Roger Dooley PEP Talk 28 – Neuromarketing, – Marketing Strategies that Will Give YOU More Sales
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Roger Dooley PEP Talk 28 – Neuromarketing, – Marketing Strategies that Will Give YOU More Sales

welcome to the performance enhancing
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Satori Prime here’s your host Ilan ferdman hello hello everyone Elan
further in here welcome to another installment of performance-enhancing
podcast today is gonna be quite interesting i’m going to share with you
a part of a book that i’ve been reading for the last week which is just so blown
my mind that i figured i just got to share at least what I’ve gotten so far
and I’ll keep sharing with you as I get more and more of these things so as you
know our company so Tory Prime teaches people how to market and one of the
things recently that I’ve completely become obsessed with is neuroscience
study of the brain so if you listen to our previous podcast you know that I did
something with Steven Cutler about work of flow and things of that nature
because the brain what they’re unlocking is really magnificent and it’s it just
gives us insight into who we are and how we operate so this guy named roger
dooley who actually has a site called neuro marketing really cool site kind of
SAT scientific almost a little nerdy but for me cool ah wrote this book called
brain fluence a hundred ways to persuade and convince consumers with
neuromarketing and i got this book on audible it was a huge huge find and just
I want to just reiterate to you some of the things that I’ve already learned and
are starting to put into practice in our business now this is not a book you have
to read straight through right it’s like a lot of different many sections with
studies that have been done in ways that you can use these studies to your
advantage when you are in that marketing world so I just want to share with you
some of the things that I’ve learned so far
as I get more of these insights I’ll be happy to share these with you in other
parts okay so one of the first things that he covered is the fact that we as
marketers tend to sell to people’s rational brain you know we give people
benefits we tell them why things are gray why they’re not great what value
they will get out of it things like that but what they’re studying in the brain
is that that’s not the part of the brain that actually makes the decision to buy
things it’s actually that’s part like maybe five percent of the brain the
other part is ninety-five percent of the brain which is the subconscious brain
and that’s the brain that is focused on emotional triggers and the one that gets
triggered the most I don’t know if anyone can guess this but this is cool
so what would you think is the part of the brain that gets triggered when
you’re making a purchase decision it’s the pain sector every time you purchase
something the sector that lights up when they when they put the the brain sensors
on is the pain sector in other words that exchange of giving someone money or
the thought of giving someone money or losing that money is signaling a rush of
pain in our brain which is while to think of so scientists do a lot of
studies on this and what they hook up that like electro eegees I think they’re
called to your brain right and they did a study where they gave people an option
and said okay you have to choose one of these are you gonna buy a or are you
going to buy be or are you not going to buy anything and scientists get this
were able to predict a hundred percent of the time up to eight seconds prior to
the person answering okay I just want you to get them up to eight seconds
prior to the person actually giving the answer scientists were able to predict
with hundred percent accuracy whether the person was going to buy or not buy
just based on what they saw the brain fire before the person made a decision
or not that’s insane so that’s great information all but what does that tell
us that basically tells us that what we’re trying to do when we’re sell
someone is make them feel warm and fuzzy is take them as far away from that pain
receptor of the brain to a joy receptor so I’ll give you an example what are the
niches that we’re in is helping people learn how to market whether it’s on
facebook or build a business online etc now ultimately I can list all the
benefits that that would have the person of mastering those skills oh really what
people are doing when they’re making a choice or even looking at making a
choice to choose that lifestyle is they’re looking for freedom you know and
i can ask a million people and everyone tell me oh I’d like more money or I’d
like to travel with my friends or I’d like to take my family on vacation or
I’d like to be able to pay for my kids education etc etc but ultimately I mean
you could really bundle all that into freedom we want the freedom to be able
to do what we want to do when we want to do it how we want to do it and with whom
we want to do it and that is ultimately freedom so when we talk about learning
these things learning facebook marketing is not the sexiest thing on the planet
by any means but you know what ding nets killed and 12 months from now having the
ability to create that kind of freedom in your life versus being an attorney
and hating the job or being in you know seven to eight job things that we hate
not being able to see our kids grow up you know if I said to you that learning
something like this could actually have you take a vacation with your family
whenever it is that you want it and it means that you want to take off a
Tuesday to take your kid to a museum then you can do that if you wanted to
surprise your wife by kidnapping her for the day and going wine tasting you can
do that all while having your business work behind you making you money 24-7
that’s a completely different thing than me saying facebook marketing is
fantastic you should really do facebook marketing because x y&z right do you get
that so that’s how we kind of create that warm and fuzzy feeling because you
can actually allow someone to live in that warm and fuzzy world
and that detracts them from that pain sector the other thing that you can do
is called price bundling or price payment options so the fear or the pain
i should say comes from the fact that people are going to be losing money now
if you notice on infomercials everything is broken up into payment plans there’s
a scientific reasons for that guys everything is broken up into payment
plans because once you hear a number like a hundred and ninety-nine dollars
or four simple payments of 4999 or whatever it would work out you right
that’s already easier to swallow because in your brain at first you’re like oh my
god two hundred and then it’s like oh no fifty bucks that’s not that bad now I’ll
give you another example when you go to shop for a car no one sits there and
goes you know what I can afford a fifty-thousand-dollar car or a
hundred-thousand-dollar car or whatever it might be what you break that down
into is what payment you can afford so whether it’s 300 a month five hundred
dollars a month a thousand dollars a month that’s what you calculate what you
can afford you don’t think like oh I can afford a hundred-thousand-dollar car
because that freaks out the brain but when you go into the store really where
you’re haggling over is what your monthly payments are going to be unless
you can literally walk in there with a suitcase of cash but I guess not many
people have that option so that’s why all that stuff is done pretty cool right
one other cool very unique strategy that I’d never heard of till I read this book
was if you’ve ever been to expensive restaurants recently you may have
noticed and if you haven’t you’re going to start noticing now is that they’ve
removed the price symbol so like the dollar sign or if your neuro the euro
brit it you know like the pound they’ve actually in the u.s. at least they’ve
removed that sign and what they’ve scientifically found is that if the
currency marker is not actually in front of the amount then people end up
spending more on dinner so what does the takeaway from that is when you’re
creating whether it’s a video sales letter or a long sales letter long-form
sales letter whatever it might be remove the sign the currency sign and see if
you can get better conversions because just seeing the number the brain knows
that that’s a number of a price but the additional currency sign
actually reduces people the amount that people are willing to spend pretty nifty
little trick another amazing study showed that people in line for a Dell
you know when you get those tickets at the deli and they have the counters or
you know whatever it is at a restaurant they have those counters and say now
serving 96 now serving 97 etc what they found is that people that see higher
numbers in other words numbers in the 90s are more apt to spend more money at
that store versus people who had like single-digit numbers tend to spend less
and so they started experimenting with this and what they found is that even in
a presentation when you start showing people higher numbers it’s what we call
priming you’re basically priming their brain their subconscious is we’re
talking the stuff that they’re not even aware of your priming that so that when
they see a higher number which is your ultimate you know sales price or buy
price because you’ve showed them all these high numbers their brain is
already used to seeing those kind of numbers and so anything below that
they’re like oh my god that’s a deal so this is all now being scientifically
proven again with people hooked up to eegees which is just absolutely insane
so when you’re doing presentations make sure that in your presentation you’re
actually showing and it doesn’t even have to be dollar signs it can be like
there were 2345 people at this event this last showing a had 50,000 people or
50,000 spectators we sold 792 thousand-dollar cars whatever it is
doesn’t have to be a currency but seeing high numbers will get the brain primed
that’s the takeaway now this goes back to a bunch of studies I don’t know if
you ever heard like the wine studies where if people were told that a bottle
of wine say is eighty dollars versus a bottle of wine is twenty dollars they
will rate even if the bottles are the same ten dollar bottle of wine they will
always rate with hundred percent consistency rate the eighty dollar
bottle better because priming people for things will have them
reduce certain results or have them say certain things or have them take certain
actions in fact in another study they gave people energy drinks and in one
group I think they paid like two dollars and fifty cents for an energy drink and
another they paid four dollars and fifty cents for an energy drink and then all
they simply did was give these people puzzles to solve and those that paid
more for the energy drink believed that they could solve puzzles better than
those that had it at the cheaper amount in other words those that bought the
cheaper drink didn’t believe that they can solve as many puzzles versus those
that paid more same exact energy drink they believed that they can do more in
other words they believe just by the fact that they paid more that that
energy drink did more for them crazy crazy little things they do these tests
all the time I think they did one with dimensions with pills with medication
all placebo pills but one group we’re told that each pill is two dollars and
fifty cents another group was told each fills two dollars in ten cents the two
dollars and fifty Cent camp rated the pill eighty-five percent effective the
two dollar and ten camp rated it sixty one percent effective amazing what the
brains capability is now the next piece was really enlightening because if
you’re in anything whether you’ve seen infomercials or you’ve seen marketing
online or anything you know that everyone’s obsessed with odd numbers in
sale prices no one does like this product is a hundred dollars so no one
does this product is five hundred dollars everything is like ninety seven
dollars ninety-nine dollars four hundred ninety seven dollars etc etc so they did
a study on real estate okay and house listings okay in houses that were listed
with odd numbers so if the house was listed at four hundred ninety nine
thousand five hundred dollars versus five hundred thousand dollars for
example the house that was listed at the even number would get a perceived value
far less than the five hundred thousand dollars and end up selling for far less
asking price while the house that was listed at four hundred ninety nine
thousand five hundred dollars tended to be valued more by the consumer
they got much closer to their asking price so if there’s any real estate
agents or anyone out there listening to this this is something you can relay to
your people you can even look up the study or get this book brain fluenz and
this is just like an amazing selling point right if you can walk into a house
and say hey this is why we’re gonna list your house because statistically you’re
gonna get you know way closer to the selling price that if we leave started
at X it was amazing I’d never heard this study and I was always curious why
people did that I just kind of thought it was it made it seem like it was
cheaper but this is just way way cooler of a study so keep that in mind whenever
you’re pricing any of your product or services now the last thing I want to
talk about is choices you know we all come from the state of mind that choices
are great right but statistically it is proven that too many choices actually
hurt the ability for someone to make a decision and therefore buy your product
so what they did was in supermarkets they would line aisles with you know 30
of this whatever shaving cream or tea or whatever it was each study was different
and then bring people in there and more likely than not people would walk out
not having purchased anything versus when they lowered that amount to maybe
six or eight products almost everyone have bought something so too many
choices what happens in the brain is the brain goes into this mode of I can’t
make a decision I can’t make a decision this is the light goes crazy and then it
won’t make any decision because it gets too irritated by the process so what is
the take away their the takeaway is give people fewer options if you run a
business and you have tens of options for people to work with you limit it
down to three I would say and if you want people to buy something then i’ll
give you another cool little tip make something cheaper than it okay and make
something way more expensive than it and make the thing that’s cheaper seem
really really crappy it’s called like a decoy product and that decoy product
makes the middle one look really really good so while back a company had created
a bread maker a you know a machine that you can make bread at home and I think
they pressed that some like 350 bucks and no one bought the product okay so
what they decided to do I mean the rational thing to do would be to lower
the price of that product but what they decided to do is actually throw a higher
priced product and what that did was basically tons of people went out and
bought the lower priced product because now they could justify like oh I’m not
buying the most expensive thing i’m buying kind of like that middle of the
road thing and they went out in hordes and bought that thing now the decoy
product what’s great about that is the example he gave was he walked into a
supermarket she was looking for shaving cream and they were the same company
bottles okay right next to each other a1 they’re exactly the same price and one
had twenty percent more so he’s looking at it trying to figure out like why is
this one cheaper than the other one or why these the same price rather than the
other one where this one has more but ultimately he just grabbed the one that
has more because the decoy product will drive people to the product that you
actually want to sell so when you’re thinking about staging prices in your
business or pricing out any model or service or whatever try to always do a
three-tiered approach give people kind of like that ABC where the a is like
really the cheapskate option it’s kind of like a bare-bones whatever the middle
one the B looks super super sexy it’s like you get all these options some of
the options are even in the top to your product and it makes a look really
really bad like it would be stupid for someone to buy a and then you give them
see which is a much higher priced item and that item is literally there just to
justify their decision to pick the one in the middle which is ultimately what
you want to sell them anyway so those are just a few of the takeaways the book
goes way way deeper I mean there are things about marketing to all five
senses and how we do that and tests about smell and touch and all that kind
of stuff so i will share all that with you as i keep going through it but i
wanted to make this quick podcast for you
so that you can already get to use some of these nifty little things that I’ve
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