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Research Distribution Channels | Pre-Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

Users can get connected with
your app in many different ways, from recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues, searching
an app store, or using a search engine. Research done by Google and
found that about 52% of app users surveyed found new apps through family,
friends, and colleagues. 40% through just browsing an app store,
and 25% through search engines. So, you can think beyond just the app
store to get your app out there. You’re going to want to get family,
friends, and colleagues talking about your app and
sharing it. So there are a ton of different
distribution channels to give your users access to your app. But what’s right for your business? Now here are some ideas to
kind of get you started. You could consider having your
app preloaded into a phone. No, I’m sorry, Apple and
Samsung probably aren’t going to come beating down your door just
to load your app on their phones. But you can pay for it. Pay a lot that is,
it’s pretty expensive. Your app will be preloaded onto
a specific mobile device and people will just be exposed to it. And their more likely
to actually use it. So the conversion rate for these preloaded apps is
significantly higher than average. You can optimize your own website, make sure to have a widget that can
be pasted on to a mobile website or Facebook pages for example that will
take your users directly to your app. Or, you could create a mobile
web version of your app. Now creating a mobile web version coded
in HTML5 is a great way to enable wide distribution outside of just
the smartphone audience. Also, people can engage with your
product before they commit to downloading it, which is a much
higher commitment on their end. And don’t forget about
the marketing workhorse, email. You can also consider just emailing
links to your app to your users. We’ll go over many more options
later in the course, but I want you to get started
thinking about these things. Start getting creative, because when it comes to
marketing ideas, sky’s the limit.

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