Reviewing 6 Weird Businesses on the Market
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Reviewing 6 Weird Businesses on the Market

– [Gary] I like this. – Is it a legitimate business? – I like that one. – But, do businesses
like this have longevity? – If they pivot. – If they pivot, what does that mean? – They have to build on
top of that interest. That’s a novelty. That will wear off. But it could be a gateway
drug to something bigger. That could be the biggest
dating app in the world. That could be what disrupts Tinder. (whoosh) – I’m gonna show you a few things. – Okay. – I want your honest
input on these things. These are some interesting business ideas that’s out there.
– Okay. – These are legitimate businesses. – Okay. (gentle music) These bottles of air cost $115 each. (violin music) – [Video Interviewee]
Somebody’s in for a treat with this pure air. – [Video Narrator] It’s
called “air farming,” but no digging, planting, or harvesting– – China again selling the air stuff? Or is this the same thing? – So, this is another business. So, you have a business–
– Pure Air. – Yeah, Pure Air. – [Video Interviewee] The air
polution is very heavy, now, in China, so we all like
the Pure Air from Australia. – [Video Presenter] Each can holds upwards of 130 deep breaths. Take the lid off, put the
lid on the end (inhales) and they take a deep breath of pure air. – Look, here’s what I
would say about this. Somebody, 50, 60 years ago, said, “Let’s sell bottled water.” Water is free, in pretty much most of the modern world. Obviously first-world countries. It would have been a laughable thought. I’m not remarkably excited
about that product, and obviously, every scam
Spidey-Sense goes off. I’m also very aware that I
failed all my science classes, and I don’t know how to put it together to think if there’s any merit to that. I would never buy those things, and I wouldn’t fund them. But I have wanted to sell oxygen. (laughs) That has run through my mind. – Oxygen is different, right? – It feels the closest thing to water. – So this one is not oxygen. I mean, there’s the spot there where there’s the ladies going
around and catching air– – Yeah, that was (laughs) crazy shit. – Let’s go to the next one. Have you heard of the Gamer Girl? – Yes. – And you know what she’s selling, right? She’s selling that bathwater. – Yeah. I mean this is a weird version of porn. – Wait. This went so well for her, she’s now announced
she’s selling chewed gum, and you wanna guess what that is? – Pee? – Yep. It’s $10,000 for the jar of pee. – Look, that is a hundred
percent pornography. Like, people clearly have
interesting fetishes. There’s a weird part of me that actually wishes I had a weird one. (laughs) ‘Cause I’d be just
interesting to understand why that would be exciting. I think I’m more conservative, sexually. But, you know, she’s selling,
that’s a form of pornography, and I think sex sells,
that makes sense to me. Much like I like, for example, I’m very attracted to girls that have chicken-pock
scars on their face. This is real. (laughs)
I have my whole life, have recognized, if I’m close enough, I’m like, “Oh, you have
a chicken-pock mark,” like I think that’s cute. I don’t think that’s a normal thing. (laughs) – I don’t think so either. – But, that would be on my radar. That was a thing I like. I think that’s porn, which is great. Porn sells. – All right. So the next one is: – [Video Narrator] Anna Nathan
Shekory and Tom Fortes Mayer are the “cuddle couple.” Together, the pair run
the Cuddle Workshop– – [Interviewer] You
pay money to be hugged. – [Gary] I like that. I’d be into that shit. I would do that. – [Interviewer] You’d
pay money to do that? – [Gary] I would do that. I like hugging. A lot, actually. I would do that. – [Interviewer] Okay, all right. Okay, there’s a legitimate
business in there. It’s actually a business. – You know what’s funny? Watching those two people hugging made me feel nice. Like, I felt warm just now. I love hugging. I would pay for that. – All right, next one. – [Video Presenter] “The
Invisible Boyfriend” is an app that launched this year that allows you to text
an imaginary partner– – [Gary] Funny, yes. – [Video Presenter] But
with over 50,000 profiles created so far, the app promises to
provide a perfect cover to stop those annoying
questions singletons know well. – [ Gary] I like this. – Is it a legitimate business? – I like that one. – But do things like this have longevity? – If they pivot. – If they pivot. What does that mean? – They have to build on
top of that interest. That’s a novelty. That will wear off, but it could be a gateway
drug to something bigger. That could be the biggest
dating app in the world. That could be what disrupts Tinder. You see where I’m going? It’s a gateway drug. You start with a novelty, it seems like it’s a novelty, but you see where the innovation is? – One more video. – Please.
– This is to finish up. – [Video Narrator] Every
day across Australia, an enterprise worth more
than a million dollars is quietly operating, and it’s all run by people called “daigu.” Daigu are Chinese living abroad who are trusted to buy on
behalf of their friends, families, and extended
network back in China. – [Interviewer] Have you heard of this? – [Gary] Yes. – [Video Narrator] They are also known as professional shopping agents. – [Gary] Yeah, I like this. – [Interviewer] $2 billion industry. – [Gary] I’m a very big buyer of this. – [Video Reporter] What started out as a quiet Chinese whisper
in our supermarket aisles– – [Video Shopper] Look at this. – [Video Reporter] Australia’s
infant formula fight is now everywhere– – So what’s happened is, it started off as children’s formula, and they were running out, there weren’t enough for locals, locals became very, very frustrated, they started recording. – [Video Reporter] Off site in Sydney, to a round-robin raid on
Woolworths in Brisbane, irate Aussie shoppers are– – And they introduced like one per person, but then there’s a group of people that’ll come and buy one at at time.
– Yeah. I’m a fan of that. I think retail arbitrage is one of the most interesting
businesses in the world. It’s just logistics. – Yeah. It’s just logistics. – It’s just logistics. – All right, man, look, I know
your time is quite valuable. I really appreciate you taking the time– – I’m happy to do it. – I hope you enjoyed it. Good conversation, man.
– I enjoyed it tremendously. You did a great job.
– Thank you. I appreciate it.
– Thank you, mate. – All right.

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32 thoughts on “Reviewing 6 Weird Businesses on the Market

  1. Hugging! Haha that's awesome. Everybody needs a hug😂 thanks for sharing. These are very interesting business models and im always open to new ideas for business!

  2. 2:57 "I think I'm more conservative sexually."
    3:13 "I'm very attracted to girls that have chicken pock scars on their face."
    3:58 "I like hugging. A lot actually."

    I learned a lot about Gary in this video.

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  4. This is so dope.. It is fascinating to see how Gary's brain works. I made a video on him and his secret to success. Stop by my channel if u wish! 🙂

  5. Invest time wisely would be my advice. Wisdom trumps everything. Do not support that which does not support the future of humanity. Fake texting is weak and should be a thing of the past. Fake culture is highly corrosive.

  6. Now let's imagine… in the next 100 years, Earth will have a colony on Mars, Moon whatever (theoretically). The air in cans will be great products to sell XD problems with shipping? Probably already will be existing FedEx Space lol Now the idea with a selling air in cans doesn't make sense obviously.

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