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Review Marketing Plan | This is Renown Reputation Management

This is Renown, a review marketing and reputation management platform. Through the Renown platform, we help generate reviews by check-ins or an email list. By automating emails or text messages to your clients, we can obtain timely responses and increase the likelihood of a response. These emails are customizable to speak directly to your client-base. Once they receive the email or text message, we provide them with the opportunity to leave a review on the most reputable review sites or, to contact you directly if they are unhappy with their experience. If a client contacts you directly, you will receive an instant alert allowing you and your team to address their concerns and protect your brand. On a mobile device, we utilize deep linking, connecting your clients to the corresponding app on their phone, allowing them to quickly review your business. We then gather your reviews and send them to over 150 review sites. We showcase new reviews by populating them automatically with a live review feed on your RevSite. With social integration, we market the best reviews on your social networks, highlighting the great comments about your business. Your time is valuable. Our dedicated marketing strategists are here to help respond to every review as they come in, increasing your brand reputation and customer engagement. Through Reveal, our analytics platform, we can track the overall performance of the reviews over time, working to make a positive impact on your business. We are RevLocal, the leader in personalized digital marketing.

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