RIT Careers GoPro Series: Career Fair
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RIT Careers GoPro Series: Career Fair

Hi, are you here to swipe? Yes, hello! Welcome to the fair! Swipe towards you Your name tag will print out right here Grab a map and you’re going to go down this hallway. The fair opens at 11 thank you very much! Hello! Got your name tag? Hello! I got my name tag. Alright I got here pretty early. Light crowd. That will be good before it gets busy. Look at all these suits. It’s like March of the Penguins. …Without Morgan Freeman Alright Tom, you got this. You did your research, just go to those companies. Find the closest one. Talk to them, they’re just people. Just people Take a breather. Okay that’s upside-down. Alright he’s finishing up, here we go. Do I have sweat hands? I think I have sweaty hands. STOP! Okay… Just stick to the 60 Seconds Commercial. Hey! Hey nice to meet you! I’m a 3rd year New Media Marketing student I work with Co-op and Career Services Office. I did social media, all that stuff In the clubs I’m in, I do branding, brand placement, thing like that. What kind of marketing would your interns do? The interns specifically in our business group, we have 2 business groups at Kodak Alaris Mine is ______ imaging We do internal communication, social media, which is sometimes external But there’s also a social media component internally We have blogs, regular Q&A, town hall meetings and we’re going to be building a social media experience Hopefully more internally now that we’re a standalone company And then digital marketing. So everything that has to do with marketing that’s digital It’s going to the web and tracking it so online presence and PR? Exactly. And even integrating PR with social media So it’s pretty much touching the whole marketing accounts Oh okay! Interesting. So do you do summer co-ops? So we’re doing year round and summer. Okay! We actually have two interns And they’re doing it right now? Yup! Nicole is my intern she’s doing internal comm, social media And eventually digital marketing she’s there until May, after that we’ll be hiring a new one in May through August, around that time frame. Awesome! What’s the application process? Is it online? what we’re trying to do is make it a QR code process You can just easily scan it then it goes directly to Our application center. Okay! And that’s it? Simple as it gets. We’re also on Job Zone for RIT that way it’s really simple for RIT students to go to where they would normally go Okay so you also have it posted on Job Zone, should I give you my resume? Absolutely, we’ll put it on file we’re going to scan all these in Alright that’s fine! That’s really cool. Awesome, that’s all I needed to know. Nice to meet you! Where are you going? I want to go to Apple, Amazon… Apple’s way down there. It’s a sea of people. I want to go anywhere with a California job. Oh yeah, California. Grey and purple is a popular combination of colors today This is my power suit Or my power outfit rather. I also like talking with companies that don’t have lines. It makes them feel better! They don’t have my major listed, so I’m going to have to wing it. What’s the worst that can happen? Oh, God a lot of things ABORT ABORT! Hey! I’m Tom Weekes Hey I’m ____, nice to meet you! I’m a 3rd year New Media Marketing student. I know you guys don’t have that listed But I know you guys have business opportunities Are there any that are available in the summer for a co-op? Yeah we have a lot of business opportunities on our career site. Some co-op opportunities and some alternative opportunities. Co-ops are more of a longer term, more like July to December. The internships are May to August Both opportunities are paid. We have opportunities in our Vermont site and our Massachusetts site. So lots of choice there. For business students we’re primarily recruiting for Accounting and Finance. ??? We don’t have anything Marketing, in the undergraduate level. At this time, there certainly may be opportunities to come up in the future. Do you have a resume? I do have a resume. You can pass it on to somebody, and just have it on file. That’d be great! Another opportunity that may be of interest to you, Thomas Is a Corporate Communications internship Yeah, because that’s what I did for the Co-op and Career Services Office. It was more of a communications co-op, so I could do something like that, too. We do have a summer internship in that field Again located in Vermont Working with our Corporate Communications Manager on writing and different announcements, internally and externally Kind of like PR work? Yes, it’s very similar to a PR role. It’s a great opportunity, and there might be opportunity for some social media work. That’s on our career site, so I would encourage you to look at that. Yeah definitely! I’ll hold onto your resume. You have a great GPA. Do you have a link to that? I’ll give you my card. That’d be great! If you want to send me a note later on today to follow up I can send you a link Awesome! Well thank you so much It was great to meet you! Yes, you too! I’m going to take a K-cup, am I allowed to? Yes, go right ahead! Enter the raffle as well. Okay, thank you! I got an interview at GE Oh yeah? I’m about to talk to Toyota. Oh, well I got a co-op there and the one thing they told me to do was talk about leadership. When you go up there make sure… Like, I did all this stuff with clubs, I’m the head of this club, like that? Yeah, you want to introduce yourself, tell them your major then tell them you have great leadership experience skills and give some examples of your leadership skills Because that’s how I got my co-op. Actually that’s how I got my interview Then the interview is how you got the co-op. Exactly Toyota usually only hires engineers, so let’s see what happens. I mean everyone needs business majors at some point, right? Hello I’m Chad Watson with Toyota Chad? Alright I’m Tom Weekes I’m a 3rd year New Media Marketing student. I know you have business management positions. I have leadership experiences with clubs on campus I’m president of one of them, things like that. I was wondering what kind of opportunities in business are there with a company like Toyota? Specifically in marketing? Specifically, yeah, but the marketing program covers the same base core classes like business administration. Things like that So there are two different areas We have a North American headquarters which does project management logistics supply-chain management procurement Different things like that on that side of business If you’re talking more specifically about marketing That would be within our sales division. Which is Toyota Motor Sales They are located in Torrance, California. Near L.A. And they’re responsible for the marketing product planning of all of our vehicles in North America. Here today we’re not recruiting for that However we have networks and contacts within Toyota Motor Sales. Actually, I will be there next Monday. And I was just out there two weeks ago. So we assist them with project management Marketing, that would be the people to go to would be Toyota Motor Sales. Awesome, yeah I’d be interested in that. Do you care if you pass my resume on? Yup! I have a couple questions I need to ask you When do you graduate? 2015 In May? Yup! Your current GPA, is this correct? Yes, 3.5 Are you looking for co-op? In the fall, summer? Summer would be nice. And what would be your date of availability? When does that usually start? It can be when you’re done with school. At the end of May, when I’m done with classes so like the 27th Do you have unlimited authorization to work in the US without sponsorship? Yes. would you be willing to work at any of our Toyota locations? Yeah. Are you okay with traveling? Yes. And are you okay with overtime? Yes. and Believe it or not I have to ask this question, do you have reliable transportation? Yes. Hopefully you drive a Toyota. It’s not a requirement. Actually… I drive a Chrysler. I apologize. That’s okay. They make good cars too. So, the next steps are… a couple things. One, I’ll take your resume and I’m going to forward it to my contacts within Toyota Motor Sales Technically Toyota Motor Sales is a separate company than Toyota Motor Manufacturing which is where I’m from but again I’ll be out there next week and I have contacts and we can provide them with your resume The second thing I would do is go to this website www.toyota.com/jobs This will give you an opportunity to upload your resume Set up a profile You’ll also be able to see what other full-time opportunities exist not just in the headquarters but our plants and Toyota Motor Sales If you do have a desire to work for Toyota That’s what I would do. That would be your next step. Do you have any questions for me? That’s all I needed, you gave me a lot of information. That’s awesome, so thank you so much! We have souvenirs, we have tire pressure gauges Oh I actually need one of those. Thank you so much, nice to meet you, Chad. Nice to meet you, Tom. Take care. so I’m a third year New Media Marketing
student. I talked to you guys in the Fall You had positions for marketing internships in the summer. Is that still something that’s happening? We do, but is this an undergraduate degree? Yes it’s an undergrad. Is what you’re talking about for MBA? Yes, our marketing department is a very robust co-op program that we have And I think because of the type of work we have students do they do look for MBA’s I know that 2 years ago we had a web marketing internship We had an internship available and they did take undergrads I don’t know if we’re going to have that this summer You also had a job posting for a communications position on Job Zone I don’t know if that’s something that’s still available. That one was closed already, Communications Relations? Yes. Yeah that one was closed already. That’s okay! But keep an eye on our website or on the RIT Job Zone. Definitely! I post everything on there. Okay, well thank you for your time. Sorry! That’s okay! No problem Thank you so much Thank you, Thomas! You win some, you lose some. but you know what? That was a pretty good day. Now to go sleep…

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