Returns desk problems: How you can get your money back (CBC Marketplace)
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Returns desk problems: How you can get your money back (CBC Marketplace)

( ♪♪ )>>Erica: This week on “Marketplace”…>>Hi there, how are you today?>>Erica: The return desk.>>We just have a return here,>>Yeah.>>Erica: It’s where shops and shoppers can collide.>>So I can’t have cash back?>>Erica: Three Canadians try to get their money back.>>Erica: In a series of tests that challenge the rules of returning.>>Erica: we reveal how to get past the point of no returns. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Every week, a million shoppers jam the stores of Toronto’s Eaton Centre. Three “Marketplace” viewers are getting ready to join the crowds but they won’t be spending, they will be taking things back.>>My name is Danielle Cloutier and I’m from Windsor, Ontario.>>My name is Ino Diville and I’m from Milton, Ontario.>>I’m Wolfgang van Rosean, and I’m from Oakville.>>Erica: We’re sending these three on a mission to test those frustrating retail return policies we’ve all struggled with.>>You should be able to just go right in, do an exchange and it should be simple, a simple process.>>My personal experience with the returns process, can be very frustrating.>>And I think a lot of people are afraid to actually return and complain. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Stores in Canada don’t have to give you your money back or an exchange or even a credit. That means a successful return often comes down to a shopper’s individual ability. And that’s what we’re testing.>>Erica: You’ll watch on hidden camera as we give our three testers challenges that could handcuff the most seasoned shopper. But to help them out, we’re sending them to a special boot camp first. It’s a crash course on how to negotiate at the returns desk.>>Erica: Hey, guys. Welcome. Leading the class is a guy who’s an expert in getting his way.>>Hi, guys, nice to meet you. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Bill Smalley is a professional negotiator. Who teaches others how to do it, too.>>Erica: All right. Well, welcome to our “Marketplace” boot camp where it is all about the returns desk. Bill says the key is to get comfortable.>>The reason that negotiating is uncomfortable has to do with one thing, conflict.>>Erica: Well, not everyone here is uncomfortable. Wolfgang is a bit of a ringer.>>I return items on average about twice a month, and my conviction is that I gave you money, my money is good, so the product itself should also be perfect.>>Erica: Right away, our experts got a tip. Ask the clerk for help.>>It’s not you demanding something, that’s a power-based approach. It’s not you trying to force that person to comply with your will because you feel entitled. You’re saying, let’s work towards what we both want here.>>Erica: Danielle is fresh off a difficult return. When she got it home, her new TV was damaged. But Future Shop told her to deal with the manufacturer, LG.>>So I put the damaged TV back in the box and I went to the store the very next morning to return it. And I was told it was considered concealed damage, therefore it was LG’s problem and not Future Shop’s. Should have just done a simple exchange.>>Erica: Our experts got more tips, stay calm and hang in there.>>The toughest negotiators have one advantage over most of us. They outlast us.>>Erica: Time for our testers to try out their new negotiating skills. I get to play a difficult sales clerk as Ino tries to bring back some earrings.>>Hi, can I help you?>>Yes, my wife doesn’t like them, doesn’t fit her style.>>Unfortunately, because they are earrings, I can’t return them. We have a policy that it’s not hygienic to return these things, so unfortunately I have to give these back to you.>>I don’t know what to say. At this point, I would just cave in. (Laughing)>>Because it’s hygienic.>>Erica: Okay. So our testers need to review the negotiating tip sheet. Get comfortable with conflict. Ask the clerk for help. Stay calm. And hang in there.>>You up for it?>>(together): Yes.>>Okay. Be on your way. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Tomorrow, they’ll need those skills as they test the art of negotiating for real. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: It’s day two of our “Marketplace” boot camp. Welcome to return challenge day. Are you ready?>>(Together): Yes.>>Erica: You certainly look ready. You’re looking very professional in your suit, Danielle. Our testers have dressed for return success. And we accessorize with a few hidden cameras. Okay, guys, you ready for your first challenge?>>(Together): Yeah!>>Erica: These guys don’t have a clue what products they will be taking back or under what conditions. But they’re about to find out. Okay, you’ve got a printer ink cartridge from Best Buy. Ino, a pair of shoes from Aldo and Danielle, you’re returning a doll to Disney. All of these have their original receipts, we paid cash. Now I want you to take the product out of the bags and out of their packaging. Then we up the stakes. I want you to throw the packaging away. You’re challenge is we want you to bring back all of these products. You’ve got the receipts but you don’t have the original packaging. And we want you to get cash back only. No store credit, no exchange. Challenge one, no original packaging. Because that defeats a lot of shoppers at the returns desk.>>I’ve never in my life returned for cash any item without the packaging. I think I might have to escalate to a manager.>>Well, I’m thinking it’s going to take some persistence on my part because it clearly states on the receipt that a full refund will not be issued without the original packaging.>>Erica: We hook up our testers with our “Marketplace” team, also wearing hidden cameras. Do you think you’re ready?>>(Together): Yeah!>>Erica: Okay, off you go. With products in hand, but no packaging, our testers will be using common reasons for their returns. Inside Aldo, Ino is off to a good start.>>Erica: The first clerk hands him to a second. And a third.>>We can’t do that without the box.>>I know, I know that.>>Erica: He tries one of the tips he’s learned, ask for help.>>Erica: While she gets the manager… Danielle’s at a Disney store, with an everyday story about a doll with no packaging.>>Erica: Once again, the manager’s called over.>>Erica: A credit isn’t good enough, though, for our challenge. We asked our testers to get our cash back.>>Erica: Now it’s Danielle’s turn to pull a line from our expert’s playbook. She asks for help, too.>>Erica: Over at Best Buy, Wolfgang’s also using his training to take back an ink cartridge with no box.>>Erica: How will our testers do? Success or epic fail? ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: We’re at Toronto’s Eaton Centre taking on Canada’s return policies. In this first challenge, returning products without the original packaging. At Best Buy, our tester, Wolfgang, has no trouble returning an ink cartridge with no box.>>Erica: And he’s pretty pleased about it.>>Oh, yeah!>>Erica: Over at Disney, the manager repeats the store’s policy about needing the packaging but then –>>Erica: Success number two.>>Erica: Danielle signs the receipt and heads out with money in hand. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: At Aldo, things are more difficult for Ino. He’s explaining again what happened to the shoe box. This time to the manager.>>Erica: A lot of shoppers might give up at this point, but Ino hangs in there.>>Erica: Will it help?>>Erica: And we’re three for three. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Back at boot camp, congrats all around. Ah, Bill! Well-done.>>Well done, guys!>>Erica: In all three cases, stores bent their return rules after our testers admitted the packaging was an issue and asked for help. Good job, that’s exactly what you were taught.>>When you do that, it makes it easier for them, you actually reduce the conflict.>>Erica: Now, are you ready for challenge number two?>>Yes.>>Bring it on.>>Erica: Wolf, for you, a pair of sunglasses. For you Ino, a bottle of rum. Danielle, a book. For the second challenge, things are about to get a whole lot harder. Okay, now, hand over the receipt. Thank you very much. Thank you. And for this challenge, hand over your personal I.D.>>What?>>Erica: If they ask for your name, your number, your phone number, don’t give anything. We want you to try for cash but you can settle for a store credit or an exchange. Challenge two targets the fact a lot of stores now ask people to disclose personal info during returns.>>I’m thinking it’s crazy, when you don’t have a receipt, you don’t provide any I.D., I would turn myself away.>>I don’t think the request for a full refund is going to work but maybe an exchange is doable.>>I am so very against providing personal information so I’m looking forward to the challenge.>>Erica: Refusing to give personal info got Ino banned from a Shoppers Drug Mart when a $7 return got heated.>>At the end, the store manager did give me a refund but, at the same time, he gave me a paper and the paper stated that should I return to the store, I can be charged and arrested.>>Erica: So how will Ino do here if he’s asked for I.D.? We sent him to Ontario’s government-run liquor store where the clerk tells Ino, without a receipt, he can only exchange that bottle of rum.>>Erica: Time to talk to the manager. Meanwhile, over at Sunglass Hut, Wolfgang psychs himself up and takes the plunge.>>Erica: Right away, wolf offered an exchange, but he’s holding out for cash.>>Do you think you’ll get your money back?>>I’m gonna try my hardest.>>Erica: Same with Danielle inside Indigo. No receipt but determined to get cash back for her books.>>Erica: Both Danielle and Wolf try for sympathy.>>Erica: But the answers they get are the same, no cash refund.>>Erica: Danielle finally decides to take the credit and run. But then the second part of the challenge kicks in. No giving personal information.>>Erica: A second clerk gets involved but Danielle stands firm.>>Erica: The clerk gives up, and Danielle emerges with a store credit and her privacy intact.>>Erica: Back at Sunglass Hut, the clerk is on the phone to the manager.>>Erica: But sticks to store policy.>>Erica: Over at the liquor store, the manager’s hearing that Ino only wants cash.>>Erica: The manager says something to the cashier. It seems Ino might just get his way. But then, uh oh, a request for his personal information.>>Erica: This kind of thing got Ino banned from one store, how about at the liquor store?>>Erica: He’s told there’s no help to be had. So what’s the deal with I.D.? Stephen O’Keefe speaks for stores. He’s with the Retail Council of Canada. Should people have to give their home phone number, their E-mail, sign something with their signature for a refund?>>You put those conditions hopefully not to affect the honest customer, but to act some kind of a deterrent affect to the customers who take advantage.>>Erica: He says customers who take advantage cost stores more than a billion dollars a year.>>The effects on the profitability of the store is so detrimental that you really have to pay attention to it.>>Erica: It’s a balancing act. Stores want happy customers but can’t take everything back. So now we’re really going to find out where’s the point of no return. We’re about to start challenge number three. And it is out there. This next challenge is based on extreme returns that happen more often than you think. ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Wolf.>>Oh, Oh.>>Erica: $10.>>M’hm.>>Erica: Your assignment is to take that money, go into McDonald’s, order a meal –>>Yes.>>Erica: — eat half of it.>>Yes.>>Erica: — change your mind and ask for a refund.>>Wow. That’s crazy.>>Erica: And Ino, here is your assignment. Can of paint, this is a custom order that you have requested a can of Lovely Lady, and now you’ve changed your mind and you want a refund.>>Okay.>>Erica: Danielle, for your challenge — Megan, could you step in please? This dress has been worn to a party and we’re going to ask you to return it. Challenge three, extreme returns that test how far stores will go to keep a customer.>>There’s no way that I can return this. It’s next to impossible to return it but never say never.>>In this challenge I could put myself in their shoes and completely see how I should be turned away.>>I thought it was doable. I still had the receipt and the tags were still attached to the dress.>>Erica: Okay, guys, no easy task. We’re going to bring in the reinforcements again, our “Marketplace” staffers, are you all ready?>>Yes.>>Erica: Okay. Well, head on out. Let’s see what happens. Our testers sure have their work cut out for them with this challenge. With no returns or exchanges allowed on tinted paint, Ino’s return seems the toughest one of all.>>Erica: Will he get a lovely return? We’ll find out. ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ )>>Erica: Our three testers have spread out in and around Toronto’s Eaton Centre. They’re trying to get a refund or credit to see how far stores will bend their return policies to keep customers happy. Danielle’s trying something people do all the time. Returning clothing after it’s been worn. In the industry, it’s a worry called wardrobing.>>Erica: Wolfgang’s not working nearly as hard at the golden arches. Danielle decides to politely escalate.>>Erica: And it pays off.>>Erica: The store may take it back, but Stephen O’Keefe with the Retail Council of Canada says most previously-enjoyed clothing can’t be resold.>>So that is a hit to the retailer because they are not sending it back to the manufacturer. If they’re importing it so they’re taking a hundred percent loss on that item.>>Erica: How does it affect us as a consumer?>>It will affect us in higher prices, a continuation of higher prices in order to offset that cost.>>Erica: So you know, we offered to pay back the retailers we visited or donate the money to charity. At Canadian tire, all of Ino’s boot camp skills are focused on that can of paint.>>Erica: 20 seconds tick by.>>Erica: Finally…>>Erica: Ino outlasts the manager, no cash, but a huge result with the refund card.>>Erica: Meantime, Wolf prepares to return half a meal?>>Erica: Wow, he gets all his money back. Just goes to show how far a company will go to keep a customer satisfied.>>Erica: Back at boot camp… So it’s been a long day. I’m curious to find out what the big messages were for you?>>Trying to work with the retailer.>>Remaining calm and collective and confident.>>The approach that engages the other person.>>As opposed to telling them it is my right, you got to fulfill it.>>Erica: You guys were terrific sports. Thanks so much for taking place in our “Marketplace” boot camp. Use your force for good. The lesson learned here? Knowing how to negotiate can bring many happy returns. Good students.>>They did very well. ( ♪♪ )

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100 thoughts on “Returns desk problems: How you can get your money back (CBC Marketplace)

  1. Goddddd these kind of customers annoy me and EVERY retail worker actually, honestly why would you model a video of how to be the worst customer possible and piss off the employees. We can only do so much and we can’t control it guys! If you’re rude we’re even less likely to be nice to you and more along the lines of civil. Half of the time there’s no “negotiation”, there’s rules we have to follow if we don’t want to lose our job.

  2. “Difficult sales clerk.” It’s not difficult, it’s following policies smh we NEED to follow them or we can be given discrepancies and eventually lose our jobs.

  3. I worked in returns & even if you were the nicest person we didn’t give in, but of you threw a tantrum we would must likely give you want even if it was against policy.

  4. Absolutely not! I was hanging in there, I can understand packaging if it's something that doesn't NEED the packaging to be resold, but come on…you need the receipt.

  5. Return fraud does exist.Keep receipts do online research before purchase.Check policies before making purchases.Bill

  6. I didn't keep the package or receipt once and the item stopped working after a few wks definitely before the 30 day mark so I just purchased another one and returned the defective one. Since then I always keep the package for a while and try to keep the receipt but still lose them lol. I have had to return things but never had a problem. I think as long as the item doesn't look abused and you have the package it's not that big a deal plus most places can look up receipts.

  7. In the US, Kohl’s has a very loose refund policy. I didn’t have my reciept and purchased the jacket two months prior but was able to return for store credit

  8. Wow I love this YouTube show, but for the first time I disagree with this episode. As a retail worker some of these issues are problematic and go against stores policy.

  9. Great, finally somebody who stands up for the consumer. Stores mark up items almost 50% anyway, which is theft in itself. I paid for it, I'm NOT satisfied and I want my money back. The end!! For all of the retail workers who are complaining, unless your name is on the outside of the story sthu. They'll fire you today and have your replacement in store before you get to the parking lot. Kudos for this story. UPVOTE! 👌👍

  10. Oh, and here in America, if any of the participants would've been a minority, they would NOT have gotten anything, cash, credit, nothing. Even with a valid receipt. #facts

  11. I don’t like this. No package,no receipt, no id . Get real.
    I returned earphones toFuture Shop and be lucky to get a credit store bc of sanitary issues.

  12. Yh, I like this show but this is a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves. Market place, this is wrong. The stores clearly write terms on receipt and most people know this before hand. Also hygiene, they don't protect other shoppers cos it's a buisness and would have to be sold to someone else.

  13. the first challenge is dumb because why would you ever try to return something that you don’t have the packaging for

    edit; best buy did it no problem because they sell things with an open box discount if they are returned .

  14. if an item is faulty you should be able to get a refund or a replacement for it ,99% i do get this service
    but recently i was only offered %50 refund from a company that annoyed me and i wont be buying from them anymore

  15. lol every canadian documentary has icy roads and people wearing jackets. I use to see sunshine and beaches and lakes in holywood movies as a kid. And when I came here I was like where is all that. "Hehe my son That's all in hollywood".

  16. Now that tens of thousands will try to squeeze out extra money from stores, the goodwill will dramatically drop.

    If that was your clever idea, good job!

  17. You coach thieves how to get money from stolen goods. I return often, not monthly, but can see the store needs to confirm who got the cash. It might help identify the crook. My check forged and cashed and bank will not give me picture in cameras so I can prosecute. That is one bank. Even after attorneys sent letter. Realize this is well intended but am usually a maverick but word reasonable comes to play here. Conceivably someone could lose their job for making the exception.

  18. I knew Mickey D's would take the meal back. It's like Wally's, you'd never have a problem returning something.

  19. Macy's charged me with shoplifting for returning a shirt with the wrong bar-code….the info they scan and the receipt matched but I swapped the shirt for one that they did not stock…my bad , thought I was slick…so my day in Court and $300 for a Lawyer stopped me from trying that one again….!!!

  20. I love working in retail and learn sales and customer service, but this is inexcusable!! Ripping off stores policies? Disgusting. Now I know why everyone in the comments section are so angry. I would too. Smdh

  21. I worked retail before and this lady was trying to return panties with no tag and the protective film was removed. She caused hell for me and knocked over the stuff on my register because I refused to return them. You also have those customers that pay with credit and try to get cash returns.

  22. So Marketplace is basically advocating fo a policy of "anyone can return anything anywhere wherever they want?" This is real life, not a videogame. Stores can't just take back people's random stuff, it won't sell and they'll be stuck with junk that'll just get thrown out anyway. They're essentially just teaching people to try to steal from stores. SMH

  23. I don't think it's fair to return something without packaging and receipt. Without packaging, the item is not sellable anymore. Without receipt, I can just steal something new from people and traded them at shops.

  24. I exchanged some pants I got last year today with no receipt.. they fell apart but I'd only worn them 3 months off and on.. just took me forever to take them back. No questions asked. I never do that. But when I buy expensive things I expect them to last awhile.

  25. This video is ridiculous. The receipt says the return policy. They have the right to refuse you and have no obligation to give you anything if you didn't follow the policy. Why else would they have a policy?

  26. I already knew being male and well-dressed automatically exerts authority. But even the way the host addresses the 3 people in the No Returns challenge is blatantly "customized". To the 2 males she says, "your assignment is" and "you're going to…" indicating their "competency" and ALREADY ASSUMING their "capability" to "handle" the requested task successfully. She gives them clear precise instructions while giving attentive body language, and standing directly in front of them, offering connection and respect.
    To the woman she says, "your CHALLENGE is…" indicating/assuming incompetence, difficully, or failure. And "We're gonna ask you to…", verbally "dumbing down" the situation, like when you ask a little kid to do something. And she stood far away from the woman she was talking to. That's body language for disconnection and lack of enthusiasm or trust. Yes, there was a model, but the model could have been to the side while the host stood in front.
    And at 17:16 both males receive PHYSICAL contact (pats on the back) as appreciation/encouragement/support, while the female recieves none. All of these factors affect how someone performs.

    While I dont necessarily believe these were intentional acts, they are destructive nonetheless. This omnipresence of inequality is so deeply engrained in our culture, that no one even notices. I could write a whole book on these 21 minutes. Language is everything

  27. So they are literally teaching you to either lie or just wear the clerks down until they say yea, do it. I mean they only been there for God knows how many hours, tired from standing on their feet then here comes a problem return, of course if you give them a hard time you'll get what you want because at the end of the day they don't want to deal with you constantly in their faces. And the moral of the story is, wear them down until you gain ground….

  28. I like the restrictions on a lot of shops when you need a receipt or ID. And if you paid in card your getting it back on your card or on gift card no cash. This stops return fraud thief's who make it harder for the rest of us.

  29. How ironic that a show which specializes in exposing scams is not only teaching people to scam stores, but is actually sending people out to scam stores for real.

  30. First thing dude at the liquor store thought was he was a booster. We get them here in AZ like crazy … they steal and then return it , sometimes they'll look around the parking lot for a receipt and then go inside the store and steal items on the receipt to return for cash… kinda smart when you think about it…but that's the main reason they ask you for I.D. or personal information, its kind of a test of your willingness to be exposed…

  31. After this show, Wolf eats at McDonald's 3 times daily, but has never finished a meal , and his bank account remains intact.

  32. Well I have a Ralph Lauren sport coat which has never been worn or been washed but the tag has fallen off and I don’t know what to do…

  33. In this case I'm with the businesses because of organized crime. they still the items and then they will return them expecting a full refund without a receipt. So I think they have every right to ask for a receipt or ID.

  34. @oKeef big chain does not loose money. The refund lose is included in our price. So please stop preaching for store.

  35. im a huge supporter of returning a product and getting a 100% refund on a object that was damaged or faulty because if i spend good money on something i want it to be in perfect condition, but i don't support returning something cuz you didn't like it after buying or changed your mind.

    (only acceptation, online shopping cuz the pictures lie)

  36. As a cashier i can say i have no problem doing returns for my customers. but if they dont have a receipt or if past 60 days(which is the policy) then thats when i get suspicious because are store is known for scammers so we have to be warey of customers doing returns with no PROOF OF PURCHASE. And thats when it starts to waste my time is explaining to a customer we have a policy for a reason and when we ask for your info ie. phone# at checkout its so that we can look up old receipts that they've lost making us able to do the return.We get people that will literally grab stuff from the store go in line and try to get moneyback for something they didnt buy hence stealing money from our store. So what im basically saying is that when your doing a return please just read the return policy before you come to the store to return it.

  37. Macdonald's are known to give you a free meal if you are happy with the service you get. Try it next time, if you have a problem with McD's service delivery, complain on their website and they will send you free meal coupon

  38. There are so many ethical problems with this video…

    That said, I brought a 5-gallon bucket of tinted paint to Home Depot (in the ugliest pink color you can imagine)… not expecting a return, but hoping they could give it away to someone who could use it. Without even asking, they refunded the full price!

  39. Shop lifters will try to return their stolen items for cash and store credit! Erf! Some people get put on a Return BAN list ! Fred Myers have very strick policies !!! Privacy does matter! Yet when you have people that try to scam you , you have to stay on gaurd! Lol

  40. In the US, I never have problems with returns & refunds. Here in Canada, I find it's best to go in angry, assertive and loud. Demand the manager. Be insistent. I always get a refund, though usually it's after making a scene and dealing with the manager. Canadian retailers have a lot to learn from the US.

  41. Canadians are too nice, I'm Canadian, too, but I'm not that way. Governmental intervention needs to happen to control these venues, especially the ones with No CASH returns marked on the receipt!! We pay cash, we should be able to get cash back!!!

  42. I have reard a lot of comments of retail workers saying: is not fair, fraud, stolen!
    Seriously??? I buy a lot of stuff and them not to take back 2 freaking items because I lost the receipt, really? Or they scan it and telling me the value on the item went down to $.50 cents? If I purchase it at $9.99, who is the one loosing there? MEEEEEE!!! 😡

  43. it should not be returned if there is no packaging, what if its not the original product, this is customers scammers the stores.

  44. Unfortunately the one store that is notorious for having alternative return policies at every store is Wal-Mart.

    Went to return an item with no receipt but had credit card charge and date and the item had never been opened. Refused to look up the sale, stating they didn’t have the means to do it. Refused refund. Went to another store on the other side of town and they looked up the sale using my credit card number and gladly refunded my money.


  45. If the customer has their receipts and are within the return time frame, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to return something. I live in US, all our major stores have refunds available. I never knew this about Canada. That stinks.
    Future shops should have automatically exchanged her TV and dealt with LG themselves.
    Disney store in the US takes things back without packaging so why is it different in Canada? Doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be any different.

  46. This is showing people how to get away with abusing the system. There's people who would eat food at a restaurant and halfway through say they dont like it.

  47. In the states we have a 14 day return policies on most things. So when ever I buy something I keep the package for least 14 days.

  48. love CBC videos but this one was juts absurd. Should have just focused instead on stores that an absurd return policy like Forever 21 that only give out credit even if you have a receipt

  49. That spokesman saying they ask for that info in order to deter fraud is not being entirely forthcoming. They are all about your personal ID for advertising. Think, If you buy certain products, they ask for ID. If you pay cash, they will ask for ID such as a phone number or email. If you do a return, they ask for ID. It is not just about deterrence, its about tracking your activity all across the board. Along with that send you ads according to the activity.

  50. The only time I have ever gotten my way with unopened food items and damaged receipt, no ID needed, and given cash back, was because I happened to KNOW the cashier personally. This was at a Walmart. We were literally friends in highschool and he told me he would make an exception because he knew me and it wasnt a big deal. Had I not gotten him, I would 100% have accepted store credit!!!

  51. They purchased a product which has packaging included in the price, they then keep the packaging and demand full money back. This is theft.

  52. At aldo I bought some shoes I decided I didn't like. I had bought some socks that I never even tried on and the package wasn't even opened. They still said they don't take socks back. I obviously never bought anything from there again!!!

  53. I’m sorry but I have to agree with the stores on this one. What you should be covering are the stores that won’t return items WITH receipts and WITH original packaging. The stores that offered store credit or exchanges without receipt or ID were going above and beyond in my opinion. I have to agree with taking a name and phone number because people will buy and return over and over to fraud businesses. Buy a product at one store and return it to a store that has it marked at a higher price without your proof of purchase. I’m all about the market place videos but the more I watch this one the more I feel bad for the workers at these companies.

  54. this does not show how far a store would go to keep a customer lmao It is literally to get rid of you from the store and if you come back don't be surprised when they call security or turn you away

  55. One time at Canadian tire I tried to return a bike that they refused out right saying isba companypo policy. I couldn't find anything on the receipt, on the websitenornib store, they claimed I'm on the site which wasn't. In the end I kinda won but with stire credit

  56. No packaging, I understand but no receipt or ID? I feel bad for these employees. They don’t make the rules and I 100% understand if the manager doesn’t give them their money back.

  57. It’s not my fault , the company I work for has a system and I can’t change that or override it, so I can’t return everything

  58. Those people are for real? I used to believe Canadians are brighter than Americans… You pay people to teach you how to return items?? 😂😂

  59. This is great knowledge for thieves, thanks marketplace. Yesterday, during lunch break, I was eating at Wendy's with a co-worker and he said, "watch this", "always keep your receipt" he ate all his lunch, he's a pretty big guy and his lunch was about 20 dollars which is alot for a fast food restaurant, he proceeded to walk up to the counter, I was in shock seeing him get his mony back in cash, he said he'll probably stop on the way home and try it at McDonald's, today I asked him where he learned to do that and he said he saw it on youtube, I then just found this video by marketplace which i actually happen to watch alot and respect some of their work, I cant believe they would put a video like this out there

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