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Relevance in Online Groups | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

It’s good to find a community
in anything big you do. Be part of the scene for your industry. Follow, and hopefully one day also be
followed by, the right investors or competitors in your industry. Be active in relevant online groups and
contribute to them when you can. These people are your support for
improving and promoting your app. In terms of your image, framing yourself as a thought leader
in the industry is a wonderful idea. You’ll need to share your thoughts, if you want people to trust
you as a thought leader. Consider running your own blog and
sharing your knowledge. This process is not just about
promoting your product left and around. It’s also about becoming
a trusted expert.>>For example,
if your product is a bike desk, your blog can cover things
beyond just the bike. Topics like cycling as a sport,
either outdoor or indoor. This tells your followers that you
know what you’re talking about when it comes to cycling. You can write about
fitness in general or healthy habits to show that I can
trust you to give me lifestyle advice, including just being
active at my own desk. Consider publishing ongoing
pieces of content, to highlight your professionalism in the industry and
promote your online visibility. This will help both your SEO and
your social presence.>>Some of the most useful groups,
I would say, are groups that are really really targeted to use on part of
this five person group, of people who are in the share economy, like budding
entrepreneurs in the share economy. And then you can really have the
conversation you want to have, right? So those have worked better for
me than just on-line forums or these big communities.>>I want you take a few minutes to
explore on-line groups that you’d like to be active in. Start thinking about what it means
to really become a thought leader in the field. And think about your plan to get there. When you’re ready, write two blog titles that you’d
like to write in the blanks below. After you’ve come up with your titles, go to the forums and outline what these
blog posts will cover and then you’ll have an opportunity to get feedback
from some of your peers in the course.

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