Romwe Vs. Shein! Investigating Cheap Companies with the Same Product Photos!
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Romwe Vs. Shein! Investigating Cheap Companies with the Same Product Photos!

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– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video, we’re
getting, like, investigative. I’m gonna put on my little detective hat ’cause we’re getting into it. We’re gonna be comparing two really, cheap online retailers. Romwe and Shein. Sheen, Shein, Shyen. I’m sorry if I’m saying it wrong. So there are a lot of really, inexpensive online retailers like this that are known for their
really cheap quality, low price, and also a lot of them sell the same stuff and use the exact same product photos. So you might see an item listed
on one site like this at $10 and then on another
completely, separate site, the same product photos at $20. This has always been super,
super interesting to me and I’ve always wanted to
investigate this a little bit more so today, we’re finally doing it. So I took the product photos of some of the most
popular items on Romwe, and I reverse Google image searched them to see if any other companies were using the same product photos. Spoiler alert! They were. A lot of them. So I found five items on Romwe that were being sold on Shein with the exact same product photos. Are they selling the same items? Do they have the same manufacturer? If so, why are the prices so different? Are one of these websites just stealing the product photos from the other and selling different
items that don’t match up, or is this just some kind of
weird marketing technique, and they’re both owned
by the same company? We’re gonna find out. We’re gonna get into it because I ordered all 10 of those items, the five matching pairs, from Romwe and Shein and we’re gonna compare them. Okay, so the first item that
I found is this yellow romper. Like I said, listed on Romwe and then reverse image searched and found that it was on Shein as well. Literally, exact same product photos. Even in the same order. On Romwe, this romper
was listed at $13.59, and on Shein it was listed at $17. So, that’s a pretty big
difference in price. I ordered the romper in an
extra large from each site, Here are the packages! We’ve got Romwe, we’ve got Sheen, She-in. I’m sure I’m saying it wrong, and I’m gonna get a million
of comments about it, but let’s try on this romper. So, here is the Romwe romper. Looks very true to the picture so far. It’s got that wrap-styled top, flowy sleeves, it’s high at the waist, floral print, looks legit. And from Shein, Sheen okay, I’m convinced this
is the exact same romper. Oh yeah, look at that. Wrap-style front, flowy sleeves, exact same construction. There is- Wow, this is a shoddy seam job. All over the top, there’s a bunch of loose strings. Let’s try both of these rompers on. (upbeat music) All right, I’m in the
Romwe romper right now, and this is so ill-fitting on me. I can’t get over it. So I don’t have like a particularly
long torso or anything, but this is so like short on my torso. Like it looks like I’m wearing
like a little baby onesie, because it comes up so high, I’m like pulling it down constantly, I can’t imagine this
on like a tall person. I like how it has definition at the waist. I like that the legs are flowy. I like that the arms are,
you know, that kind of loose bell sleeve. Their wrap-style top would be so low-cut if I wasn’t wearing this under-shirt. I’m concerned for what
that would look like. But the Shein romper
fits exactly the same. I mean, literally identical. They’re definitely from the
exact same manufacturer. There’s no question about it. They fit me in the same way. They’re both equally ill-fitting, But I like the idea of this romper. I think it could be cute. It’s cute from some angles, but it just does not fit
my proportions properly. Next up, we have this
long, white, lacy kimono. On Romwe, it’s listed at $15.99 and on Shein, it’s at $19. And both of these items were
listed as just being one-sized, so I ordered it in the one size. From Romwe, let’s do that one first
for continuity sake. Oh, this looks cute. I love little kimonos like this, so, I’m excited about this one. Quality seems fine. I don’t expect a lot in quality, considering how low these prices are. But the lace does feel
nice and looks nice. Oh, just kidding. Quality, quality maybe not the best. Literally the exact same
little zip bag packaging. Is it the same? It feels a little bit different. Okay. So I think the tell-tale
sign of if these are the same is gonna be, this one
has a tie at the waist. Does this one? Yep. Tie at the waist! What the heck?! Is this just one company with two completely different websites? I don’t know, let’s try these on. (upbeat music) All right, so I’ve tried on both. The one I’m wearing now is the Shein one, and they are exactly the same. No surprise. I get why a lot of kimonos are one-sized, because, it is a pretty,
you know shapeless thing. It fits me fine. The only thing is, I don’t know if I would really be able to close it properly. It has this little tie. I guess I can close it. It’s just a little bit tight on my chest, but I tend to have that
problem from time to time, so other than that, the fit is fine. I get why it’s one size. It looks pretty nice. It does have a lot of bad
stitching all over the seams. There are little pieces
coming off everywhere, Even though the lace feels fine, just the stitching is not good. The next item that I found
were these black dungarees or overalls, as we call them in the US. And on Romwe, they were listed at $19.59, and on Shein, they were $18. So, not too much of a price different, but still, interesting if
they’re the exact same item, that they’d have different prices. And I ordered both of
these in an extra large. So, Romwe. (grunts) Oh, there we go.
(laughs) Cute little overalls. You guys, I have to confess something. I haven’t worn overalls
since I was like five. Man, the sewing jobs on
these are just so crappy. They all have strings hanging off of them. If it wasn’t for this video, I definitely wouldn’t be
ordering from Romwe and Shein. Just, quality’s not great, but interested to see if
these, three in a row, would be exactly the same. Ooh, we get a zip bag for the Shein one. Maybe it will be different. Nope, exactly the same. Exactly, the same. At this point, I’m like
is there even a point in trying on both items? Because they are exactly the same. (clapping) I would love to show you what
these overalls look like on. but unfortunately, they
were not made with someone for thick thighs. I cannot get these up and over at all. I tried both pairs. Yeah, not gonna be able to show you guys what the dungarees look like, but they’re definitely the same. They both cannot get past my thighs. I can’t believe those are extra larges. It would make sense to
me if those were a large, because sometimes I’m a
ten, sometimes I’m a 12, sometimes I’m a large, an extra large. And they are from a
different country, I think. But for an extra large, and all the other larges and
extra larges have fit fine, those do not though. Next item. You guys know I’m a big
fan of wrap dresses, so when I saw one of the
items that both websites had was this cute little, blue wrap dress, I was like all over it. Let’s order it. On Romwe, this dress was listed at $16.99, and on Shein, it was $22. And I ordered both dresses in a large. I probably would have
gone up to an extra large if they had it, because a lot of these
cheap online retailers tend to cater more to the Asian market which has much smaller
sizes than the US market. So, I went with the large. Let’s see how it fits, but we gotta open it up first. Romwe. Ooh. This is the first thing I’ve opened where I’ve been, like, cringing
with the quality. This is, this literally feels like scrubs. Like (laughs) it literally feels like
the material of scrubs or like a bus seat. I don’t wanna wear, I don’t wanna put this on my body. I’m hoping that the Shein one
isn’t so crappy in quality, but it probably will be. Oh yeah, this is also made
out of a bus seat cushion. Okay, not actually, but
that’s what it feels like. Why would anyone make
something out of this fabric? I wish you could feel it
through the camera cause it is, oh my gosh. All right, let’s try it on. How is this a dress? Hold on a minute. I get that it’s small. I get that it’s too small for me, but even if it was bigger, how could I ever wear
this without leggings? All right, so I already
knew I was gonna hate this as soon as I took it out of the package. By the way, this is the Shein one, but it is, oh my. The fabric, the fit, the length, the des– what is this? So, I’ve tried on both. You guys aren’t gonna get
the fun little montage at the beginning like you
did for the other items, because I just, I don’t know how I can
stand in this and be like, Realistically, like, unironically, both of these dresses are ridiculous. I would love to see what this looks like on someone who actually
is small enough for it. I think that’d be super interesting. If any of you guys happen
to have this dress, send me pictures of what
it looks like on you, because I can’t get a realistic view of what this is supposed to look like. Alright, so the last item needs a little bit more of a description, because I didn’t end up getting two that were exactly the same. I reverse image searched for this purple, kind of knot-front sweater, and I found it listed on Shein as well. But the most interesting
thing to me, was that on Romwe this was listed as a
one-size-fits-all sweater, and on Shein, it was listed as a
plus-size sweater at 2XL. But they’re definitely using
the exact same product photos. They’re definitely the same pictures. So my question was: Is this just a really
big, oversized sweater that’s meant to be loose-fitting on a standard-sized body for Romwe and then they’re remarketing
it as plus-sized for Shein? Or are they completely different sweaters? So the sweater was
listed at $15.99 on Romwe and $20 on Shein. But unfortunately, it was
all out of stock on Romwe, and I was so disappointed, so we may never know if
they were the same sweater, but I decided to order
the purple one anyways cause I wanted to see if
the 2XL actually fit me, and it was meant to just be oversized. So to at least have
something to compare it to, I ordered this really similar
gray sweater from Romwe at $13.59. I know the gather in the front is in a slightly different place, but we’ll at least be able
to get an idea on sizing, since this sweater was
one-size-fits-all as well. So we have, from Romwe, this
very loud, crinkly paper. Oh, this actually feels pretty nice. This feels soft. Very, very big difference
from the blue dress. But, this is tiny. This is so small. What the heck? How is this one-size-fits-all? It literally looks like a toddler sweater. This is tiny! What the heck? Okay, okay, let’s try the purple one. I swear, if this is tiny too. This one is definitely
meant to be kind of cropped like the last one with that gather, but it is bigger, so I could see how this could be marketed as one-size-fit-all and also how it could marketed as a 2XL, but, let’s try it on. (upbeat music) Okay, this might be one-size-fits-all
if you’re a toddler. Look at this! Okay, this is my belly
button, for reference. These are very high waisted. This literally almost shows my bra. That’s how high this knot goes. I mean, for a cropped sweater, it’s actually cute. I do like the gather in the front, and the quality feels fine, which is very different
from the other items so far. One thing that’s nice is that because of this gather in the front, it doesn’t show how tight it is. But yeah, I definitely wouldn’t
call this sweater one-size. I’m a large, I’m a size ten. This barely fits me. Would not fit anyone bigger than me. But let’s try the 2X sweater or one-size on Romwe, and see how it compares in fit. This one smells weird. Okay. Pretend it doesn’t smell. Smile for the camera. All right, so this one is almost
identical in construction, even though it is a different sweater. Still has that gather in the front. Pretty small, but I could
see how this could be considered a one-size-fits-all. It fits me pretty comfortably. On someone who’s a size small, it would have that over-sized look. On someone who’s like a 2X, it
would be a little bit higher, a little bit tighter. Ugh, I just can’t get- Guys, it smells so bad. Oh my, it smells like it was
sitting in a mildewy warehouse for like months, ugh! Anyways, this was listed as 2XL on Shein, and if you like a sweater
that fits like that, I could see how it could be 2XL. But I think that if this
was the exact sweater that was listed on Romwe, it makes sense as a one-size-fits-all. That gray sweater does not. Alright, so I think it’s pretty clear that both Romwe and Shein definitely get their clothes
from the same manufacturer. Everything was exactly the same. Also, I just tracked the
shipping labels on both bags, and they come from the same address. Both of these, yeah, they are shipped from
the exact same address. So, if nothing else, that confirms it, that either these companies are owned by the same parent company or they just use the
same fulfillment center. But either way, they’re
selling the exact same items. So, it makes sense that they would use the same product photos. Also, one thing that
was interesting to me, considering that they
came from the same place, is the Romwe package took about three weeks to get here, and the Shein package
was here in three days. So, I don’t know if
there was like an issue with my order with Romwe or something, and it took a while to process, but the Shein package came much quicker. Also, another mark against Romwe, I can’t believe this happened. So I’m sitting down at my computer, right, I’m ordering the items from
both of these websites. I place the Shein order
first, goes through, no problem. Then, I place the order on Romwe, and my card gets declined. And I was really surprised ’cause it had just gone through
for the Shein order, so I was like, oh, maybe I like hit my limit or
something like that. And as soon as I start
thinking about that, I get a message from my bank. It says “Hello, ‘this is
name of my bank’ Fraud. We declined an $80.74
purchase at” So, I thought that was interesting, ’cause that never really happens, so I’m thinking, oh, maybe this company
has like common fraud. Maybe a lot of people have
fraud charges from it. So I reply, yes this is me, and I’m gonna go use the same card, but I’m like, let me try a different card and see if the same thing happens. So, I use a different credit card, and I get the exact, same fraud alert. So, that is really interesting to me. I didn’t have that problem with Shein. Nothing happened and it
happened twice with Romwe. So, overall, what’s better? Romwe or Shein? They’re basically the exact, same company. Personally, I wouldn’t order
from either of these websites. If I’m being completely honest, I think the quality wasn’t great. Some of the clothes
actually were pretty nice and fit me well, and I’ll
definitely wear them, and some of them, like that blue dress, are just a no. So, I personally wouldn’t take that risk. But, if you are dead set on
ordering one of these items or a different item from the company, I would personally recommend
doing Shein instead because of the fraud issue on Romwe and also because the
shipping came much faster. But the clothes are identical. Exactly the same. So, hopefully that solves it. This was so interesting to me. I would love to do
another video like this. So if you guys like it, let me know down in the comments, and let me know your experiences with either of these companies, if you’ve ever place an order. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. If you’re new, I really appreciate it, and I make fashion videos
like this twice a week. So, I will see see you guys on Friday with another new video. Bye! (upbeat pop music)

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  21. Some of my most worn pieces come from SheIn…. 🤭🤭 though those websites can be a bit of a hit or miss. It’s important to pay attention to the sizing dimensions they list for all items.

  22. Some of my most worn pieces come from SheIn…. 🤭🤭 though those websites can be a bit of a hit or miss. It’s important to pay attention to the sizing dimensions they list for all items.

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