Recording Production Practices
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Recording Production Practices

Hello and welcome! In this video we will be going over how to record a production practice, using Croptracker’s desktop,
and mobile applications. A production practice refers to any task done on the farm that’s not being tracked in a separate module. Production practice tracking will give you a complete picture of all labor activities performed on your farm. From the dashboard, click on the ‘growing’ drop-down
menu and select record production practice. You can also access this screen by clicking on the blue, ‘new production practice’ button at the top of your dashboard activities list. The first step is to record what activity you will be performing. You can optionally enter an event title and select the event status. The event status can be used to plan activities in advance and then confirm when they have been completed. Production practices will appear on your dashboard when they have been saved and can be edited from there to change the event status. Enter a start date, and end date. If you know that an activity is going to take longer than one day, you can set a timeframe using the start & end dates. These dates can be edited once the activity is complete if it took more or less time than estimated. Select the activity and optionally select the
category and any equipment used. These lists are populated by Croptracker, but
it is easy to add your own data. To learn more about adding activities and equipment, check out the video and knowledgebase links below. When you have finished, hit the blue ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page. The second step ‘where’ will show a map of your farm at the top of the page, and a list of your farm areas or blocks below. Use the map or the list to select the
areas you’ll be performing the production practice in. You can select as many areas as needed. Click the blue ‘next’ button when you finish
selecting your blocks. The final step, ‘confirm’, allows you to write any comments or notes you need. Comments will appear on reports while notes will not. When you have finished, hit ‘save’ and you’ll be taken back to your dashboard screen. Your production practice will appear here. Use the drop down arrow next to the blue ‘view’ button in the actions column to edit the event if needed, including changing the status to record when a production practice is completed. Next we will show you how to record a production practice on your mobile device. From your app main screen, scroll down to select production practices. Production practices you’ve already created will be listed here. To create a new one, tap on
the top of the list. Enter the start and end dates. Tap to select the block or
blocks you’ll be working in. Choose the activity, any equipment you need, and the category from the lists, and set the event status if desired. Enter any comments or notes you need, and hit save when you are done. Your new production practice will now appear in the list. If you are using an iOS mobile device and also have the punch clock module, you can also record work against a production practice and begin tracking pieces. Click on the arrow next to the production
practice and select work logs. Select punch in next to the block you want to record work in. Select the employee or employees you want to punch in. You can select whole crews or individual workers. Click next when you’ve selected everyone
you need. Set the start time. If you want to record the rate of production of your employees or if you are paying them piece rate, make sure you flag as piecework. The where and what information should be populated from the production practice event, but you can add more information here is needed. Tap punch in at the bottom of the screen when you are done. The employees will now appear on the work log screen under this event. To record pieces, tap the plus
button next to the employee you need. Enter the number of pieces you are
recording. You can record one by one, or many pieces at once. Be sure to select the correct piece rate from the drop down list. these piece pay rates are populated from information already entered into Croptracker. For information on how to set up pay rates, check out the video and knowledgebase links in the description. Hit save in the top left corner when you are done. Repeat this process as needed to record more work as it is completed. Many Croptracker users will have an iOS device in the field, so workers or crew managers can enter the information as it happens. When you are done recording the work, you can punch your employees out as usual by going back to the dashboard and
selecting punch clock. Select punch out and tap on the employees you wish to
punch out. Hit next when you are done. This screen will confirm the punch out time. You can change it if need be. You can also record lunch here if needed. Select punch out in the bottom left corner
when you are done, and your employees have been
successfully punched out. This concludes our video on
recording production practices in Croptracker. For more information, check out
our other videos and visit our website at And as always, thanks for

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