing that I teach my clients How to harness the things that other people love most about them in their brand and bring that to the forefront is what
I kind of keyed into with my show Awkward Marketing, because I’ve got this
background in theater I have a background in comedy, I’m a stand up comedian And I was like, “Wow!” Okay, this is a way to teach people about marketing and business in a way that feels really accessible, really relatable it kind of breaks away how dry and boring marketing can be People who watch my show
started asking me “Can you bring this or that character to my podcast?” “Can you bring this to my event?” “I feel like my audience is really gonna love this And so I started bringing the show on the road “I got 17 Lamborghinis and I work only 4 minutes a week.” Think of me kind of like the one-woman
SNL of business comedy, right? I come into an event…I often bring characters, sketch, humor And use it as a starting point to discuss these topics How do you grow your audience? How do you create content that makes people feel seen? How do you write copy so people say “Wow! I feel it’s like you read my mind!” Humor is the gateway to that and I love bringing the passion that I have for it to the marketing phobic. And when we laugh, it opens up the pathways in our brain to find new, creative solutions So I’m diffusing the negative energy around the things that frustrate me, the things that frustrate my audience, turning it into something that pulls the right people towards me makes people feel seen, helps to create new creative solutions And I am being the difference
I want to see in my industry I like the say, “Complaining is boring! What are you going to do about it???” When I am able to come in and help
them see it in a new light, help them laugh about it, suddenly we’re breaking through their discomfort and helping them access tools and skills that are going to help them reach more people, make a bigger impact. I think comedy
really is this way of getting people to sit up, pay attention, and start taking
notes. you

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