RCS Messaging: Porsche Recruitment Chatbot from BOTfriends
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RCS Messaging: Porsche Recruitment Chatbot from BOTfriends

Derek: Hello, everyone. Derek with tatango.com here. We are at a Mobile World Congress 2019, here
at the Innovation City from the GSMA. I have my friend Daniel from BOTfriends, and
he’s created a software platform for bots that is using RCS. So it’s really cool that we’re seeing all
these demos not just from SMS providers. Now we’re seeing RCS demos from, actually,
botmakers as well. So this bot, it’s from what, Porsche? Daniel: Yes, it’s from Porsche, the sports
car company, and it answers a lot of questions regarding recruiting. So whenever you want to work at Porsche, you
can inform yourself about jobs, about internships, about dual-study courses, and so on. Derek: Okay, so how does this work? Let’s say I’m, you know, a student and I’m
interested in working for Porsche. Who wouldn’t want to be working for Porsche? Hopefully, you get a free Porsche. So let’s say I’m the student, this is the
phone, and that what is being mirrored up there. So what happens right off the bat? Like, do they get a message or are you triggering
the message? Daniel: So first of all, you get a message. It says, “Hello, I’m the chatbot for Porsche.” So it very offensively says that it is not
a human, it’s a machine, but it also tells you that whenever you want to reach out to
a real human, you can reach out to a real employee. And so what you could do first is you could
maybe interact via the buttons. So let’s say you said we are a student, so
we want to do an internship at Porsche. So we just click on internship. Derek: And what’s really cool about that is
when you clicked internship as a button, it rendered it as almost like a message, so you
don’t need to actually type anything out. That’s cool. Daniel: Yes. So for those quick replies, it’s very easy,
and you immediately see what is the chatbot about. So we already developed this chatbot without
the buttons and recognized that if we don’t have the button, they say ask a recruiting
chatbot for the latest soccer results. So we need to have those buttons, but you
can also interact with via natural language. So I could also say, for example, “How much
do I earn as an intern?” So you don’t need to click the buttons. You can also interact with via natural language. Derek: So what you’ve found out, though, is
if you didn’t have the buttons, the consumers would just text in random stuff? Daniel: Random stuff, yeah. Everything. Soccer results, what’s up in the cinema, and
everything. So this is why we highly recommend to use
those buttons as well. Derek: That’s a really good point, I’ve actually
never heard that before. So that’s why we do these videos, is to learn. So essentially, if you just had, “Hey, if
you’re interested in an internship, text or reply back with something,” then they’d reply
back with all kinds of crazy stuff. If they do it with the buttons, you’re kind
of guiding the consumer the way that the botmaker wants. Daniel: Yes, exactly. So you can really guide the conversation. And what you could also do with that chatbot
is ask, for example, small talk questions. Do you have any small talk questions you would
like to ask? Derek: A smalt talk question? What is a…? Daniel: For example, are you a chatbot or
are you…? Derek: So you can ask even the chatbot, like,
“Is this a real person?” Daniel: Yes, for example. Derek: Let’s try that. Like, “Is this a real human?” Daniel: Let’s see what happens. Derek: So what is powering that? Is that your technology or are using APIs
for the smart language? Daniel: So for the language, we are using
a Google technology which is called Dialogflow, but we also built some tools around Dialogflow
which makes it easy to develop chatbots and also voicebots on Dialogflow. Derek: And your company BOTfriends is like
a software platform that allows these companies to build this? Daniel: It’s not actually a software platform,
but it’s a company that helps businesses to realize chatbots. So we help them in conversational design,
which is very, very important for chatbot and also in development. Derek: So you’re almost like an agency that
helps them design, build, deploy. And now you’re working with Google for the
RCS stuff. Daniel: Exactly. So on the one hand side, we are an agency,
but on the other side, we are building standard chatbots. For example, if you want a recruiting chatbot
or if you want an event chatbot, or if you want a chatbot, for example, for other things,
we have standard packages, which gives you already, like, 500 questions. So you don’t need to start from scratch. We already give you a package of questions
and answers. Derek: Now, I know selling chatbots to brands
is hard. You know, and it’s interesting, so you have
templates almost, and you’re selling them like, “Hey, if you’re a car dealership, we
kind of know what you want.” Daniel: Exactly. Derek: Is there anything else you’ve learned,
for those people out there that are selling or trying to sell chatbots or RCS, that makes
it easier, like the templates? Daniel: Yes, the templates definitely makes
it easier, but what you really have to do is that your customer really understands what’s
the value of chatbots and also what value it can bring today. But even more important, what value it can
bring in the future. Derek: So for value for this kind of chatbot…because
some of the people, I think, are watching this video and they’re looking at it going,
“That’s cool, but what’s the value?” Like, why would Porsche be interested in this? Why is Porsche or any of your customers interested
in chatbots? Like, what is it producing in value for them? Daniel: So for this case, we tried to write
Porsche on Facebook Messenger, and it took them, I think, one or two days to respond,
which is good in comparison to others, but which you could do even better. So we said, “Hey, let’s do a chatbot.” And what they are doing now is the conversations
have doubled, and this is because whenever you have a stupid question like, “How long
does an internship take?” you wouldn’t ask that question to a real recruiter at Porsche
because you would think, “What does he or she think about me when I ask that standard
question?” And with the chatbot, the conversations have
more than doubled. Derek: And so the chatbot interactions have
doubled. Daniel: Before the chatbot, there were only
personal interactions, and the total amount of interactions have more than doubled. And even if they have more than doubled…how
do I say it? The time was reduced by 25%, and this is because
all the standard questions, like, “How long does an internship take? Do you have any jobs in marketing? Do you have any jobs in development?” are
answered by the chatbot. And all the very, very individual, complex
questions are answered by the employees or the Porsche recruiters. And therefore, before the chatbot, even if
they had a very complex question, they only gave a standard answer. And the answer was not really helpful because
there were only standard answers. And now, with the chatbot taking over the
standard questions, the Porsche employees can really focus on the more complex questions
and give helpful answers to them. Derek: So, really, the chatbot has not only
increased engagement. It’s reduced the amount of time that the Porsche
employees need to spend with these candidates. And it’s not replacing them. It’s just making sure that they can focus
on the real parts of their job that really matter, not answering basic questions over
and over again. Daniel: Exactly. Derek: That’s really cool. So where can people watching this video find
out more about your company? Daniel: Just go to www.botfriends.ai and write
us, leave us a message. And, yeah, looking forward to it. Derek: Awesome. So botfriends.ai? Daniel: Yes, botfriends.ai. Derek: Okay, and your name is Daniel? Daniel: Yes. Derek: And you’re the founder? Daniel: Yes. Derek: Okay, very cool. Daniel: Yes, I’m the founder. One of the founders. Derek: Okay. Well, you gotta be careful with that sometimes. Awesome. Well, that is a RCS demo. This is a chatbot demo from Mobile World Congress
2019. We are at the GSMA Innovation City here in

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