REMAKING “Who Let the Chomp Out?” IN ONLY 30 MINUTES! | Glitch Productions
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REMAKING “Who Let the Chomp Out?” IN ONLY 30 MINUTES! | Glitch Productions

Kevin: What is going on you guys Luke: hey there hobos No Luke. hello everybody what is up everybody this is a episode two of our live little smg4 thing going on We did …uh… we did episode 1 And we had a great time you guys saw that all of you had a great reaction you absolutely loved it You love seeing Luke get tormented you saw him getting crushed underneath the crippling pressure. What he said How do you feel about losing some brain cells one second at a time good, so now we have a very special video today? We’re gonna be doing very something very similar except We’re gonna be recreating Who let the chomp out one of our highest viewed videos today for some reason? Some reason… you wanna give us a little backstory on who let the chomp out and like how you made it I can why or how like how like what was going through your mind? I was a stupid kid And I was like, you know what, I’ve seen some videos before And made who lets the chomp out music videos would like the chop So like you know I’m gonna make my own version, and then I made it and the people liked it so easy I don’t know why you like it there you have it folks okay? if you are new to this Luke is gonna be put under a 30-minute timer to create as much as he can to the best of his ability and He is roughly gonna be about 30 seconds to one minute of machinima so basically I’m just gonna try and recreate this Yeah, as much as you can in one minute I’ve got on my phone’s axe I’ve separated into 4x So I’m gonna try and give you a head and split it up so when the timer reaches a certain time Give me a leg loop. You’re jumping into the next act you have to drop with everything you’re doing get to the next act immediately He can’t shove it so you can do this. You’re gonna do this Luke! We are gonna do this and it’s gonna be amazing okay? Anyway… CALL9-1-1!!! This is who let the chomp out by smg4 made in under 30 minutes Let’s get the show on the road Luke so We have our timer here. We have our timer here, the moment I start we are gonna go. How are you feeling? Are you ready my boy? Gotta take off my watch gonna get into the zone, the MEME zone… Kevin Tell me some memes so I can get into the zone… Um… what the FF is a sonic?!?!? All right, uh… All right guys, are we ready Luke? Are you fans ready? All the fans are ready, Luke! They’re ready more than ever! Count me down. 3 2 1 go okay, so it is my inaudible talking… lol Should have spawned Mario, but okay, so here’s Mario You’re not gonna do our sm64 machinima. You go strategy focus change. Oh, yeah, we should do that The schooner round on the battlefield, okay, so okay? What’s the first step? You didn’t kill god forgot about that act 1 minus mg 4 are doing dumb crap on Bob on battle Okay, so the dough and dumb crap okay? So you wanna put up a little clip if you remember correctly from let it roam at the very beginning? They just screwin around Luke is gonna replicate that as best as it can Luke it’s almost been 1 minute What how are you feeling? I haven’t done one second. Yeah, I know Here we go What’s my ado lazy something is up It will be is something be aware yet Right um this time before we actually prepare musical sound so to screw up a little bit towards the end we didn’t have any music Assembling at the ad limit himself, but this time we’ve gone through we have a sound library we have a music library We have everything lined up on the side right screen there. You can just drag and drop it in as fast as you can Look I didn’t know SMG Falls of retards. Oh he’s a little bit of a little bit is a bit cuckoo crazy well Let me drag it him so let me drag it in fashion. I didn’t stop the recording okay Alright first shot He’s locking on a green screen, okay? Sure, hi wa girl. That’s that shot. I said the don’t dumb shit sometimes. Yeah in the video Goomba saw something coming yeah Yeah, we try to recreate that video as close as we can okay, okay? Encroaching two minutes, okay, that’s okay Because we will be switching to the next act very very soon what okay, so we need a Goomba okay? Hold on let me just do this shot, what’s the one shot we’re gonna be humping the Goomba something like that It is the most essential tool mo literally you get two things you stick together like glue So it’s like if you’re playing Lego at home. Just glue super glue super glue them together I’ve done the shot so There’s still a physically on the screen. It’s okay, so we get the combination the scooter out the compass alright This is the next thing yet Okay, okay, okay, I’ll make I’ll make um Yeah, Molly had a Goomba head in one of the one of this one of the scenes Okay, right, can you put that out? We’re gonna looks gonna? Show you what he does best bootlegging with the stuff? He has good liking something amazing stuff. He has a look at that. It’s a masterpiece loop Of God tell me what you’re doing right now here summarize a Goomba Jesus Into this probably uh what happened to Mario’s head dude my is a come Goomba cause like in the video right he? Disguises himself as a gumbo with nails in it And there’s more he’s like oh I’m a Goomba Oh is banana Joe. Oh It’s just so crappy it’s so good alright, dude YUM. We are coaching four minutes in our chin I need to move next that can have your next act is Maya accidentally pushes Shy guy the fat. Shy guy onto onto the pole I and the Chain Chomp is released okay most infamous scene from sp4 history. It’s actually famous scene so here We have the change of already loaded bus and so now the mess still messing around Oh crap I died I died in it and I died in the game. It’s okay, so here. We are we’re at the gate What so so can you please tell me what sort of going on from the beginning again, so we’ll stuff from the beginning What are you big confuse? How’s the conviction is all the backers up there, but basically the mission islands There is the mountain there in the bomb battlefield? This is breaking ok gives me log thing you can do this look. I believe in you I believe in you okay? So we’re gonna have a shy guy yeah the fat guy shy guy in the video it falls onto the pole put that up Please and we have a shy guy right right here Yes Okay, so I remember the bobbum shoot the shoot the they shoot the shy guy out of the cannon Okay, yeah, he was way to stick the source material. Yeah Five minutes have passed already. That’s okay. That’s okay. I don’t have the pink bow bottom so I’m gonna use his new Kevin I’m at a time okay alright, so you got a few I set up a shit, that’s how I got The dog a sub shit, I don’t know what they’ll be a little what they was and then they shoot the shy guy And then Then Luke go you’re gonna make consistent as well. It’s hard because he can’t just make up random crap He has to make it like there’s gonna be a sense of continuity. He’s gonna link everything up together Mario is Mario stalking is like coming back I’m a going back boom back 36 Other ways well. He’s done this all Right now you can see this in his face. He’s actually sweating, so let me do this okay? If you haven’t seen who edits on value this is gonna make no sense to you, but that’s okay Just enjoyed all right just to joy like this so bake. Just follow the story put some Battlefield, and then they’re like they took angry because they Playing with the dog, okay, so Again so the world’s ending is like it. This is the omen. There’s like a bad omen at – I gay shy guys gone. Do okay. Show the shy guy falls on Maui on Maya pushes Okay Okay, so the shy guy fell on the soil the shy guy fell on Mario you better hurry up We are coming up to our necks like very soon in two minutes. Okay, that’s okay. He’s there like five minutes every I think that’s the best way that ten minutes was down in the very own either Okay, that crap SMG for videos do not take half an hour to make they take a very long time or want it Thank you about what a whole week? He usually takes him a whole week to do a ten minute episode. That’s like What half a day for per minute? I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just chaos on the screen, but it’s okay We can use this loop. You don’t use much uh Project 64 look the fans are going. Okay. I’m sorry. I’ll use for the x64 For the up for the one next door shut off. What’s in the next shot. It’s so dark. I can’t see okay We’re turning what we’re turning it back to light the lights back. Thank you Like you date. I’m Oliver we’re moving on okay I’m doing it go. Yep about 50 seconds come on, Lou. It’s enough time all right do it here. We go ready here we go Die some real Joe winter that’s good enough blue today. Yeah, the shy guys left look out of the sky as a cameraman okay That’s good enough. Yeah. It was actually perfectly aimed it hit the pole is off Okay, then the shy guys and the change on this case The change up is about to be released Yes, you’re gonna. Make this look good. Okay. I’m gonna make this look good load. Okay, okay? I’m doing it. I’m doing it. Okay There’s another Change on so it’s just the one or the one in the background. Okay. Okay? Oh, he’s gonna be like Shake the next act starting given, okay, it’s that no you’re gonna You need to do my own SOG force reaction, dude you need to do that Okay The next act anyway is my own smg4 run-through bill baked into Peach’s castle being chased by the change Go on you got a whole five minutes to do this thing you can do it. I’m sorry if I don’t use enough sm6 law in this video because I’m bit pressured to just go to the next shot in gmod is a lot faster and Sharia know what you’re doing actually a really good job, dude you pretty much you pretty much have this down to muscle memory It’s crazy. How fast you do this You know after we released the first Episode the cake is a lie episode where we did it in this format it got everybody to see How you made gmod videos, and I think a lot of people started doing it themselves? So that’s that’s really cool I think it’s really really cool. They’re all your fans out there want to make cool stuff like this as well We’re we’re very happy that we can sort of motivate or inspire you guys to do that like this you can make dumb crap like so I’m gonna recreate that famous shot when I’m Running away from it. That’s it look Why don’t I quickly put up the steam that? Talking about the chain chomps chasing s54 and Mario how long did it take you to do that thing? Probably took him half an hour to do that single scene alone and how? Okay, took him a lot longer it took him like a few hours to do it and here We are he’s gonna redo it in about two minutes Honey this way I have a member yeah, they were running this way they were running somewhere hey There’s a shot, there’s the shot Okay, that’s actually good You haven’t reviewed anything at all yet. No I haven’t Kevin. I have not that’s okay. Do you read on 30 seconds? Oh? My god And it clearly run not in that direction, but cut to them running in that’s okay. It’s okay. You know what some movies do that? Already yeah, I expect you Think I am I know It is no no there is there’s a big the main man himself smg4 make em run. Do you not have the hook? No, okay fine not have the lights in there, please Okay, why is it so dark? I don’t know there. We go radius there boom. Hey looks like oh Shit Look oh, sorry. I should make a float like a ghost Could you guys imagine if all the smg4 episodes were made this way just imagine how it would turn out Oh God Crash da Jesus Christ to dress. No. Yeah. I say always save your work kids You are almost 50 minutes in I remember he still needs 10 minutes to put in sound and music good last time We didn’t put that in he just yelled into the microphone Ian Last time shit. I need to make this bigger shit no For what are you doing? Now? I’m trying to least size the green-screen. This is what I usually do okay? Oh there you go there. Now. I got enough room Just like inflate the green-screen I did this easy angry now Beautiful, yes. He is alright here. We go this is it. This is the scene everybody here. We go. Oh? Perfect it’s frame pocket frame for frame. Can you please? Put it next to this plane. Please. I should show up put the two up next to each other right now boys. Okay? Oh? Okay, so I’m out of time leave they’re gonna go in the pipe now Okay, you actually have to start resolving this now because yeah, you are on to the fourth and final okay, so this is the pipe they get rid of the Chain Chomp somehow somehow try to get that out ah Good Time Kevin your time I believe in you do this fair. Okay? She’s Wismar we having a stroke here I’m are we with you can do this look my mind’s gonna be wearing a wedding dress, okay? Okay, Martha. Wearing the wedding dress because I couldn’t It’s super Maya, dude The way it is done the deeds done propensity for us here as well. I shit. I’m wasting time guys This is why I like see even shitty shots like this take a time. Yeah, you can’t just BAM I think the most fun is just setting up the shutters he gets it he’s gotta get the props you gotta get the background getting the characters a lot of things to take a Look you’re gonna go in the hole. I’m going in the hole Maybe you can use some editing trickery to make them go in So I got a load map it’s gonna take me a while, it’s gonna do sound at this point Yeah, okay, so there’s this thing with a gmod way, it takes a really long time to load Maps. I think it’s because look It’s like a bajillion add-ons so what it takes like five minutes alone a single map. Yeah, so Luke is gonna go back He’s gonna backtrack and put in sound so he doesn’t waste time And this is where the sound library that we created is gonna come in we have a sounded music library There we go look at that Here we have the master and his artwork Look at this the artist in his in his home field As you can see he needs to make these talons his brain juices he sounded like he’s having a stroke, otherwise his brain doesn’t work I’m a Goomba is this mic work yeah. I’m a Goomba oh Hell yeah, I know I should voice smg4 actually oh, I’m a teacher Oh My god accurate though oh yeah, I’m gonna put some demon music put some demon music Dude actually check them a song for you, it’s called hot go to heartbeat Look that is the least fitting music that you could use Okay sure at this point. I don’t know the other map loaded yellowed. You’re gonna wrap this up soon Yes over thousands and thousands of songs yes if true I have no idea how he remembers all of this Mario Okay people at home will agree He’s completely butchered this episode Sound sound effective Again of cancer I gave him little cat sir looks like This hurts me of so many level about ten minutes left As someone who’s personally watched sd4 videos for a very long time me what it hurts me it is kind of thing heaven I Got ten minutes given you need to change from sound as well oh Yeah, you should do that instead what get rid of the doctor my own really I’m leaving tomorrow It’s perfect Okay don’t know what’s going on right? Now. Okay? It’s loaded. Oh, it’s loaded here. We go So the back of wrap it up. Dude. You don’t have much time left all right He’s pretty much putting all the sounding music to the first part of it look. I think you’re gonna blind the audience Okay, so if you remember correctly look how exactly did they stop? They told him he was fat, and they were like I just wanted to be your friend No, they saw Obama, and that’s right. Okay, all right so the running Okay I’m going to mention a mic, and I’m doing it for the fans. Don’t look for the fans. I’m doing uh And I think I’m gonna do less foolish than I did last quality Okay, those are the wedding so as you can tell it takes like three times as long as to add in all the Marlette some sexual stuff That’s why he doesn’t use it as much because he’s gonna do one separately for each character Whereas for gmod you can do all of it in one go so that’s okay look quality over quantity Yes, oh Damn those are some serious visual glitches. That’s okay. Thank You Sony Vegas. It’s okay this wonderful software And all the professionals out there using like I know Premiere and like After Effects, but not also using Sony Vegas, yep indeed we are Where the fool Creed Machane talk? It’s an sm64 But then the change-up gets to them Got seven minutes left I didn’t his next shot All right Okay, no way I’m gonna. I’m gonna go up the source of it a little bit. Oh, yeah, all right here We go this is where SMT for shines the most when he does Improvisation in these videos this actually happens a lot when we make videos like I’ll write it But then looks like you know what I’m gonna change, and it just sort of makes it all up on the spot That’s when you get that true smg4 quality like this a k47 you spawning for some reason So it may be off the moose awesome. It’s good Just a little bit just a little bit low I shit up Time for this six minutes 30 seconds Luke gets a pump shotgun sure Mayer just takes out a shotgun and shoots it okay, you know if all your videos could just have guns in them in the very pool Was a changeup just explode, but there’s a twist he shoots smg4 and becomes friends with there with the change Oh dad and that’s the twins portrayal that in six minutes. I can yes I can you actually have sort of one minute cuz you’re gonna do sound effects. I can do sound effects easy Yeah i’m I said before who do you think I am basically? I have no idea how you’re gonna be able to end this properly dude What do you mean? I’m a dog. I’m a garnish the pole is off. You are a king of video machinima Okay, if you can pull this off. You can do absolutely anything There’s two miles of – SMG floors right now on the screen. That’s again a long shot. They’re not in shock. Oh My god if you’re if you’re still watching up to here You are a true If you were up to this point and you’re still watching you’re still enjoying it you 100 percent of SMG 4th and my hats off to you I’m pretty sure that Luke’s just gone crazy right now. Just no idea what he’s doing Actually, this is this is a pretty accurate summary of what happens, what goes on in smg4 videos Just imagine this, but over the course of the day all right look there. You go gotta wrap it up this shit Just to go to the music and stuff, okay. I think meant to be friends. Yeah, that could help you Mario Interpret it however you want okay in the turbine is the best friends at this point Okay Alright there. We go. We’re done. Is that all the footage down the footage alright? He does that he’s got 4 minutes and 40 seconds left Sound where the fuck the sound I left go back the sound is a Mario folder What does that mean What somebody’s gonna be like it’s in this reminiscent of the old smg4 videos and You get the better of me alright alright. Now. You know I did sound effects you Wanted or random a dolphin sound of thing What do you mean we deem this one this is what do you mean is too far gone? See I’m putting in purpose sounds don’t respect me for that yeah, you actually change Okay know what let’s take on gonna be getting my memes in there’s a memes in you know how there’s like different levels of Zen While this is the meme Zen with memes own? I’m going crazy here I Don’t crash oh, no. What does that mean how much did you lose? No no no M. People will not be defeated by a mere crash Share the money on sound now I Believe in change you know 1 million for Lisa you know All right, so there’s that then we go to sound Ok I’ve been defeated. I’ll look it’s not there anymore It deleted it so hold on what the fuck hold on where the fuck did it go Where is that? Oh, you wanna pause it no find it. I’ve gotta find. It deleted itself hell My thing was so bad deleted it Vegas fuck – Let’s just go so bad. Yes autosave. Thank God, okay Well it really doesn’t want to change up that sound Jesus. All right. You know what? I love 30 seconds. Okay. Thank God for about it Come on wait hold on it has to be here Okay well well actually that’s never happened before I think I know I collected it. That’s what happened. How’d you corrupt? Did you think I was saving? I was saving well. I was crashing yeah I gotta do it again could you imagine me? Oh there. We go could you imagine if you did like a 10 minute video, and it did that? I would not aah that almost happened to me once actually really and let’s just say that I almost committed some Sudokus even though But you know what it did not happen I believe in you look I believe in you you were going to redeem yourself You’re gonna make a good wish my video come on you got about 40 seconds left. You can do this I don’t know why it’s so glitchy this usually doesn’t happen. It’s just unknown it doesn’t happen on my main computer I mean, but Vegas is a bit stressed shut up. I got 30 seconds. I’ve got 30 seconds Okay, we’re gonna move to my little timer over here. I’m gonna put this on white panel whop whop whop? Let’s have my white bubble pops out Your 20 seconds before we end this oh I didn’t put in the footage Before we watched the final video look how is that tell me? How how you how are you feeling right now violated my mind is violated um. How about our fans? I think me personally yeah, and the fans I mean I was tortured the may yes, it was crashing so I’d like to say that today We witnessed what it’s like for a chunky asian boy to have a mental breakdown yes Have you found Chucky Asian boy? That’s me breaks down on the internet for views That should be the name of this video Without further ado let’s watch this and end wrap up this video come on a full-screen Watch you’re from the beginning. What do you think the hardest part of all of that was I? Think it’s really managing everything. Oh like just coming up with what goes on in your head because there’s no script here You’re literally coming up with everything on the spoil, and I was copying the original source. I mean you’re pretty close There’s no page or oven. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t get to that part. Sorry I didn’t get to that part pac-man comes in eight minutes into one. What is a forty second? How long did it take you to make the original video how long would it take taking use actually the whole video three days Back, then you know how many hours is that by 2030 hours from 7 a.m.. To 10 a 10 p.m. All right, so there you go. That’s how many hours a lot of merit so now is that’s like 13 hours look. What’s All right, you guys ready here it is Check it out That was amazing dude Okay, go say We went through hell and high water But in the end it looked absolutely beautiful that turned out for the better for the better the better Can you please wait? How close I was to the source between I had braked you 17 out of 20 change homes Oh, thanks Ken all right guys that was Another SMG for episode in 30 minutes if you guys like that let us know if you want to see more Any last words before we say goodbye I have a tumor I’m a tumor I’m a tumor I’m a tumor I’m a tumor I’m a tumor. Thanks for watching everybody if Luke dies Randomly it’ll be because of the stress. He enjoys video. Yeah, but he did it for you bad. Yeah If I died you remember me by this video alright guys. See you next time on smg4. Bye. Bye cut alright singing claps Kaneki ugh. I got this for you. I got this for him This is uh this is what look because after every smg4 video

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  1. Who let the chomps out was the first SMG4 video I watched, and after that I wanted to watch more…….. So now I am here NO REGRETS

  2. dude, that fat shy guy, mixed in with burning meatloaf, and a chomp chomp chase, MLG toads, who let the chomp out has it all.

  3. Ah man, those last 5 minutes or so remind me of a college project I was helping a friend with (he handled animation, while I did sound). Anyways, the short version of the story is we had a 5 minute final product that I swear to god became sentient and wanted nothing more than to kill itself AND completely format Peter’s computer. Took us around 10 hours to restore everything and save his computer.

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