Rugged ATV/UTV Product Review
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Rugged ATV/UTV Product Review

Hey everyone! Greg’s here and welcome back to the shop. In today’s video I want to showcase a brand that may not be familiar to all of you, ATV and side-by-side owners, but its one that I think you should know about – Rugged ATV/UTV Products. Now, Rugged and sister company Demon Powersports are both owned by PD International. Rugged offers OE-quality ATV and UTV replacement parts, while Demon is the performance parts division. Now, recently I did a complete brand review of Demon Powersports, and if you want to know what they’re all about, head over to our YouTube channel right now and check that out. But today I just want to focus on Rugged Products. But first I do think it’s important to give you, guys, some background on PD International, Rugged Product’s parent company. Now, performance parts, whether they’re for cars, trucks, or ATVs and UTVs, are great when you want to upgrade a vehicle’s capability. But sometimes you just need to make a repair and get the machine back in service. And if you work on your quad, I’m betting that you also do at least some of the wrenching on your daily driver, so you know the value of being able to get OE-quality replacement parts at an affordable price. Well, PD International has been offering replacement parts for cars, trucks and SUVs for over 25 years. And they manufacture parts with a quality equal to, and even greater an OE-parts, and they offer them at reasonable prices. But with the ever-increasing popularity of ATVs and side-by-sides for recreation, and the continually growing use of working UTVs by farmers, ranchers, groundskeepers, and all others, about a decade ago the team at PD International saw the same need for quality and affordability in the Powersports market. So, Rugged ATV/UTV Products was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing quality, reasonably priced replacement parts to owners of recreational and commercial four-wheelers. Now, like their parent company, Rugged Products also currently focuses on driveline parts, but they’re continually adding more and more parts and accessories for new applications all the time. Rugged Product’s current selection includes replacement CV-Joints and U-Joints that are going to be a direct replacements for the ones that are on your machine. And they require no modifications for installation. They offer CV-Joint Boot Kits that come complete with a neoprene boot, moly grease and low-profile clamps. And even all the internal CV-Joint wear parts that are commonly needed, if you want to rebuild the CV-Joints yourself. These internal parts are going to be precision machined and induction hardened to reduce wear, so you get longer service life. They also offer complete direct-fit axle shafts and driveshafts for repairs that will get you back on the trail even faster. I think Rugged Product’s present concentration on driveline parts is right on the money, because it’s an area that really does take a beating on a four-wheeler. But they also offer an electric power steering system for UTV applications that didn’t come with one that greatly reduces driver fatigue. The system comes complete with sensors and an on-board computer, and all components are sealed to prevent damage from dust and moisture. In my opinion, this is a kit that is well worth the money, if you spend a lot of time in your UTV. Well everyone, that’s going to wrap up my review today of Rugged ATV/UTV Products. So, if your searching for replacement four-wheeler parts that are made to meet or exceed OE-quality standards, but without the OE-cost, head over to right now and check out Rugged’s selection of great parts. And, as always, I’m Greg, and I’ll see you guys next time!

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