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Rutgers Ultra-Niche Crops | Business Plan Videos | Marketing Plan

marketing plan your marketing plan
should describe the products to your market in how you will market these
products when you will market your products to whom you will sell your
products it should describe what is occurring in the broader market
regarding your products and your competitors and discuss how that will
impact your business a detailed plan should address the marketing trends
marketing strategies strategic partners and competitive advantage in the market
trends section of the plan research the market trends for your primary products
or services and identify how they will impact your business marketing strategy
lists all current marketing channels you use to sell your products or services
and identify any other appropriate markets you could utilize under
strategic partners indicate whether you have marketing purchasing distribution
promotion or development alliances and their importance to your business your
strategic partners should strengthen the position in the industry keep in mind
your partners can be formal or informal and can include lenders suppliers or
major customers competitive advantage in this section identify your competitors
and do a SWOT analysis strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats to
determine how well you compete with them compared your products with your
competitors and identify product differentiation in other words identify
how your products are different from your competitors
additionally conduct your cost of production to determine whether you are
producing at a lower cost than your competitors the aim of this section is
to help you identify your position in the industrial

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