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30 thoughts on “RTA Youth Speeding Advertisement

  1. False advertising. One doing a burnout, next one not paying attention to a pedestrian crossing last one skidding around a corner. None of them were shown to be
    speeding. Driving like a dickhead and inappropriately for the conditions certainly but not speeding.

  2. Getting in the car with one of these deluded little boys would be like playing Russian Roulette.You might survive, then there's very good chance you won't.

  3. The RTA sytem, ​​life with money from porn.
     The Logo RTA protector of pornographers industry.
    Does nothing to protect children.

      Porn websites, live webcam sex sites with logo RTA does not verify the age at entry.
    Pornographers, disseminates and promotes violence and the degradation of human beings to protection of the sponsor RTA.
    Sites without the RTA label, much better protects children, with a
    request No. of bank card to prove your majority éfficace very simple to
    set up children does not fit.
     Pornographers sites with your logo 1.5 cm2 mocks the protection of children. big future customers of indusrie porn, exhibit at the younger ages, they will be the biggest comsomateur of tomorrow porn drugs.
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  4. come on, you know that is aggressive driving, which may lead to fatal death.

    And so many voters…Australians…

  5. Don't blame them for the fast pull away. They had no time to get ready. Don't wanna keep nobody waiting while there's a green light. In the UK, traffic lights show the red light and amber light together before the green light. This gives you time to get the car in gear and get set to go.

  6. @poodledreams no mate, that falcon pulled a burnout in what looks to be dubbo, there are no cars behind you.

  7. uhhh, maybe get a performance car first.. I could make this exact commercial and it would have a completely different effect….

  8. wait.. which one was speeding? the burnout? or was it the guy not stopping at the pedestrian crossing? or was it the drift? oh wait, none of those things involve going over the speed limit lol…

  9. bet the hypocrit that made this video is 70 years old and had his fun behind the wheel, just tryingt toruin it for the younger generation, the mock up for this add so much better, that xr6 burnout was alright thumbs up to smoke shows

  10. @william1012008 Guy does a burnout just to impress two girls, but what if the smoke obscured a car behind?

    Driver fails to give way to a pedestrian means he almost hit her. What if it had been a child he almost hit?

    A driver skids around a corner, almost loses control & could have killed himself & his friends.
    They were driving recklessly and dangerously and could have killed someone. That is what the ad is saying.

  11. the joke is that waving your pinky means that someone has a small penis. so basically, going fast and doing stupid stuff doesn't make you cool

  12. @william1012008 well this is true. Although in a vl (non turbo) u need to be going fair fast to get momentem to get the arse end kikin out?

  13. @william1012008 who sed the clown that didnt give way was speeding woulda been a 40km zone he was doing more than 40. but yeh the other 2 fair enuf

  14. it takes a true man to not speed. i mean seriously, how difficult is it to speed?
    guys find it more difficult to NOT speed than to speed

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