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Royal Caribbean Cruises’ India Representative Tirun Travel Marketing Runs on Zoho

Today the world is running on the wheels of mechanism and the human heart is yearning for escapism. ‘Tirun Travel Marketing’, has perfectly understood this, which they’ve dared to take on with their line of cruise ships. “Tirun Travel Marketing is India Representative for Royal Carribean International. We were incepted in year 1991, so it’s been 28 years. We represent four different cruise branch for Royal Carribbean International which are Royal Carribean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara cruises. We have pioneered the Cruising concept in India.” Embarking on a journey into the unknown, Tirun Travel Marketing narrates its story of trials and tribulations over 28 years. “Tirun, as an organization has two kinds of businesses that we have. One is individual travel and the other is corporate travel where we have volumes or we have groups. We have people in higher number of travelling together and this is typically is ‘MICE’ so bascially meetings, incentives, conferences, events you know that kind and I predominately look at that aspect of travel. I work very closely with the Business Developement team. The Tirun Business Developement team is know you growing and we pretty much have a BD in every state of India today, covering every state of India and I work very closely with the team.” Tirun’s biggest challenge was using spreadsheets where they discovered a major setback in their sales. “The major issues we faced while using those spreadsheets were first of all the data loss that happened due to multiple offices were using the same spreadsheet. And not just that you know sometimes information went missing. There was information that was, you know while being updated it was not being updated correctly.” “The spreadsheet was not efficient and you know it takes a lot of time to, you know, get the data.” Tirun was evaluating a CRM that would serve as a central place to track their work. “Before purchasing Zoho the products that we considered was Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and when I compared those two products with Zoho I found that Zoho was very user friendly and it was a very easy to adopt. Our organisation at that point of time was not that tech-savvy. So, we need to find a solution or a software which is easy to use so that adoption can happen pretty quickly. That was the deciding factor which helped us decide that you know Zoho is the right technology for us.” It was simple and within a few weeks , Ashwani was able to set up Zoho CRM for different departments in Tirun. “So we started off with small group of people and we worked with them constantly to take their feedback and based upon their feedback we kept on improving. When we found out that you know that they were comfortable with the whole implementation then we rolled this out to the other teams.” Zoho One became the one stop – solution for Tirun with its suite of applications. “When we started using Zoho CRM we looked at the other tools or or other product of Zoho suite So like, we started with the sales IQ which which was a Zoho product so, we were considering going for Sales IQ but then Zoho launched Zoho One. So we moved from Zoho CRM to Zoho One and we got’ve a bigger bunch of product with Zoho Suite. So now we have more than thirty applications. We use Zoho Sales IQ, we use Zoho Social, we use Zoho, we are planning to implement Zoho people for HR Management software solution. We are using Zoho campaigns, we are using Zoho meetings, Zoho workdrive. So, we are using alot of Zoho product which are there in Zoho suite at this point of time.” Every activity is recorded on a daily basis. The organization witnessed an improved accuracy of data, a steady rise in sales, and clarity in their operations. This is beautifully explained by the Tirun team. “The flow of work is we get a call in the office so we have, travel agent guests calling us and so we capture the data So Zoho is used to capture the data of the enquiries they have made. So in Zoho we capture like the sale date, the name of the passenger, the travel agent, when are they going to travel. So based on these data we send out an enquiry and the sales people are supposed to do this entry in Zoho So that at the end of the day we know how many enquiries were generated and out of them how many passengers we have booked. So, basically, we capture daily work in Zoho.” “The manager group operations essentially manages all enquiries that have a minimum of sixteen paying guests or eight cabins so knowing the status of the enquiry for a group is extremely important for Tirun you know, so that we can ensure efficient closure and therefore we have created a pipeline for each enquiry stage. So whether it’s the enquiry received basic lead which is generated then we sent a request to the cruise line to get a group rate. Once the rates are received then we share it with the client so at every stage we need to make sure that we are monitoring and so that we know where we are and what is it that we need to do to ensure that the query is closed and we’ve won the business and therefore you know this particular reporting is extremely extremely important to us.” With the use of Zoho analytics, Tirun is able to evaluate their business on a regular basis, and this has helped them generate more bookings. “I use Zoho for reports and a lot of insights on the data that we generate through online sources. Be it B2B or B2C we have structured our interface in a manner that we are able to get separate reports, no duplicacy of data and even if there is duplicacy there is always a differentiative.” “Be it state wise, be it city wise, be it you know nation wide we use Zoho CRM and all the data which is being fed into Zoho CRM we can run live reports there are live dashboards available.” “The different reports that are run on Zoho One of course is the activity reports. like I was mentioning the Business Development team actually logs their events into the Zoho app and we are able to kind of identify and analyse you know how what are the clients that they are visiting, is this in sync with the strategy that we have or do they need to make certain changes and so on a daily basis we are able to give them feedback, on what they need to do to make sure that it helps them to achieve their target. The second report that we run on a very regular basis is the group inquiries opening inquiries basically, so as and when they generate leads in Zoho we run reports on a regualr basis to see how many open queries do we have and what it is that we as a team can do to make sure that the query is closed.” Tracking budgets and mapping bookings with Zoho Campaigns has resulted in smarter investments saving Tirun time and money. “We create a campaign in Zoho and we up date the costing it in the campaign section and the teams then automatically add any inquiry generated from any particular campaign and associate the inquiry or deal with the particular campaign so that at the end of the day we want to run an ROI of that particular campaign and then we can simply look at the total number of deals that we have got from a particular campaign.” “There are a lot of automated e-mailers which we have set up for the B2B site as well as the B2C site. These range from a form fill-up to a chat to a courtesy hold to a final payment, partial payment or full payment whatever. So all of the jobs that a operations guy had to do through e-mailers or phone calls to the guests has to some extent been done through e-mailers and we see a lot of traction from our guests or e-mailers as well.” Zoho has helped improve Collaboration between different departments of Tirun. “We have implemented the chat from Zoho on our website it works beautifully on the website just because all the leads that are getting generated on a real time basis the inquiry is created on the system and we have chat assistance coming from our operations guys. There is no time lag in addressing those queries and we see maximum conversion through our chat.” “The whole implementation started with this idea of getting us or, or finding a solution where we can see ourself using for the next couple of years and we don’t need to look at in there for any other technology vendor or any other software solution. So we started with Zoho we started pretty small, we firstly identified what data needs to be there on Zoho. So, we prepared those files, cleansed those files and then we worked with our vendor to get the page layouts finalized. Once those were finalized we simply uploaded the data in the system which help us, you know in automating the whole process and whole journey. We also you Zoho CRM to understand the region that is doing well. Is Singapore doing well? or is Europe doing well? or where do we need to push in money In Alaska? or Caribbean? So we use these data these data that these people put in Zoho CRM is used to capture all these information.” Running their entire business on Zoho has transformed the way Tirun operates today. “The overall impact Zoho has brought in our lives is that we we can say that you know our data is in safe hands. We don’t need to be worried about our data. So the best part about Zoho here is that you know I get a single interface where I can see what is happening on social media. I can also track hashtags, I can also track trends to an extent. So this single user interface really saves my time and saves you know flipping between tabs to see what is happening on a single campaign on different mediums.” Whenever they go in for a meeting they actually check in you know on the Zoho, on the app and you know they also use this feature on the mobile app which is called ‘NEAR ME’. So rather than going to that particular area three times a week, because of the app they’re able to plan their day better and get the maximum out of the day by getting into offices in the same location. As soon as they are out of a meeting they also log in the event either in person meeting. Now because of the mobile app they are  able to do it on the go and because of that the information is that much fresh and you know that much more accurate.” “An added advantage in Zoho Suite of products are the ‘Support Staff’ and it it is completely free. The best about Zoho is that I don’t need to shout. Earlier the thing was that I needed everybody’s what have you done, what are your enquiries. So, I don’t need to know that now from them. They don’t have to come to me individually to tell them what they have done. I just open my Zoho, there is a report that comes to me daily every morning that these are the things that every per person has done. In fact we have created, a… a… a page, a home page on Zoho CRM which says out of the 25 people who are the best 20. So this has made my my life much less complicated and I’m little peaceful. Because of this implementation or because of this product suite our production or let’s say our performances have gone up and the hassles which we used to face you know couple of years back they have gone down.

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