Richardson Mayor’s Summer Internship Program
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Richardson Mayor’s Summer Internship Program

The city of Richardson, Texas is one of
the top-ranked and most sought-after locations in the Dallas Metroplex for
access to a quality education. Richardson is also home to tech-oriented Fortune
500 companies. These powerhouses of innovation add to the many reasons why
students, residents and businesses are proud to call Richardson home. This
summer, an elite program was developed, creating unique opportunities for
Richardson’s high school students. The Richardson Mayor’s Summer Internship
Program. Providing students with experiences that put them on the path to
success, this program benefits all parties involved — the city, the companies,
and, of course, the interns. I was pretty nervous at first, but as I got to know
everybody that works here, I got pretty comfortable. For film production, which is
the major I’m chasing after, I’m going out to film a summer camp project, and
I’m also editing that project. We have the kind of department where they can go
hands-on. Our main goal was to show him some different equipment and help guide
what was already there a little bit. Remember when you were young;
remember when you needed a foot in the door. Bring somebody in with that in mind —
that you’re there to help them see a different variety of jobs, and to see if
that’s something that they’re interested in. Well, I actually grew up in Richardson,
and I went to Richardson High School, so when I heard that the Mayor of
Richardson was starting this pilot program, I thought it was a great
opportunity to finally give back to the community. I’ve gotten a lot of career
advice. I’ve met with a lot of professors on campus. Ten years down the road I
would like to be at the CIA and working as a case officer. She exceeded
expectations, and she always went above and beyond asking questions, taking the
initiative. Molley has helped our business in that
she’s given us a fresh perspective and the generation Z perspective that we
so need in our student services. She has worked in seven different departments and
really has been able to see how our departments not only function, but then
how it affects the university as a whole. This internship definitely got me out of
my comfort zone. I did have to meet expectations that were really high.
The biggest part of her experience was asking her to prepare a presentation
on our yearly welcome back event, Shop Auxiliary Services, where she was
given a budget and charged with planning and preparing what that program will be.
We’re so excited, and we’re ready for next summer already. Well we are a
family-owned company, and the owner loves to give back to the community. I’ve been
to three departments. I’ve been to Accounting, HR, and right now I’m in
the sample department; that’s where we handle all the jewelry. She is a little
piece of sunshine — super smart and fast at what she does, and this gave her the
opportunity to see what it was like in the business world. It’s not something I
can learn working at McDonald’s or something, so it’s very eye-opening. I
felt proud when I got my first paycheck and also very grown. We at Alliance
Architects have been supporting Richardson ISD in their internship programs
for the past ten years, so this was a no brainer for us. Since I’ve been here, I’ve
been able to kind of pinpoint exactly what I want to do so it’s helped me, it’s
putting me in the right direction. I’d like to do restoration architecture and
national parks. He’s answered phones, attended design meetings, site visits, he’s
also done some production with the Revit program, and then also get involved in
the process of construction administration. I’ve followed a series of
meetings that are all about a new project that the company is taking on.
That’s been really cool to be able to see the process that goes along with it.
It’s important for them to see everything. But it’s also important to
understand what it takes to run a business. Having a career day is great.
That’s one day. But if you’re having an actual experience — that’s a different
situation. I’ve used to do this program with Dallas, and it helped me. It stirred me
in the direction of what I wanted to do. Ten years from now I’d like to be in the
same industry that I’m interning in. I think that’d be really cool.

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