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Real Estate Digital Marketing Consultation

I am recording the audio as well okay
just so that you, were both confirmed. alright so tess, we met yesterday and we
spoke about your kind of like long-term and short-term online
marketing goals. one of the things that we talked about today or talked about in
terms of what we’re going to do today is I did agree that I would show you the
long-term version of a goal. I also agreed that I would kind of explain to
you what real estate SEO looks like today. so that you can decide whether or
not you want to fit that into your marketing plan and if you do want to fit
it into your marketing plan, how much space do you want to leave for it? Alright,
are you in accord that we both were mutually understanding that
was something, at least part of what we would talk about today. okay so first and
foremost I’m going to pull up a client site. okay we also talked about real
estate websites and such I told you there is a very, well it’s a fairly inexpensive real estate website that you can get into for
not that much money. I mean I don’t build them for all that much and even if you didn’t use me then it’s literally only a couple hundred bucks. ok
these are effective, this is a very extremely basic site because I have a
client that I’ve been working with for many many many many many years and we’ve already done this before so she’s not in a super hurry to build up her site
and make it look nice but this is the same template. so the story behind this just so that you know is that this client owned a
brokerage in Cape May and she sold that brokerage to long and foster. I have
been working with her on her original site that you’re looking at
right now for probably about six years doing SEO. The SEO on the site is still
intact, it still gets a ton of visits and it’s still getting between 30 and 50
leads every single month. oops sorry about that I don’t know what happened
to my screen. I wonder why that did that. anyway and … most importantly at least as far as I’m
concerned the client stopped investing in SEO years ago. In total, in sum total
she probably spent about seven thousand dollars over the span of three years,
maybe more, maybe 15,000 and for that she not only got probably i want to
say five years worth of 30 to 50 leads per month and i don’t know how much how
many closes she got because she was extremely busy at all times and she
never did track those numbers for me but I absolutely positively guarantee you
she was closing between three and five transactions every month off leads
develop of our website. That she would then go and close. so for me one of
the things that I coach and I counseled and as an experienced business owner you
probably already understand. I try to get all real estate agents into the concept
of understanding like outlay versus return in terms of capital. so if you
invest x how much do you think you can receive at overtime so in this
particular case we invested $15,000 the average home price in Cape May is
about four hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars so if you calculate the
lowest end of what I told you. There’s 1.2 million dollars in gross sales being
generated off this website over the span of the years 12 million dollars or so in
total but let’s say I’m all wrong let’s just say it’s 10 million and her end of
that is a three percent commission so 10 million times three or three percent I
don’t know what the math is but it’s probably somewhere in the neighborhood
of a few hundred thousand dollars. now so for her now you measure that versus a
five-thousand-dollar outlay and last but not least and this is the part that I
personally am most passionate about Tess when she sold her brokerage to long and
foster. there was a line item in the brokerage sale that accounted for her
digital presence. so she’s like the third or fourth most
popular website in Cape May and she could have been number one but she never
wanted to spend more than five or six hundred dollars a month on marketing
with me. so she just kind of, she’s extremely conservative which is
why I use her website as an example because she’s super low end. she is not a
high-end client, she didn’t spend a million bucks with me she’s not one of
my clients in Beverly hills. In my opinion she’s about, she’s on
the low end of the average broker and her temperament is incredibly
conservative, like incredibly conservative. She still bids me out on
every single quote i ever give her after six years of doing business with her. so
she’s extremely conservative and so she she put a line item in her sale and she
under sold this by the way but she got paid seventy-five thousand dollars for
her website. so not only did she make the 10 million dollars in sales, 30 million
dollars total plus whatever her commission was off that and I’m a little uncomfortable talking about that figure because I’m
not, everybody splits their Commission differently but it’s probably even
being super conservative it was probably 2.5% and I’m just
going to do the quick math so that I know what that right so $250,000 in
gross revenue there plus $75,000 on selling the website. so in sum total
if you look at what SEO delivered her it was versus a fifteen thousand dollar
cost so she netted 250 thousand dollars 260 thousand dollars after using it for
five years. plus she had the additional brand and there’s no way to calculate
what the value. that’s the straight up business financial value but part of the
reason she had an offer in the first place from long and foster, part of the
reason that she was able to be bought out at all was her branding and
how she positioned herself and at least thirty percent of that was the web
because she did do traditional branding as well such as mailers and newspapers
and other things so I wasn’t the only, you know the web wasn’t the only thing but
it was something. The conversion rate on this site is about 3.5 percent which is
high for a real estate site that’s because the website is so simple and it works
really super well on cell phones. If you get a chance i would recommend that you
write down her URL so that you understand what i think an effective
website is and then last but not least Gail did always follow my advice. I don’t
really believe that real estate agents should spend a shit ton of money on real
estate websites unless they really know what they’re doing. so actually instead
of doing what most sales people would do and upsell you on the concept
of website I do the exact opposite I downsell you. most people agents in
particular don’t need a fancy website. now they do need to own their website
but they don’t need to like break the bank trying to buy one and later on like
much later on in your career if you ever decide to be a broker and you want to
feed a team of people or you have felt good about your marketing and
you’re building your business up maybe and this is a big maybe you’d have to
talk to me again but maybe you want to go for a higher-end website because of
branding, because of positioning, because of a number of different things but
that’s, that is a real heavy duty Navy Tess. so please for the love of God
remember this conversation don’t get all excited when you get your first big sale
and think that you need to blow five thousand dollars on a website because
I’m telling you right now that’s usually a waste of money. so having said all that
let’s talk about some of the things that we talked about yesterday and thank you
very much for giving you the chance to kind of build some steam into this. so
if you are going to build a real estate website and you are going to take a look
at using SEO. there’s something weird going on to this and you are going to use SEO as part of
your marketing methodology let’s just call it. what does that look like? so
are you comfortable with this topic taking up about thirty to forty percent
of our time? okay. all right so I have a tool here and it’s going to help it’s
going to help me explain SEO or or it’s not. okay I’m going to move the screen that
I’m sharing I have many monitors here and for some reason this
monitor over here is actually causing me a lot of problems so i’m going to move our
presentation into another monitor which is why i can’t work out of other
people’s offices i’ve got like a really huge set up here so i can’t maneuver my
business someplace else. it just doesn’t work, i wish it did. okay okay okay
alright. so we’re going to enter in this URL we’re going to use the
established website not the new one because the new one is still fairly like
it’s not really getting any value from the search engines and i’ll explain why
and part of the reason for that again as I’ve already told you is because this is
an incredibly conservative client. she’s never ever ever ever in her whole entire
life going to spend more than five or six hundred dollars a month she just
won’t. okay but this is a site that I had a chance to work on for many years and
even if you have what in my opinion in terms of professional SEO services is a
fairly small budget you can do a lot over time. ok so these that you’re
looking up here or we’re called URL and domain values okay. A URL is what you’re
looking at right here it’s willsey realty. A domain is all the sub URLs on
the entire domain like all the like will see realty forward slash damn it it’s been a very long time since I’ve
tried to do these this combination of tools. so i used to do like six to seven
of these kinds of calls day every day which is why i always tell people that
I’m probably in terms of an online marketing consultant that’s actually
talked to real estate agents I’m probably the most experienced like
consultant in the world because I’ve done hundreds if not thousands of these
calls and we’re always talking to people exactly like you. I’m talking
from everybody to somebody who’s just getting into the business to some of the
biggest names in real estate in the world and biggest names is just people
that everybody knows. That’s the only way I qualified doesn’t make them a
better real estate agent it just means that they’re better known. so these are
like all these URLs combined are what equal the domain. You see this
vacation rentals long term search over here is the total search volume and over
here is the position of this particular client and last but not least this tools
estimate of how many visitors are actually hitting the website for this
particular URL. does that all make sense? ok so when I click this down arrow I get
another set of numbers. I get the total overall domain rating, the URL rating
and that’s all that’s relevant for this particular call. so what does that
mean? how does that affect SEO? so let’s open up one of these one of these pages.
SEO these days, so Google has a really simple acronym that attaches to how it’s
going to place websites and for the sake of this call and all conversations I
ever have with anybody SEO means placement in google. The other search
engines do still get nine percent of the search traffic but google gets 91% so i
don’t really have conversations with people about anything other than google.
so this right here is a page that is doing fairly well in google and it’s
driving 51 people to the website. so how does google decide what pages are
relevant versus other pages? okay why is this page which is number 19
on the second page better or worse than other pages for the same keywords. so
let’s just say, let’s take a look at what this page is ranked for. let’s find a
keyword where it’s not on the first page for anything. how about this one. okay so
why is this page ranking for Wildwood New Jersey year-round rentals? so we do
the search, put it in the search engine and we come up with the page it’s a where do we come with the page that’s bizarre okay so that ranking tool is
it’s not really there. Did you drop out of the meeting? ok oh okay no all right hold on one second
I have to switch the screen again. all right you there? can you see my mouse now? alright, I apologize for that okay. so this right here is actually about number 19
but here it is long-term rental search like willsey Realty all right so
I need you to. there’s an acronym that Google uses which is expertise Authority
and trust. okay extra it’s called EAT, expertise Authority and trust. That’s
what they’re looking for. how do they decide what’s expertise Authority and
Trust really are? I am only going to cover the most important points. if you
listen to these points you will have down about fifty percent of SEO. the
other fifty percent is really complex because Google actually looks at about
two to three hundred factors when it hits a page and decides how to rank you
versus other pages. one of the factors that they look at that is super like
it’s like eighteen to nineteen percent of the total overall factors is they
look at audience participation. it’s how they decide about expertise authority
and trust. They have a lot of tools at this point they have google chrome, they
have google analytics, they have a whole bunch of tools probably more than you
realize. Every single time that you accept the terms and conditions of one
of these tools you are actually accepting that they collect data. That
data includes how long it took you to find the page that you wanted when you
look at a search result, who you clicked on, how long you stayed on the site that
you arrived to and how many pages did you look at. So that’s how Google is
measuring expertise, authority and Trust it’s through user experience and they
have so many ways of identifying what user experiences right now it’s
ridiculous. They also have proprietary technology so for instance Facebook
doesn’t allow them to read facebook pages but Facebook can’t
stop them from recording a visit that goes from Facebook to someplace else and Google can tell that the destination site or the site that you
are traveling from is facebook so even though they can’t get facebook
statistics they can actually get facebook signals that say that you have
let’s say a successful Facebook page. like if they see 20 people arriving to
google analytics or to Google like to a website and these people are coming from
facebook that then allows Google to know that you have some kind of presence on
Facebook. All of these things your social presence, how long people stay on your
website, they are things that Google is measuring to go to that acronym of
expertise authority and trust. what does that mean to you as a real estate agent.
that means a handful of things. one you want to be cognizant of the signals that
you’re leaving online and all of this plays into SEO I am NOT off topic at all
you want to be cognizant of what you are telling Google when you go online, you
want to say for instance when you’re establishing your local real estate
business you want to make sure that you sign up for a whole bunch of directory
sites that identify your business and its location. That is a big one for
Google deciding what a local business truly is okay. Another thing
that happens when you do that is so I do a search like Google like Van Nuys
realtor. Here’s what Google does and this is why the local stuff is important they
take this search and since i’ve included a location van nuys and google has
collected a lot of data about me through chrome and other places. They don’t even
have to ask if it’s another van nuys in another place they already know i’m in
california so they serve up the data that they feel is most
relevant and this happens with everybody this that you’re looking at the map
these little things right here this is what is referred to as a hyperlocal
search packet that is the technical name for what you’re looking at is called a
hyperlocal search packet. It is part of the expertise authority trust acronym I
gave you here’s how Google is viewing it if you have your business listed in the
white pages, the yellow pages, on Yelp, on foursquare, on activerain every single
one of these websites has something that says give us your location, give us your
street address, give us your name if you fill all that stuff out all the
information corresponds to one another that is what Google considers to be a
citation. a citation because Google is just like it’s filled with
mathematicians and while I love mathematicians they need to be super
exact and sometimes being super exact is super confusing for people that are not
part of the search world so a citation just means it’s a fancy way of saying we
have a website that lists your business address telephone number and
location that’s it that’s all a citation is. So google says you have a citation
somewhere. let’s say you have a hundred citations and another business has 50
citations and your hundred citations are coming from directory websites that
Google thinks are credible such as Yahoo business and Foursquare and all these
other places Manta. There’s all sorts, there’s literally hundreds of these
directory sites on the web and they are all reputable because they catalogue and
categorize businesses and that’s a big deal on the web so the more of these
citations that you have the more credible that Google thinks that you are
because again they’re looking for expertise authority and trust. The next
thing that they look at and they apply this to your SEO score or whether
they’re going to rank you, how fast they’re going to rank you, they look for
reviews and preferably ones on Google okay so they’re looking at how many
people have said something good about you. now if they can’t find anything on
google they will accept reviews from facebook because they auto populate
google and Facebook do have an agreement that
says that face book reviews auto populate into Google search results so
Google can count the reviews there but they prefer the reviews on their own
platform because they can control quality so most people when
doing a search for Realtors never get down into these other searches down here.
the reason that they never get down here is because they already know that they
can find and Yelp and Zillow anywhere they want on Google
that’s not a problem for them what they don’t get is the hyper local results
that is Martinez Lopez realtor. so if they’re doing a hyperlocal
like search in the first place. They’re not looking for zillow or trulia they’re
looking for you. they’re looking for the agents themselves. They want to see who
these people are and where they are because google has already trained us
about what a hyperlocal search result looks like. Every single person that has
a cell phone is using it like if they’re doing this search they already know they
want to find a person or a business they don’t want to find zillow or trulia. They
would do another search to do that and now look at how important reviews are.
Like are you really going to call Pacific West real estate no because
you’re looking on a map you’re probably going to call IMT or you’re
going to you’re going to click on that and see who they are at least. So these
reviews are incredibly important they’re important for your SEO ranking, they’re
important for everything and people overlook them especially in real estate.
so even if you like as part of your strategies you’re formulating how you’re
going to get out and represent real estate I strongly suggest that you
develop a pattern like I have a pattern and eric has a pattern but train
yourself, condition yourself to look for certain things. if you get stuck driving
around non qualified buyers for some reason in a car. do not look at that as a
lost opportunity use those relationships leverage them and get them to leave you
reviews. they don’t have to lie to say hey did
you know am I helpful? am I professional? are you getting to see the
homes that you want to see? if the answer to all these questions are yes give them
like email them and follow up with them and get them to leave you a review
because that will rank you that will put you in front of other people and then
some of those people will have money. so that person that didn’t have any money
that was wasting your time and gas is actually not wasting your time ang gas. they are actually delivering something of value if you can get them to do the
review. so if I was you and I’m the real estate salesperson the second identify
oh you can’t buy a home for me but you can do something else and it
honestly it’s hard to say which is more valuable because over time get ranking
in Google it’s going to make you tens of thousands of dollars or more millions
maybe so who’s to say what’s more valuable. so there’s that so then okay so
that’s the local stuff. so you missed yourself some directories and that is
part of having a website like building your WordPress website and then you put
it online blah blah blah. ok the next well actually I suppose let’s say
you can do all of this without a website the stuff that I’m talking about local
you can just build out a Google+ page you do not need a website Tess. you can
do this entire strategy including these hyperlocal search results with what’s
called a google plus profile and that’s free. If you want to spend zero money and
I’m that maybe that is it the best idea for you what you want to do is you just
want to create a Google+ profile for your business you want to make it a my
business page and then once you’ve done that you want to collect those reviews
for sure on google and the beautiful part about a my business page is that
you just simply get to add a website later. so some of you notice, notice how
some of these don’t have a website. like see this thing, that just means that
tri max doesn’t have a website or they’re not listing one but it doesn’t
mean that they don’t get to be on Google. so you don’t even need to invest a
single penny into having a website in order to start practicing SEO. You can
develop a reputation for yourself with expertise authority and trust and
what that means to you is that when you do put a website up on the web you’re
going to get ranked a lot faster. Google does look at usage of Google Plus and
does look at how long you’ve been there and does look at your facebook page and
does decide based on how the length of time that you’ve been online how
credible you are. so please don’t think or slow yourself down just because you
don’t happen to have a website or maybe you don’t plan to have a website that’s
fine you start building your credibility with Google
right now today and I strongly recommend that be one of the things that
you add into your strategy. the only question is that you don’t want to
start building out a whole bunch of directories until you’re certain about
your location which I already talked to you about. You don’t want to do that, you can build your Google+ page because you can very simply change the address on this
one page. You cannot so simply change the address on all the directories and the
horrible part about this local marketing stuff that I’m showing you. Is that if
you kind of change your strategy midstream you quite literally have to go
back to all the directories that you submitted your information into and
redo it and it’s a major pain in the ass and it can cost you a lot of money. Like
if you hired a guy to do in the first place like I charge about five hundred
to a thousand dollars to go and get 50 directories and build them out the right
way because every single one of these you have to fill out the profile with
all this information and usually there’s some support pages like tell us a little
bit about your business tell us a little bit about you so really you’re actually
writing like a couple thousand words of dialogue when you’re doing 50
directories and it takes a lot longer than people realize to do all of those
directories correctly because Google does look at all that not only are you
listed in those directories but does it appear to be a complete listing and that
affects your credibility as well. so yep
absolutely hundred percent that’s what you’ve given up your right to privacy
the moment you decided to be a real estate agent because the real estate.
look at what Gail does this is her first and last name her first business was
called Wolsey realty and it was a brokerage now Gail is working for
herself she doesn’t have a team anymore. she sold her team and everything else
to long and foster so it she doesn’t and she has a non-compete with them but
she is an agent of long & foster which was also part of her agreement so now
she’s just selling homes herself. see so you will always be in that position and
her name is branded she has spent a lot of years branding her name okay so let’s see here so that’s the
strat like there’s that I’ve given you a couple strategies one with the website
one without but let’s let’s continue down the road and say that you do want a
website let’s continue with the example of SEO. all right so now you’ve got the
local stuff down all right. all of your your fifty directories are filled out
and you built yourself a very simple real estate website now what do you do?
like how now how do you decide that you know expertise in 40 like how does
expertise and authority look to you now now that you’ve done all this other
stuff okay so now what happens is you need to start blogging which is what we
talked about your website needs to be set up correctly you need pages the
pages need to have some content on them you need to have decided what your niche
market is okay like where you’re going to where you’re going to represent
yourself these are pages that I built from my client okay. the I actually this
was my first effort doing it myself I’m not necessarily proud of all these pages
some are better than than others but they do the reason I built the pages out
this way is so that the pages can be what’s called sticky in other words
these pages are going to attract somebody’s attention and the reason that
they’re going to track somebody’s attention is there’s a lot of data on
the page so people if they’re interested in this data they have to stop and read
it and the reason that that’s important Tess is it sends a signal of expertise
Authority and Trust to google. The longer that you’re on the page is the more
relevant Google’s going to believe the page is. does that make sense? so we want
video on the page we want images on the page the reason we want these things on
the page is because typically not in every case but most cases people spend a
longer time on that kind of content and they’re more engaged and there’s a lot
of psychology that goes into this but the truth is is that people learn better,
most people are visual in the auditory learners which means that you engage
both images and sound and that most of the time is how people truly learn so if
you can get in front of a camera everyone smile or learn how to do a
screen share and throw some of this up on pages on your website that’s going to
be really powerful for you and very few real estate agents do it but you’re
young and you understand how the web works so you might change the script and
start thinking about like personal interaction with your audience even on
what would be considered standard like MLS search results pages
like this because here’s properties dig through your memory and try to figure
out how many times have you seen a real estate website where there’s like an image
of the realtor talking about the area and if you’ve seen it at all you tell me
because I’ve never seen it. so that’s certainly an idea. like I’ve just given
you an idea right there and that can build like coming out of the box and
thinking about something like a very similar information product but trying
to do it a slightly different way that’s how you make a million dollars on the
web. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel just try to improve it just a
teeny tiny little bit and if you can do that you’re going to do really well. well there’s a lot
of different variables to that particular answer. so number one it’s the
profession itself, so the money in this country is dominated by people that are
50 to 75 that’s the age group that age group is more resistant to technology
which means that real estate agents who are selling to that group of people have
not experienced the information revolution in the way that most of us
have because many of their clients still pick up a newspaper, many of their
clients still actually respond to what are really old-school methods of
marketing. If you’re talking about here in California Tess, the percentage
of people that are homeowners that are under 45 is staggeringly small. like
it’s something ridiculous like thirteen percent which means that your market is
almost completely dominated by older people and they have not integrated
technology the way that you and I have but having said that that is changing
rapidly like the average age of a user on Facebook has been increasing in age
for a long time and now it’s something ridiculous something like people who are
over 65 something like fifty to sixty percent of them are now on facebook. so
the numbers have slowly changed so don’t be fooled. You can get to your older
richer market online now but you asked me the question of why do I think that
like technology has been a little slower to adapt and the reason is. Is that the
market itself was slower to adapt. so now you’ve got yourself a blog what
do you what do you do then okay so a percentage of this like a really really
really really big percentage is deciding what your niche market is. now for my
client Gail it’s it’s Cape May she only wants to be selling in Cape May. Cape May
is not that big it’s a city in New Jersey and Cape May is fairly small so
she really dials in and she does have a vertical and by the way Tess I don’t
like it doesn’t come up that often people are not like don’t ask the
question nearly enough but if you want to ask me like ninety percent of the
campaign’s that i’ve seen online that have been successful in real estate are
people who have niches and everybody else fails so it’s the numbers are
staggering every single one of my clients that I have right now like all
the people that do business with me and still spend money with me our niche real
estate people. nostalgic homes which is a client of mine they specialize
in highlands in Denver they specialize in a single City they do eighty percent
of their business there in a single city in denver and there there are brokerage
that has 25 to 50 people they do eighty percent of the transactions in the city.
people don’t understand them that like the power of math would blow your mind.
like if you did eighty percent of the transactions and mount olympus you’d be
doing a hundred to two hundred million dollars in real-estate sales every year.
so do not be fooled by this glorious concept of specializing in this vast
demographic it will not work online if you want to present yourself that way in
person to people by all means do it just don’t make the mistake of confusing a
traditional approach a belly-to-belly a hand-to-hand approach with the approach
that you should be taking online because they need to be different. You can go
ahead and specialized like say that you work the entire east end when you’re in
person if you want to but you cannot do that when you’re
online. This client like you can list the cities on your website but when we start
blogging we’re going to be blogging about a very specific demographic does
that make sense? and that should be your marketing plan
by the way I’m not saying that you can’t break out or do other things but you
need to focus on one place first and then move on because by the time, if you
dominate a zip code Tess, your money’s going to be there then you’re going to
be in the position of being a small business owner with marketing dollars to
invest and your decision is going to have to be where do I want to expand to.
That’s going to be the conversation and that’s the only time you should be
having the conversation for non specialization is when your market
is established everybody knows you feel like your market penetration is about as deep as it’s going to get. You
think you get is there’s many calls as you’re going to get from that particular
area and now it’s time to move on because you as a business owner,
you’re not done. like you want more volume, you want more sales, you want more revenue, you want to grow your business. so now you move someplace else. let’s see
here so when you do establish your blog you’re gonna you’re going to stick with
the lifestyle now Kristoff has moved out. he’s built an entire team. He has like
15-16 people but when i started doing business with him he was just a single
agent in real estate. like in beverly hills so this is Christophe Choo, this is
a website using the same tool with ahrefs Christoph is a really big deal. He’s
also he’s one of the top performing agents in the country and honestly he’s
one of the the best agents on the web. He made a couple he makes … okay so he’s uh uh let’s see Christophe
Choo. I’ve already done that. so now we go here now you’re gonna see something
we’re seeing. now here’s a guy who’s really done some deep pocket investing
and he’s done in a very smart way doesn’t invest in SEO and that’s
actually a mistake. He is not omniscient but he does make some big investments in
web content. he spent a lot of money on the video that’s on his homepage
like this video that you’re looking at he contracted with a
helicopter he actually went out filmed from the air and did this like hired
professional film crews and this video has I don’t know a million, two million
views it drives a ton of traffic to his website. most of his traffic is not
coming from the traditional search engine so you’re looking here. If this
says he gets six thousand four hundred thousand visits my guess is that he gets
30 or 40,000 per month. okay and then his number one search term is mansions for
sale and he’s number six and that’s globally. globally not locally so
Christoff wants to be first on the search engine for anybody who’s searching for a
mansion because he knows already that something like forty or fifty percent of
the people in the world Beverly Hills has such a strong brand that anybody
like almost anybody wants to live there. so that’s why and then you start looking
down here’s and he’s branded homely Hills, Bel Air we don’t need to guess
about what he’s targeting we can just with a simple analytics tool we can find
out. Beverly Park, Hollywood Hills so and these are his positions so anything in
the top ten which most of these are he’s on the first page. it just keeps going right so this is a good example if you want to
start like taking some notes, creating business plan, a long term thought
process this isn’t such a bad way to go but his website is terrible. Don’t
repeat his mistakes with his website so everything else though is really good is
what that is ok
we no I I gave you that that solution
yesterday which is you buy a PO box that’s not going to make you say
that it’s a p.o box so you might have to place a few calls find some place in the
market that you’re targeting and then what you do is you add to your
credibility by saying I have more than one office. If you want to meet with me
we’re going to meet in my office in Beverly Hills. That’s it, that’s the
whole strategy right there and nobody, like because your core office is so
isn’t such an amazing area this strategy actually works better for you. but this
is a better solution you’re not losing anything here, you’re not losing anything
online and it’s going to make sense to Google when we say you have more than
one location and if for some reason somebody is like leaving your reviews
and talking about Beverly Hills but you know you’re trying to target the
other thing well we’ll kind of deal that with that when we when we come across it
but still it makes you look more reputable that you have more than one
office and that your core office is in Beverly Hills. Does that make sense and
then the best part is Tess, is that in terms of content creation which by the
way I strongly suggest because I don’t know what your circumstances are I don’t
know what Gotham circumstances are but you know what. Here’s what I know about
business changes and changes rapidly if it’s me as a business owner I’m going to
get all my content filmed in Gotham right now. I’m not going to assume that
their office circumstances is going to remain the same. so I’m
going to take all of my branded content and get it done as quickly as possible
and I by the way I’ve been living this I’ve already got the guys doing, I’ve
gotten testimonials from my filmed my first top there we do plan to keep being
involved with one another but if for some reason they call me tomorrow and
say Robert we never want you in the office. I’ve already got what I need like
so you know you want to do the same thing. I’m a really experienced
entrepreneur and I don’t do i am not usually in business to make a ton of
money I just like being in business for myself that’s the reason I do it. so I
work twice as hard as anybody I know I do not make twice as much now I could
change that but I just I there’s there’s things about
money that really bother me and that’s a personal thing it’s not it’s not a
reflection on anybody else it’s my own issues. so I’m going to say that my
experience in business though is you really need to carefully look at what
other people’s motivation are which is what Eric was talking about last
night and honestly the best way to protect yourself is just get
what you need. get what you need for your business and do it now don’t wait,
don’t procrastinate, just do it now. You’ve got yourself an amazing
circumstance I’m assuming that you paid the thirty six hundred dollars to get
yourself to be a brokerage. Don’t assume they’re going to be in business for a
year. I assume that they are i mean i’m guessing that they are now soon there
but i’m guessing that they are but you and I’m not trying to tell you that they
won’t be. I am trying to say however like I’ve been around the block enough times
to understand that making assumptions is in every avenue of life is a terrible
fucking idea. so just you know take control of what you can take control of and you’ll end up having a habit that you really can bank on
throughout the course of your life. like just get the shit that you need film
yourself at your desk you know get yourself with a couple people kind of
like find an office you know make sure that you’re alone in it. you know say hey
this is these are my office’s build up your personal branding image with
content do it right now and that way we can use it later whenever you’re ready
to do it. next the blog okay so when you do and if you do start to invest in
yourself and you’re trying to take the what I use I call a guerrilla
marketing tactics let’s say that you are a person that’s motivated but you have
no money or you don’t want to spend money you have plenty of money but you
don’t want to spend it and most experienced people business people are
going to be in a lot of categories. they have some money, they don’t want to spend. so you want to choose a marketing methodology that you can do as close to
as possible as free. that’s going to be blogging there is no doubt like you want
something that you can do that you really just need your motivation
and your time and that’s it. Blogging, that’s it i’m telling you blogging. so if you’re
going to learn how to blog there’s a couple of resources that you can go to
MOZ and neil patel. I’m not going to overwhelm you with choices these two
websites just these two will turn you into an expert blogger don’t accept
their fucking salesy things okay Neil tells… who, Patel? Well, he’s the world’s most famous online marketer. yeah and he’s really really
really really really good and Moz is the world’s most famous SEO
education website and both of them give out ninety percent of their information
for free you can no joke teach yourself how to be a world class professional
blogger without ever spending a penny and you can do it on using these two
websites. Don’t buy these guys’s software tool until you’re much farther
down your career because it’s not the best in my opinion but do follow
everything that Neil Patel says. He gives away more information than anybody
else I know of and he has one other website called quick sprout and between
the two you can truly learn anything that you want. Moz, the other one
quicks, yeah it’s neil patel and and then last but
not least quicksprout. I do use quick sprout more than I use any other website this
one. okay quick sprout like he’s letting some of his guides get a little old but
when you click on blog right here. You get into this page and when you scroll
down this stuff, these guides, which are all free you just have to give me your
email address. They’re the best guides that I’ve ever found. They are literally
step-by-step do this, next do this, next to do this, next do this. If you
actually read them you will become a super high performing professional but
and this is the you know not nothing in life is easier for you and this
particular thing if you decide to go this route. The sad news is that
becoming a really really good blogger it’s not fast it’s not easy you do have
to invest a lot of time. It’s going to take you I usually estimate the just a
learning curve part to be 160 hours. so if you dropped everything else you were
doing spent all day every day you could probably be a professional, like you can
you could produce some high-quality SEO friendly blog posts in about six weeks
but doing it full-time. so it’s not necessarily the fastest or easiest which
is why by the way I’m cutting to places that you get the education because there
is no way under any conceptual place that I can teach you or educate you in
any way that’s meaningful in a single consultation. What i can do is i can
point you in the direction of the right resources and then if you’re motivated
you’ll use it. Christoph doesn’t doesn’t blog but he
does produce more socially relevant content than any other real estate
professional I’ve ever seen. He does lots of Instagram videos and little blurbs on
facebook and his activity on his various pages is insane. not so much on
his Instagram as I was pointed out to you last night but Facebook and the
traditional methods yes and look at his reviews 11 Google reviews, 5
zillow reviews. This is a guy that focuses on both lifestyle and he is a pro like he doesn’t do a lot of shit right like a lot of it but
see what he does do which is what I told him to do a long time ago and he has
taken it to heart and done it like nobody else I’ve ever ever ever coached
but when I got a hold of him he had no presence anywhere and now. like He is
Christophe Choo he has a hundred and nine reviews here, 109. I so 9004 likes,
sixteen hundred and fifty nine people have been here and he didn’t buy any of
these likes. These are not fake likes or bought likes these are people that know
him, have seen him in his videos. like he has done great branding work here and look
at the pictures he posts. like when you come here you’re going to see mansions
and you’re gonna to get a really strong understanding of the
lifestyle that he represents. and I like with this okay so there’s a whole bunch of top
domains that have been released recently like dot
realtor is one of them all right. so the truth is is that what they are referred
to as what’s called the top-level domain that means that the people that put
out the domains have already said that they are just as important as com but
here is what’s not true. the technology company’s that matter haven’t figured
out a way to calculate all those URLs yet. so in other words Google
hasn’t caught up to the technology of saying that .la is as important as .com
because for them .la websites have not been proven enough so in terms of the
reason that like these domains have not caught on there’s not a ton of them
being sold, not a lot of people using them and the reason is
simple because all the companies that kind of sort through the web and
direct people places haven’t figured out what to do with them yet and until they
do they’re not incredibly valuable to you. Now you can buy one and
it might be good like it would might not be such a bad idea to get the .la
version of the domain that you’re looking at but you have to understand
they’re going to be a somewhat aggressive and risky maneuver if you
decide to build a website and do all the work that you have on it. we might at
some point need to circle back around a .com. that make sense? you right
so here’s an interesting thing so Cole Baker has been getting unbranded out of
out of Beverly Hills. Christoff has been instrumental in to trying to get them to
rebrand themselves because the agency re, rodeo Realty, there’s any number of local
brands that basically have a stronger, Hilton & Hyland. they all have stronger
brand names and stronger recognition than coldwell banker does in the LA area.
so how is Christoff trying to leverage that? He is taking his own social media
presence and he’s attaching it to the coldwell banker name because
Christoph is doing all this social media crap on his own. The million dollar
listing thing that he’s now the the star for or no it’s not million-dollar it’s a
cheeky TVs million-dollar homes or something like that he’s on TV now. He
engineered that, he did. so he’s been literally and by himself kind of
bringing coldwell banker into the right type of branding in order to try to sell
these homes because all of the people that are selling these mansions
except for Kristoff belong to other brokerages which is another reason why I
admire him because he could have and he probably should have bailed but he
didn’t he stayed with coldwell banker and now I think he’s trying
single-handedly to rebrand their la division so that they can
compete with these types of homes specifically. yeah he’s a hell
of a guy, anyway. um let’s see here so I think I’ve covered all the instrumental
points or all the really super broad points and we’re coming to the end of an
hour so I have a question for you at this point in our call. Do you feel like
the information that I provided you is valuable? do you feel like you’ll use it
at some point, some of it parts of it or all of it? okay so then the question that
I’m going to ask you now is as I’ve mentioned from the very start this call
and everything that we’ve done I I don’t charge anything for it I do ask a favor
though and here’s the favor do you think that all of the value that I’ve provided
for you is worth 10 minutes of your time outside of this call? okay so here’s
what I’m going to ask you to do, I’m going to send you a follow-up email and
that email is going to list a couple of places that I need reviews. okay I need
reviews on my social channels, my number one social channel that I need reviews
on is my google business page. I only have one review there and I need them
desperately. so if you really feel like I provided a good amount of value for
you in this consultation call I would greatly appreciate it if you would
travel to that page and essentially say I just received a consultation from
robert newman i found it to be very valuable i will probably use much if not
most of the information that he gave me. if anybody else has a chance to talk to
them you should do it. excellent well I’m extremely excited
and humbled that I managed to teach you something in comparison to
whatever it is that you already knew through your interaction with
your partner but I’m going to send you that email and if I would be really
really grateful if you could help me out. is there,
do you have any other questions you’d like to ask me before we end the call? ok so another thing that I will do I may
take it down at some point but I am going to send you a link to the video
that I recorded. i think i recorded it at least. I will have to check but if
assuming that the recording actually happened and it does seem to still be
going, I’m going to send you a link to it so if you want to come back and refer to
the recording yourself you can and you can kind of just run through the call
and hopefully recapture some value in case it was just too much all at once. absolutely. all right Tess, listen have a
great day and I’m sure I’m going to be seeing you again by the way. I’ll be
back in the office so far so right so we’ll we’ll see each other soon. bye.

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