Richard Arentz – Creating Opportunities, Value of Internships
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Richard Arentz – Creating Opportunities, Value of Internships

I think it’s important for us to always look for creating opportunities. I find myself now in a place – I’m doing exactly what I want to do. I love what I do. I get up every day and I’m excited about it. The interesting thing about this profession is it could take many different paths. There was a point where I was looking to lead a landscape architecture firm in London and had I taken that path, it would be very very different from where I am right now. I primarily am working in very very detailed, smaller scale residential work and some boutique institutional and I love that because I’m getting things built. And I’m getting them built the way I envision them and I see that happening. so I think it’s really about the opportunities you create, and then making the most of that opportunity. I would highly recommend that every year where you can, you seek out an internship you find as many different facets of this profession as you can One year I interned in Colonial Williamsburg. What did I learn in Colonial Williamsburg? Historic paint colors and archeology and we actually worked in gardens. I learned about the importance of maintaining a garden and just how important that becomes in the long run to the things that we’re creating. Every year I had the opportunity to have a very interesting internship and I highly recommend that every student do that. What motivates me is to actually see projects get built, and to get them built to a degree of quality and sophistication and craft that hopefully, with the right design that these become projects that are everyone says “timeless” and it’s a little bit cliche, but you hope that it is. You hope that people are talking about something you’ve designed – 50, 100 years and that it’s done in a way that isn’t throwaway. There is so much about what we do culturally that is throwaway. I really hope that we are doing things that are not.

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  1. I was an intern for Richard, and LOVED it. Such a great guy, very detail oriented, and clearly loves what he does. He's a standout in the profession! – Bill Staley (intern, summer 2005)

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