Roanoke River launches new marketing plan
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Roanoke River launches new marketing plan

new at 11 the Roanoke River offers plenty of outdoor opportunities but do you know the best spots to go for a great day on the water if you answered no you’re not alone 10news reporter Shane Dwyer is live along the river tonight in Roanoke shane to hear the crickets behind you there’s a new project that answers the questions about where to go and actually changes the face of the river yeah John you know Roanoke is one of the luckiest cities in America right up there with the other cities that have a great waterway running through the heart of downtown and easy access we’re actually along one of the new access points that they built here with a kayak rap and steps to make it easy to get down into the water and even with easy access like this there’s still a lot of people that don’t even know where to start don’t even know how to plan their trip so now there is a new marketing plan that is involving both paper pamphlets and an online mobile website that will help make it easier than ever for people to access the river when the Sun shines in the water feels just right it’s hard to find a day when there’s not someone dipping their paddle in the Roanoke River we’ve had people from all over Europe every state in the u.s. Alaska Canada everywhere so it’s pretty cool to get them all out on the river that’s Dan Lucas with Roanoke mountain adventures they helped a lot of people smile a day on the water we do a lot of guiding as far as giving people information about where they can put in where they can take out the best routes on the river the safest routes you know warnings and hazards that they may need to know about now there’s even more people advocating for the river they love a joint project by the Roanoke Valley Allegheny Regional Commission is marketing the Roanoke River and other streams as the row in a blue way because many don’t even know how good they have it do you know that this is an opportunity that’s in your backyard or if you’re coming from somewhere else do you even know that this is something beautiful and unique about our valley an interactive online map shows where you can put in takeout and where to watch out for danger and it’s paper counterpart is being distributed to hotels and hotspots across the valley now planning the float is even easier than loading in and out to get people out on the river doing what I want to do get people on a bike doing what I love to do it’s it’s a really rewarding experience for sure a rewarding experience helping to make fun on the water easier for everyone and what a beautiful day along the river it was today after those storms moved out the Sun was out the water moving in a nice clip made it a lot of fun for those kayakers and canoers and Supper’s out on the river having fun today the next part of this phase is the marketing phase getting it out all out marketing blitz they’ve been passing out these pamphlets they’re planning to put out more and they’re also going to be putting out the link on social media we’ve got the link to the online website and more information about this in this story online WSL Escom live in Roanoke Shayne Dwyer WS LS 10

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