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Repurpose Content – Make MORE content in LESS time

If you create content for social media to
really drive traffic towards your business, I don’t need to tell you it takes a butt load
of time. Especially if you’re trying to show up on
all the different platforms. In today’s video, I’m going to share my tricks
to create way more content in far less time by taking one piece of content and repurposing
the crap out of it. With these hacks, you’re going to be able
to take that one piece of content and turn it into up to 20 pieces of content, without
spending your life chained your laptop. If that sounds like it’s going to make your
content creation life a whole lot easier, then keep on watching. If you’re new around here, my name is Melinda
Kitto, but you can call me Mel. And if you want marketing and messaging tips
to help you stand out online and sell your offers with ease, make sure to subscribe and
hit that bell to be notified every time I upload a new video. Now when it comes to business and let’s face
it, life in general, I’m a big fan of finding the easiest way of doing things. And the same goes for creating content. So step one is to ask yourself what is the
easiest form of content for you to create? Maybe you love writing and you can pump out
an absolutely awesome blog post in no time. Maybe you love to do live stream and all of
your best ideas come to you when you’re right there on the spot. Whatever it is for you, I want you to choose
your favorite form of content and that is going to become your central content piece. For me, the easiest form of content creation
is definitely video. I just find writing harder to do. So I use my YouTube videos as my central piece
of content. So that means when it comes to creating content,
each week I will spend the majority of my time and energy and effort creating this one
piece of content, and everything else will stem from that. Let me know in the comments what form of content
you love to create. What comes most easily for you, and what type
of content do you really struggle with? So step one is to decide what that central
piece of content is going to be and then go ahead and create it. Step two is to start to break that piece of
content down. And I’m going to walk you through exactly
how I do that with my YouTube videos to create up to 20 pieces of unique content. And how you can do the same, even if you’re
starting with written content instead of video. Now one important element of my YouTube videos
is to get a transcript of that video so that I can upload it as subtitles. But that transcript is about to make my life
a whole lot easier. I use to get really accurate transcriptions,
but you can also try which is actually Rev’s little sister. Now Temi is a fair bit cheaper than Rev, but
it is less accurate, because Temi is using a computer to generate the transcription,
whereas Rev uses a real person. But if you’ve got time to kind of go through
and correct any little inaccuracies, Temi is a really affordable alternative. Once I have that transcript, now I can start
to break the content down, and here’s a few ways that I do that. Number one is I’ll use that transcript to
create a blog post. I usually need to edit it slightly to kind
of tighten it up a little bit and sometimes I’ve got to change the language to actually
make it work in a blog. But if I had tried to sit down and write that
blog from scratch, it would probably take me three hours of mostly procrastination,
whereas this way it takes me about 15 minutes. That blog post goes up on my website and then
I can come across to platforms like Facebook and Instagram and actually point people towards
that blog. Now if you started with a blog instead of
a video, all you’re going to do is reverse engineer that process. So you’re going to use your blog as the basis
of a script for your video, and then the rest of these steps are pretty much the same. Number two, is next I’m going to go through
that transcript and start to highlight single statements that I feel could make really powerful
standalone quotes. So for this particular transcript, I’m going
to choose a single statement like “prioritize being clear over being clever”. So I’m going to go through the whole transcript
and I’m going to try to find four, maybe five of those single statements that could work
as standalone quotes. Now either you or maybe your VA can take those
quotes and turn them into a really cool image that you can use on Facebook or Instagram. Now a little bonus tip here, especially if
you’re doing this side of things yourself, is to go into a program like Canva and create
maybe three or four background templates that are ready to go. That way you can literally copy and paste
those different quotes onto a different background and boom, there’s up to five pieces of content
right there. The really awesome part about this approach
is that you’re not just grabbing random inspirational quotes from the internet. You’re actually using your own words. And that is a far more effective way of driving
traffic to your business rather than giving random dudes like Albert Einstein any more
publicity. And if Twitter is your thing, you can also
take those same quotes and turn them into tweets. I never really got into Twitter though. Am I too late? Number three. Next I’m going to get back to that transcript
again and I’m going to use a different color to start to highlight longer sections of text,
and I can use those longer sections of text to create more written content. Now these longer sections of texts could be
turned into a really great Facebook post, maybe I could use it as a caption on Instagram,
I could even use them to add value in a Facebook group, or maybe even post them on my LinkedIn
profile. But again, I can usually take maybe three
to five of those longer sections of texts out of that transcript. Maybe I might need to tweak the wording slightly
so that it makes sense as a standalone thing, but now I’ve got up to five unique pieces
of content that I can schedule out across those different platforms. Now if you have a VA or someone on your team
that can help you, this process becomes even easier because all you need to do is just
highlight those quotes or those longer sections of text, and then just hand it over for them
to work their magic and schedule out that content. But if you’re not quite there yet, don’t stress. Most of us content creators start out doing
this all by ourselves. But you can start to put some of these workflows
in place now so that when you are ready to bring on a team member, you already have these
systems in place and you can just hand them right on over. Number four. Now I’m going to go back to the actual video
itself and I’m going to look for ways that I can maybe slice that up to create smaller
pieces of video content. Now I usually like to create a little bit
of a teaser video so that I can promote my YouTube videos on either Facebook or maybe
my Instagram stories. But, you can also look for smaller chunks
of your video that might work as standalone content. Think about how someone like Gary Vaynerchuk
does this. He might have footage of a 10 minute phone
conversation, but he’ll slice that up and take these little one minute sound grabs to
create standalone videos for Facebook and Instagram. Now you can cheat a little bit here because
you’ve already gone through your transcript and highlighted those longest sections of
text, so you can use those sections as a guide for what kind of clips you might be able to
pull out of the longer video. Now again, right there is another three to
five unique pieces of content that you can create all from making that one original blog
or video. Number five. Now I’m going to look for other ways to continue
that conversation around that original piece of content. You could create an email to promote that
piece of content to your list, you could create pins on Pinterest that drive traffic towards
that original piece of content. You could look at the comments that you get
on that video and use that to inspire a really cool Q&A session on Facebook live. You could take the audio and upload it to
a podcast. You could create a content upgrade, a webinar,
or maybe some kind of training session that helps people to dive even deeper into that
topic. But you can very quickly see how that one
piece of content can get sliced and diced and repurposed to create up to 20, maybe even
more, pieces of unique content. Now, by the way, you don’t need to share all
of that content all at once. You might take those four beautiful quote
images and just schedule them to go out one at a time over the course of the next few
weeks or even months. So you’re just focusing the majority of your
time and effort to create one amazing piece of content every single week and then your
repurposed content starts to organically fill the gaps in your content calendar. Now that may still feel like a whole lot of
work, especially if you’re trying to do it all by yourself. But even if you could just start with one
of those ideas, you’re going to be creating a whole lot more content in a lot less time. Now I want to hear from you, so comment below
and let me know which one of these ideas you want to try with your content so that it can
start making its own little content babies. Now if you’re going to all that effort to
create that central piece of content, you’re going to want to make sure people actually
click on it, right? So if you want to be able to craft really
killer headlines and titles that get more eyeballs on your amazing content, then grab
my free guide which will give you some really simple formulas that will have you pumping
out really clickable headlines in minutes. You can grab my free guide by clicking on
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next video. {Bloopers}

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38 thoughts on “Repurpose Content – Make MORE content in LESS time

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    I think the big thing I'll be trying from your tips is taking my own quotes from my blog posts. I generally use other cutsey quotes from the web and people, but yeah I like this idea of using my own. Surely I've written some gems already? 😛 Thanks Mel!

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