Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi, Polycab, lists key parameters for marketers
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Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi, Polycab, lists key parameters for marketers

I gave a few examples of what grant can do for example the Starbucks China experience where not only artificial intelligence but augmented reality was being used to enhance the customer experience and customer engagement with the brand I think today digital touches all aspects of her life as a CEO of Pali cab I even look at the leveraging digital when it comes to employee engagement when it comes to engagement with influencers like electricians or retailers of the company or with the dealers and distributors of the company I think digital is it you know frankly from an Indian context the amount of click throughs in terms of advertising it's no more just about advertising in the digital medium it's about creating unique one-on-one relationships with consumers how can brands embed themselves in the digital life of consumers at the same time brands need to be conscious of a few faults are we intruding too much into the privacy of our consumers are we really getting after data and numbers without losing the feel and emotions in terms of a brand are we doing enough in terms of respecting a customer respecting a consumer and finally are we being too obtrusive in terms of our interaction and various touch points I think the easier we make a brand slip into a consumers mind and create a warm good feeling without being seen as too pokey too intrusive too disrespectful I think brands will achieve a lot

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