Roulette Strategy to Win 3 JANUARY 2018 Answers to Your Questions Buzan Adrian
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Roulette Strategy to Win 3 JANUARY 2018 Answers to Your Questions Buzan Adrian

Hello My Friends Armand Adrian the Founder and Ceo of
here I will answer to some questions what I see that I have from you guys and
I want to giving you some explanation to these questions most of you you have the
same questions and like that you can understand better what you can have once
you have and study my work now the first question from you guys is that show me
proof how can I have some proof from you now if you have watched my tutorials you
know that I have as you can see in this video somewhere here in the left or
right you will wanna see the prices so my crisis is 550 euros for one formula
2500 euros for 8 DNA formulas which you can play every three days one session
the 5000 euro DVD are not ami omelette where is the secret the program which
you need to have the most or the 5000 euro the perfect formula 26 sessions
made with my students and like then you see my students how did we so when you
tell me show me proof it means that I need to stay with one hour to showing
your proof so forth of that because I I can’t showing you to everybody proof for
free because it’s too much for me making you to everybody proof so what you can
do because I invest something I show you one formula you can buy one of my
formula which is 550 euros and you can test it for three sessions so you will
gotta play today with this formula you make 300 euros maximum
and you stop now after three days you test another time or another one time
the formula and you test it with another session of 300 euros and after that you
stay and don’t play for another three days and you can test it another time so
three times you tested the red right so you’ll use you you study and test this
formula for three times all right so this is show me proof so like that you
will wanna see proof that is working all right okay let’s go to the next question
what warranty I have now the warranty is that I’m showing my face so as you can
see everybody on the internet is not showing themselves so if you have watch
people on the internet who have something about roulette strategies
formulas or software’s about right they don’t showing themselves so what you
need to understand is that if I am showing my face I am trust about because
I can cheating you because if I cheating you you can screenshot my face and you
can report me to the police so both of that you have a guarantee that I really
help you because it’s not my intention to cheat somebody because I really be
read from 10 years now so if I didn’t beat roulette I didn’t throw it myself
as I told you there are so many who sells something on the internet but they
are not showing themselves because they are managers from casinos so they are
post three strategies or PT euro strategies
for you to play on their casinos well in my case you don’t have to play on my
casinos you can play on any casino you like you will never see me to tell you
take this casino play on these casinos because it’s working only on that
casinos you can play on any casino you like
all right so this is the warranty which you have because I’m showing my face
when you pay something I giving you my real address so like that you don’t have
to make problems about it or I nobody on the internet showing themselves so I am
a trustful I am a trustable guy because I’m showing my face this is very
important for you guys who doesn’t doesn’t know how the things work on the
internet so everybody is not showing themselves so this is the proof real
proof and the warranty that I’m a real deal here I really have people because
is my passion so I have this knowledge and I can help
everybody because I memorize all my knowledge and right now with my
knowledge which I have these DVDs why should I throw away these DVDs so
like that I can share with you and you can beat the same as I be to left from
casinos all right now you understand what guarantee you have you have me as a
warranty because I’m showing my face do I need to buy all the programs well you
don’t have to buy all the programs but the secrets are divided in this three
program which I have you can have the most important program which you need to
have is the DVD 5000 euro because with the DVD 5000 euro you can understand the
secret and you can play every day so it’s very important for you in the
beginning from the sender secret so the DVD is not a software is not a strategy
the DVD is ten gigabytes of knowledge video tutorials and you see me in real
time how I play roulette and you will learn the secret so it’s very important
for you to understand how is working the secret because roulette makes one
big mistake if you understand that mistake you can beat roulette so do I
need to buy all the programs no you have you need to have only the DVD 5000 euro
are not only off let but of course if you like to have all my programs that
you can mix these programs and like that you can win much more money because
mixing the information it makes you a better gambler
all right now in the DVD you learn the secret but in the perfect formula you’ll
learn how my students are playing the secret because they showing I only
watched them and you see exactly how they are playing and how they are
winning session by session so it’s very important for you to understand how the
secret is working where you are living now I live in cluj-napoca Romania now
everybody if you have heard about untold the one of the biggest festival of music
of trance music in Eastern Europe now here where I live is called the Silicon
Valley of IT so all the people like in America in USA in Silicon Valley in
Europe our city is recognized as the biggest IT world of eyeties so all the
people who works on VC is in my city so my city is very recognized worldwide
about people who understand IT who understand software’s who have
businesses with this kind of stuff in IT so you can you can visit me if you like
you can have my real assistance if you visit me I can help you of course in
exchange of more money so for that if you want to visit me too giving you step-by-step training
life with me that you need to pay 10,000 euros like that you starting with me you
pick up I pick up from from from the airport I go with you and making rent
and hotel and like that we can have 3-4 hours per day in which we can play
together and I can assist you so if you like to visit me
you can come in cluj-napoca Romania and like that I can help you it’s not a
problem it’s much easier for me to explain you step by step being with me
alright but if you don’t like to visit me you can have my programs because I
send you a link so when you buy something from me I send you via email
Skype or whatever service you have what’s up or Facebook if you like I send
you a link and you can download the program to your PC so it’s not if you
don’t want to come to visit me it’s not a problem you can study the DVD and we
can talk via Skype or Facebook so if you have some questions you ask me and I
giving you the response it’s very simple all right
how much can I earn now this depends about what level you are so you can earn
between 30 euros per session to 300 euros per session even 3000 euro per
session so up means that well in the beginning you were gonna play with
couple of hundreds of euros so like that you don’t make some mistakes all right
you need to study first you need to implement the secret which I tell in
which I teach you so forth of that you were gonna play with less money all
right until you understand one session means that you play for 30 minutes
and you make 300 euros for example now when you will learn everything and you
were going to be good in understanding and winning at Roulette you can play in
VIP now in VIP mode you can earn 3000 euro
session so that means that if you pray only 10 sessions per month for example
you can make 30000 euros per month nobody giving you so much money on the
Internet because they don’t have the knowledge to
helping you in such a way which I help you
so of course it’s possible to earn even 30,000 euro per month if you play in the
AP now from beginning you will not play in VIP because you need to learn first
you need to understand how the mekinese words so forth of that the few weeks we
need to stay focus on casual gift casual means that you will win 300 euro per
session now in the beginning you are gonna play one session in few days but
with time you can play every day so this is the knowledge and what is nice if you
have all my programs you can play every day because you have all the secrets but
this depends on what you are doing so if you buy one of my program for example a
DVD 5000 euro you don’t have all the knowledge you have only the DVD you will
know the secret but you need to create and study and work and play according to
that secret but if you have even the perfect formula you need to understand
it with the perfect formula you can play for much easier much faster because you
will want to see my students how they are playing I only watch them and you
will see out they are winning all right so it’s simple but according to what
budget you have if you buy all my programs one time you pay seven thousand
and five hundred euros and like that you have all 12 thousand and five hundred
euros program value if you buy one-by-one programs you pay twelve
thousand and five hundred euros but in any way you are buying in three four
months maximum six months you are in winnings all right so it is four months
you can recover the amount of money invested even if you win three thousand
euro per month in four months you recover the money and after that you
have all your life time to gain money from Vlad
teaching you that because I have the knowledge can I lose at Roulette well
with my secret you can’t lose because in the beginning you are playing with low
budget so if you do some mistakes we can understand and we can recover the
mistake you made but if you don’t play exactly as i teaching you you can’t lose
because mathematic is pure mathematics so mathematics doesn’t lose one number
is five it cannot be four or it cannot be 23
number five is remaining the number five so if you play mathematically you can’t
lose at red the only reason why people are losing that led is that they are
playing aggressively so if you are playing aggressively you can’t win at
Roulette because red is not created for you to win aggressively roulette is
created to be understood mathematically if you understand mathematically you win
thirty euros 300 euros or 3000 euro per session but you earn this money every
session you are playing the reason because you need to stop at some point
this makes you a mathematical rule a gambler or a professional a gambler
all right because you need to learn when to stop this is the most important thing
in roulette when to stop everybody who are playing the red they don’t know when
to stop so forth of that you need to understand how to stop yourself in
winnings now if you have the secrets which I have in my programs and you play
accordingly to these secrets you can’t lose because it’s impossible to lose if
you follow the mathematic rule app is created mathematically and can be
written mathematically people didn’t have the power of the PC so this is why
they have not understood how to be thread but today you have the BC with my
help and with my strategies and my secrets it will be very easy for you to
be left the only problem what you have is to know when to stop so if you will
gonna stop when I suggested you to stop you will
always win the problem for you must be that you need a good internet connection
and like that you don’t have problems good pc which you don’t have probably
him to shooting off and something like that little good pc a good laptop or a
good pc in which you can play easily or or nicely alright so if you have a good
pc if you have a good connection that’s it you can beat any roulette you like as
I told you I am NOT promoter of casinos you can play on any casino you like but
if you AskMe which casino are the most good to play I telling you that
the English casinos from United Kingdom because in United Kingdom all Europe
plays even a Latino because are the biggest casinos they are making the most
money from gamers so well people are losing money with the roulette
professional gamblers we have a wager from where we can recover money and win
money so if 10 million euros are losses are
lost in one casino that has you know give back three million euros to people
who win so they remain with seven million euros for example right so they
giving you 30 percent twenty twenty percent they give back but if you play
Monica she know who is not recognized and you don’t know nothing about them
these casinos are not suggesting you to play so the big casinos the accredited
casinos is the most good casinos in which you can play now this is your
choice on where as you know you are playing but if you were gonna follow me
and suggest and you will respect my suggestion you wanna make money from any
casino you like why I am telling you that when you see casinos are very
intelligent now you need to be intelligent like them
so when you cash out never cashing out 30 40 50 thousand euro
one time because if you catch up so much money in one time they can bend you they
can block in you because they tell that you have made some error or you have
cracked the software but if you cash out every week 3000 euro they don’t know
that you’re a red professional gambler so you will gonna cash out 3000 3000
3000 till they abandon you in the moment they banned you you change your ID your
documents and you play again or you change the casino and like that you play
on another casino so there are many possibilities to be tracked but the most
important thing is how you will be read you need the good formulas not
strategies but good formulas to beat red you need to understand roulette from A
to Z and this is what I giving you in the DVD anatomy of the lab all the
secrets except the perfect formula so all the secrets all the problems you
have in the DVD anatomy over like 5000 euro but if you want the perfect formula
this is totally separated so we will talk about every word every program one
by one but you need to make from beginning money so you can start with
the DNA egg formulas which is 2500 euros but you can’t play every day you can’t
understand the secret but you can play with this formula every three day one
session so you can make 300 euro per session all right you play for two three
months and you buy the DVD so you need to have the program the DVD are not on
your lap because there is my secret and there is the secret which you need to
know about red roulette makes one big mistake once you know that mistake
that’s it you beat roulette so I hope you have learned something from these
questions everybody are you have these questions which interacts with me so
either you know right now what is the problem and how we can solve this
problem let me helping you because I have to know
to help you good luck and we talk inside members area bye-bye

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