Review of “UBCOIN” [ENG] [SUB:RU] (Global mobile marketplace)
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Review of “UBCOIN” [ENG] [SUB:RU] (Global mobile marketplace)

how everyone this is isotope my name’s Anastasia and today I’m going to review project called you Bitcoin so ubicool is a marketplace where anyone can safely and instantly seller buy real goods in exchange for cryptocurrency millions of people they want to invest in cryptocurrency to grocery money but the process seems too complicated or hard and we have local regulators and banks and you between it solves this problem because they’re using blockchain based technology and they’re creating smart ecosystem and it’s like they’re creating the easiest way to become a Crip to investor or if you spend cryptic points right now it’s not easy to invest at first place it’s not that easy to buy cryptic coins with just using your credit card you know like in sumo you have to use different websites like local bitcoins and in many countries it’s legally how to use VPN services and for many people they find it to be a really complicated process well this platform helps ordinary people to invest and it helps the investors people who already invested to spend their coins on real actual goods they just want to create simple product for investors and preserves who already invested let’s a look at their website right here you can get a 13 percent discount but it’s bare ice and you can get the bonus but only for 8 hours I’m not sure if you will be watching this video during next 8 hours but if you are well better use this chance of getting 500 ubc better use this chance for getting one use 500 coins so what is you Bitcoin I already told you a little bit about it but Hugo is the first of its kind crypto Goods person-to-person exchange that is using marketplace platform so that anyone can safely and instantly sell any goods and become cryptocurrency holder or buy any goods and forget about getting fired money first so how it works they have funny animated video explaining how the market works I would definitely recommend watching it it’s brief and it’s really nice it’s explains everything briefly I’m gonna tell you right at the point of the video so imagine there is a girl Emma and she wants to invest in cryptocurrency but she finds it to be hard and she doesn’t know where to invest and how to invest at the same time she’s selling her macbook so what she can do she puts a MacBook on the platform for let’s say 1,000 cubic oins there is Alex who has been mining cryptocurrency or just has some point and he doesn’t want to exchange it using the bank he just wants to buy something was his cryptocurrency so they sign a smart contract and the next day they meet up and after they meet after he receives his MacBook the coins are released to a mass account so now she owns cryptocurrency and she can wait until it grow so she can transfer it in different coin and for regular person it’s a very easy process it like we all understand you don’t have to think about like how to invest word I invest and their goal is to help solving a global problem of buying and selling cryptocurrency so they’re removing interlayer there are two main reasons to invest so first of all their application is already developed and exclusively pre-installed on something and fly smartphones including galaxy s 9 so it’s true they are official Samsung and flight partners and they have like exclusive deal with them even if you baby see on youtube and famous bloggers they unpack and review the phones fly in samsung phones especially galaxy s 9 it’s pretty popular right now so on the phone you can see this little you sign it’s actually their app you will start noticing it from now on and you can see that like famous YouTube videos that it’s app is already installed on those phones and the second reason is they’re a mature company was leading banking platform which is called you Bank mobile app and it has already over 16 million installations worldwide and in 2014 commerce and is one of the most respected comedian businesses in Russia put the Ewbank team on the list of best Russian startup games and the other curious fact is that electing founder of tink of bank it’s one of the largest private banks in Russia and he’s one of the most successful businessman in Russia he expressed intentions to purchase you bank for ten million dollars however farmers refused to sell their business so they are already successful and they have so many achievements right now here are is remain investors among them Runa capital is one of the main investors and their trusted by there’s like a huge list I see you alert find I see all kind schedule you can just like scroll and see it for yourself product so you be kind marketplace and acts leap forward for you bank leading mobile payments up in Eastern Europe now with etherion blockchain exchange-traded here we see cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer SmartCamp contracts for buying goods for cryptocurrency it is going to become part of Hibbing app as a new feature okay they’re expecting peer-to-peer interaction legal marketplace and mass adoption okay their partners are MasterCard Visa LG Motorola here are way B bank but exclusively and their most importantly Samsung and fly if they hug exclusive contract with them Cuba coin today is a new feature of you bank application they know how to treat investors well and deliver on their promises so they have more than 16 million downloads on Android and Apple an over 5 million registrated users globally they heard Morrison do you point five million active users in the application and over two hundred thousand daily active users and they had more than twenty million transactions being processed by you Bank system every year since 2013 so why should we trust them and they mentioned already they have three successful projects you mentioned Hugh Bank they also have you tech and Agathon if you want if you’re like interested in the project you can click and find out more about other projects and their team they’ve been working together since 2009 it’s long time to actually get used to each other and become a real team and they have more than 50 developers and top management and why and founder and the CEO of Cuba coin as experienced founders felt skilled in mobile application software as a service payments CEO and founder of Hugh Bank one of the leading mobile wallet on Russian market so he raised eight million in 2013 from runic capital and there is a video introduced Alex so as you can see there are three founders and here on the website they have introduced with all of them so you can actually get to know them better and see what they say about the project and find out more about the project so their token icier will be held from 2nd of April till 14th of July so you have about a month so for a couple more days and you can get 13 percent discount on the ico Stage five you will get seven percent of discount and ICL Stage six we can read about it in the white paper later ok present media about you bitcoin actually right here you can see articles and media managing it and mentioning it in different languages like for example there is Forbes in Russia on or like this Vietnamese website Bitcoin Vietnamese they mention it and it’s really great how they’re mentioned all over the world they will be listed on top exchange certainly after ICAO is finished ok here is that button now I’m ready to contribute if you still have some doubts or like contacts or official telegram channel official group there’s email right here we always say with pop-ups for example how many people use this page like during the last 24 hours or how many people invested and right here we can see the white paper and one pager let’s have a look we’ll do the English version here so under one pager they tell you briefly about the project they have exclusive partnership with Samsung and fly all things one pager you can see token details their hard cap supply distribution funds allocation and contents their white paper has 54 and they have all kinds of different information here so the business model the token details why invest in you Bitcoin let’s go to page 39 to see more details right here a potential for crypto to goods marketplace I’m not sure looking for a roadmap roadmap right here and we’ll come back to you write paper in a second okay so they have come a long way and we still have a lot to do okay so let’s see from 2015 to 2017 as you see they already have a lot of accomplishments and the humans in 2018 they describe what we are today and here are their plans for 2019 so full version of the application lotion Eastern Europe okay launched in Middle East and South Korea launched in Southeast Asia and South Asia and launched in late in America so now you know their plans for the futures are expanding a lot and they have a lot behind coming back to you white paper okay you can have a look you can scroll down you can read all this information there’s a lot of like background a lot of but about their team you can rather read it here or you can go to the YouTube videos where you can see the introduced with each of them and they’re extremely interesting I mean they’re really worth watching I enjoyed watching them okay page 39 we were looking for the part why should I invest okay right here I’m scrolling down all the white paper okay and talk in details we actually saw it in one pager here so a little bit expanded obviously why invest in you Bitcoin so it cuts through the hype with sound application utilizing in your revolutionary technology to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world basically this is what we’ve discussed how we can invest using this platform and how we can actually spun cryptocurrency for real real-world goods as you can see the project is really interesting it’s not that new on the market it’s very well developed if you want to find out more go to their website read zero white paper and do your own research so that was a review of a project called u between let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel I shall talk that TV to watch more interesting videos thank you for watching bye bye

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