[REVEALED] INSANE Dropship Product Research Strategy!
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[REVEALED] INSANE Dropship Product Research Strategy!

What is UP ninjas today I’m
gonna reveal for the very first time ever one of my absolute favorite most
top-secret coveted product research strategies on Shopify how would it
exploit it for yourself and start making a six-figure monthly income using just
this one strategy it’s gonna be an absolute bomb so don’t even think about
going anywhere let’s get into this everyone knows the
number one restricted product on Amazon is of course the cat necklace it’s how
you make money on Shopify it’s how you become on over night millionaire no it’s
not Amazon restricted products as this is
what we’re gonna talk about in this video it’s one of the coolest sleekest
tricks and we’re actually gonna go one step further and show you how to find
the most popular Shopify websites on those restricted products that currently
exists you can get a ton of ideas of what they’re selling what their best
sellers are we’re gonna go through all of that this is gonna be an incredibly
valuable video so get comfortable strap yourself in get some Cheetos and this is
gonna be a good one let’s get started baby restricted products all we did was
good at Google and actually type in Amazon Research aprox right here we’re
gonna click on this first little link and what this is gonna show us guys is
it’s this is gonna show us products that you are restricted to sell on Amazon
what that basically means is that as an Amazon FBA seller
you can’t sell certain things Amazon just deems them not safe or they don’t
want it to be representative of their particular website but Shopify and you
know being a drop shipper and having your own actual ecommerce store you can
basically sell whatever you want within reason so let’s just go through some of
these you can’t sell alcohol on Amazon you can’t sell Amazon device accessories
and some of these aren’t going to be particularly good it’s not viable you
can’t really find a manufacturer for alcohol you know on all the Express and
drop shipping and things like that but there are some that are pretty cool
right like currency coins for example one of you know my friends and you know
I was involved as well did amazing numbers selling actual physical bitcoins
back when like the Bitcoin craze just going insane like my grandma was talking
about Bitcoin you know I heard babies talking about Bitcoin literally everyone
on earth are talking about Bitcoin and so you know people out there who are
intelligent dropshippers and you have people selling on top of I realize that
they could actually sell physical bitcoins as novelty gifts and if you
advertised it correctly people were buying them like absolute crazy and you
know those people made a ton more on Bitcoin than most people did once it
actually did crash hopefully it goes up again though cuz you know my investment
in it is hurting a little bit and so we’re gonna look at currency and coins
you know batteries and chargers mobile phones
not very good dietary supplements drugs and drug paraphernalia this is a great
one so let’s just look at these two we’re gonna evaluate them a little bit
more so example of permitted listings example of prohibited listings imitation
and prop money that is not conspicuously marked copy so people you know bike prop
money all the time a lot of the people that you see you know on Instagram and
YouTube and things like that who have like these big stacks of $10,000 usually
that is prop money and I’ve actually seen people open successful stores with
selling prop money and and things like that
rounds made particularly of precious metal cash or cash equivalent
instruments counterfeit items so this is a pretty good one but you know we’re
trying to do this live for you guys let’s look at drug and drug
paraphernalia because I think this one’s gonna be better um example of prohibited
listing Diablo Orange Crush you know comatose candy I’ve never even heard of
this maybe I’m just out of the scene now but Syrian rule pussies I mean this is
ridiculous rich oil yeah so so have you know so
some of these could be potentially pretty good so let’s look for something
that we could actually sell things you know I’m thinking like vape pens dabs
things like that right cuz marijuana is becoming legalized more and more every
day and so you know that would that type of stuff let’s see if we can find yeah
okay so dab kits so they don’t allow drug paraphernalia being sold on Amazon
and again if it’s not sold on Amazon it’s probably not sold at Walmart and if
it’s not sold on either of those two places but there is huge demand for it
you can guarantee almost from the beginning that if you’re marketing that
right you’re going to just simply make sales and so let’s actually do a little
bit of research here as to see if we can find somebody who has a successful
dabbing website or dab kit website so what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna
use a little hack here and all I did here was search Shopify IP
address we’re gonna take Shopify his IP address which we see right here and come
over to this little website my IP MS and so you know some of you who’ve seen like
all of my videos thanks for being such loyal fans I love you but if you haven’t
and you haven’t seen this trick this is a fantastic trick so what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna type in Shopify’s IP here and now we can actually do this we can
go to other sites on IP and we can see pretty much every every Shopify website
that is on Shopify IP so we see incredibly popular websites here
colour-pop you know movement watches is a good one you know you guys have
probably seen them if you’ve ever been on Facebook they do a fantastic job
they’re one of the biggest kind of Shopify stores around they have you know
very stylish sunglasses and watches and things like that but we’re not gonna
talk about that right now what we are going to talk about is how
to use this website in an even more advanced way and so these are the known
websites on Shopify IP range if we go down here to view all records what we
can do now is we can search for specific words and so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna look for dab kits just because dabs you know are more popular
with the younger generations tab and you know they’re they’re just it’s it’s
becoming more and more popular as marijuana gets legalized in more and
more States and in Canada and things like that right cuz the beautiful part
about drop shipping is it’s not necessarily only in the USA you know
there’s Canada there’s the US as the UK that’s Australia there’s a lot of
different places and so you know you don’t have to only think about the USA
so what we’re gonna do is we’re in full /part website name we’re gonna search
for dab and what we’re gonna see here is a couple of things so pura-vida breaks
list is probably not in there it just has dab right here d8b but it’s
actually pure if you two bracelets let’s look for okay here’s one
dr. dabber so i have a feeling that this is probably a Shopify website that has
to do with fate yep here we go so 420 sales so that’s perfect right so we’re
gonna actually take a look at this free domestic shipping on all orders this is
a very stylist Eilish lee designed website here it’s very image centric
vaporizers glasswork atomizers accessories right let’s see if we can
actually take a look some of this stuff so we’re gonna just
go to shop we’re gonna view all so dr. dabber 4/20 family bundle right so you
get like a vape pen and these are all very stylish ly designed this looks like
I don’t even know this is I’ve been out of marijuana and faith game for so long
that I’m not I’m not by any means an expert but the moral of the story here
guys is literally in on our very first try we looked at a restricted product on
Amazon meaning that there’s huge demand for it almost almost always especially
with like dab and fake kinds and things like that you see all over the place you
know that there’s huge demand for it right there’s always that that guy who’s
vaping and blowing the smoke in your face like on the train or ever so you
know we know that this is very popular and so what we’re gonna do is we can
actually even go one step further and if we take a look at this website on my IP
we can literally see the website popularity forty six hundred and fifty
visitors per day that is a ton of people even if you’re literally converting one
percent of those people that’s still almost 47 sales per day right and if
you’re making $10 profit times 47 right that’s four hundred and seventy dollars
profit per day right that’s easily a thousand dollars per day if they’re
converting at one percent guys and this is the very first thing that we looked
at there’s a ton of other restricted products on Amazon so if we go back here
we can look at all of these different ones right there’s hoverboards gambling
and lottery you know fire and smoke masks they just spinners explosive
weapons and related items there’s a ton of items that are you know out there on
Shopify that are that fall into the explicit weapons and related items like
even like tactical pens Amazon considers weapons sometimes so it’s like you don’t
have to go out there and sell a flamethrower but Amazon just has very
you know strict guidelines as to certain things Eclipse glasses the people who
you know caught those at the right time made literally hundreds of thousands or
millions of dollars plants and plant products and seeds I have a friend who
all he does is sell air plants literally for um those like little glass fixtures
he makes $100,000 a month selling air plants with his Shopify store and you
know he has a warehouse in Lausanne and he has like a team of people
actually fulfilling this but the demand is there guys and Amazon is such a beast
such animal even bleak on Plex and just money-printing beast that when they
restrict something it has huge implications into the other you know
ecommerce world and the people who understand how to take advantage of that
and you know have jewelry laser products lighting right laser laser pointers
would be a great one for example right we’re not gonna go through all these but
I just wanted to give you guys just a little hint about how to use this and if
you guys want to learn more about this particular strategy leave a comment down
below that says Shopify product research those three words Shopify product
research and I’ll make eight an hour-long video we can go live I’ll go
through every single one of my favorite things here I’m not gonna reveal all of
them in this one video but I just wanted to give you a little demo right drug and
drug paraphernalia I have friends who are making you literally a hundred
thousand dollars or more a month in revenue just selling that one particular
niche guy so restricted products are an unbelievably profitable arena in Shopify
you just have to know how to actually look for it and understand which ones
are going to make you money and which ones are probably better being left
behind so comment down below if you are interested I’ll make an hour-long
comprehensive video on exactly how to use every part of the restricted
products on Amazon to make wildly profitable Shopify stores I’m happy to
make that for you guys leave a comment down below that says Shopify product
research and if I get five hundred comments that say channel five product
research then I’ll make the video for you guys and it’s gonna cover every
single one of these we’re gonna go into you know food and beverage fire and
smoke and mass medical devices is a huge one that people do not understand
recycling electronics sex and sensuality guys I’m not even gonna have to say
everyone you know for the most part loves sex everyone experiences it if you
don’t you need forever alone like me that I’m sorry but you know sex and
sexuality is an absolutely enormous market and Amazon has such strict
requirements about it that if you understand how to properly do this on on
Shopify you’re gonna just make so much money it’s ridiculous speaking of money
I just wanted to give a quick shout out to some of my amazing students I think a
lot of people show these crazy numbers like two hundred fifty thousand dollars
a month you know numbers that people who are just getting started can’t even
kind of think about can’t conceptualize it doesn’t mean anything it’s not real
so instead of showing you know my students that have crazy numbers like
that I like to focus on my students who get their very first sale because that
is what we need to laser focus on as we’re starting with our Shopify stores
and we see here we have my boy Richard with his first sale he was live for
literally one hour and he already got his first sale and we see my boy Joseph
that I’m also gonna put on blast execution execution execution first
success with Shopify thing so much Kevin David I literally followed your formula
step by step and I’m crazy excited I’m literally shaking as I’m writing this
right now and you see he has one two three four five orders that he’s
fulfilling and this is literally the first day that they’re opening their
store so I just wanna give you guys a little bit of love if you’re watching
this leave a comment down below I love all my ninja students and I’m just so
happy to see you guys success I don’t like to show all those crazy numbers yes
we do have it but I like to show my very first sale from my amazing ninja
students I won’t put you guys on blast a little bit before I forget guys I just
want to give a huge shout out to our daily $100 giveaway winner where we’re
sending 100 dogs straight to your PayPal every single day I just want to do a
little something to give back to you guys – thank you so much for making this
channel amazing and for completely you know changing my life and helping me
change so many people’s lives and getting them into e-commerce and freeing
them from the 9 to 5 so if you guys want to enter the 100 dollar daily giveaway
all you to do is very simple things tap the subscribe button tap on the little
notification bells leave a like on this video and give me your best comment guys
you should do it anyways I’m putting out all of this awesome content completely
for free because I love you guys and if you want $100 straight to your PayPal
you know what to do subscribe drop me a comment and you’re immediately entered
to win guys and we also have $1,000 course giveaway that we’re doing every
single week we’re choosing one of you amazing people and we’re giving away a
$1000 course completely for free guys and we’re announcing that only in one
place the winners we’re only announcing it in one place and the only place you
can get it is on the official Kevin David Instagram so if you guys want to
learn more if you want free $1,000 course if you want $100 straight to your
PayPal head over to official Kevin David on instagram tap on the follow button so
that we can tell you if you win $100 straight
to your PayPal or our thousand dollar Gator giveaway so I hope this helped
guys this is one of the coolest little strategies that I personally use to find
hugely profitable restricted products on Amazon and make wildly profitable
Shopify stores from them to escape Jeff Bezos says watchful restrictive eyes and
take advantage of Shopify and the amazing amount of control that they give
you over your ecommerce store guys so if this was helpful drop a like drop a
comment enter to win our giveaway follow the official Kevin David Instagram guys
and we’ll see you on the next one because we’re coming at you daily

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