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RV LIVING: Things to do in Orlando Florida (Why RV Travel is Better)

let’s talk about why traveling by RV is
better than traveling by plane …Music playing… rule number one security you don’t have to go through security when you’re driving your RV just get in your RV and you go you don’t
have to check your bags either you just put your stuff in your rig and you go
much better than flying on a plane give you a few other reasons why traveling by
RV is much better than traveling by plane so another reason
traveling by RVs better than plane you don’t have to take the shoes off if you
don’t want to well I think RVing is better is because like it’s more
spacious and you actually can walk around on a plane you have to sit down
and you actually have to buckle a seat belt and an RV you don’t
and sometimes you sleep on a plane and it’s very uncomfortable and then if you
sleep in an RV it’s very comfortable here’s another thing waiting in
line there’s quite the line …music playing… so we are in Old Town at Kissimmee Florida and it is
a cold for Florida right now I don’t know what’s up with that but having to break
out the sweatshirts and jeans so we’re just gonna check out this old town
downtown Kissimmee area and just kind of check out what all is in this area we’ve
not ever been here before so come with us and we’ll show you what there is …Music playing… so this whole area it’s just kind of
known for just car enthusiasts so you have people that will come down here and
put their cars on display and different nights of the week they have
different types of nights where people just will bring their cars down or come
kind of cruising and driving around but that’s kind of what the thing to do here
is is to come take a look at all the cool cars did you see the live music
here that’s kind of fun and the tree the and then tree the trees are really pretty too did you see
the tree and look the tree has like license plates on
it from different states it’s really cool hola freezing it’s freezing this is for sure my favorite
these are different color purples it’s have you ever tried boiled peanuts
I have not tried boiled peanuts they don’t taste like peanuts and a lot of taste
like a like a bean or whatever I don’t know I’m not a fan but if you want to
try some boiled peanuts there you go so today we are going to Epcot …Music playing… we just went to Spaceship Earth which is a very cool ride because it’s all about communication and the
kind of evolution if you will of communication both in language form but
also in written form which when you think about that is super important
because if you don’t have a written form of communication then you didn’t have
things like books or any of those things and to think about it from futurist
perspective how now we’ve evolved to things like you know email and other
forms of written communication text whoever would think that we would have
been sending text messages 30 years ago so I think it’s just a fun ride to
go on and think about the evolution of communication but then also how is
communication gonna advanced in the future absolutely will I be able to read
his mind …music playing… can we take our picture with you all right
let’s do it alright ladies what are we doing getting
coffee getting coffee getting caffeinated so this pin here do you want
to tell Dad what it’s about so second like a ticket and you could um you could
actually so the so you so like this is like a ticket so like you can only ride
this ride in that ride you can only ride those when Disney first opened you
didn’t have just you know a ticket into Disney to ride all the rides so you
would have a ticket that would be for specific rides and if you wanted to ride
other rides you had to like basically buy more rides on those rides when a
very first open so that pin is like a replica of what the ticket would have
been for those few rides so it’s kind of like a cool little collectible thing the
pin traders when you trade you can do is called a blind
trade so they have some pins you can see but they have other pins where you just
see the back I got this for a blind trade I hate and so if it’s a blind
treat you don’t know for sure what you’re gonna get so that pin was a blind
trade and then I got this stormtrooper helmet on a blind trade which is kind of
fun and cool so that one was a good trade she the pinocchio want on the
blind trade she didn’t think was that great but it’s the nice thing about that
is you couldn’t find another pin trader and trade that off again …music playing… so you see you can eat that whole
doughnut by yourself I’ll bet you Dad I don’t think you can eat that whole
thing I bet you I will all right we’ll see so you want help you’re happy about the
gear just give me a bite your half Dad can you finish how you doing it’s coming along I gave the other half to you it’s mine now I’m not hungry I thought you’re gonna eat it all so we’re going to go down to the Qatar
crossing and see how many palm prints that we can cut it
Oh white-tailed deer this to trap what is it what do you see right you’re here
what do you think those are I don’t know it’s a bear fish so now we’re in England
and that smell we wanted to know what the smell was that smelly fish oh yeah
fish and chips you know fish and chips are like fish and chips are like fried
fish and french fries they call french fries chips in England if you get chip
it’s not really chips it’s french fries hands
and if you get you want what we call chips then they call them crisps nuts
chips or fries and crisps are chips so now so I am starving right now alright
like just totally making my mouth water so
we’re gonna keep moving because I want to find something a little bit healthier
but and this is through hearing like this celebration so let me explain all
of the trees there’s a high rail right there there’s a diesel hidden either and
a little motive there’s locomotive steam locomotives I like I’m done with my donut go to me
right up I ain’t helped see if we can find a healthy we’ll see how healthy there you go it’s we’re here at the
largest theme park in all of the world this theme park is over 580 acres inside so behind me is the Tree of Life and it
is a hundred and fifty foot tall tree obviously you can see from the
engravings on it that it’s not a real tree but it is a man-made tree and it’s
beautiful so this is kind of like the hub of animal kingdom a lot of different
shows happen right here but it’s also a great landmark if you’re believing
guests or something like that you can just tell them to meet you the tree of
life it’s very obvious where it is and it’s a big huge beautiful replica of a
boa tree because we are going to come inside his
circle and so just went to the animation experience and it was actually a really
cool experience so they taught us how to draw Timon the meerkat and so they gave
us some instructions and step by step I actually drew this so it was actually a
really cool experience and learned a lot about meerkats that one they’re not cats
– they eat scorpions so they’re pretty vicious animals so a few thoughts about
our day here at animal kingdom one thing is is if you choose to visit here in you
are looking for a Disney experience with rides and those types of things this is
probably not your best part for that they do have some riots but there’s
really long wait times and most of the rise just because any of them here and
there are to the other part this is really more of an animal experience so
if you are person that enjoys things like the zoos and nature preserves and
then this is definitely the park that you want to come see this particular
part animal kingdom has actually been certified by several different governing
organizations that do govern zoos and aquariums so that you know all of the
m/l habitats and all of the animals as far as their care is concerned is just
top-notch and they’re accredited by these organizations
that just helped govern and animals that are kept in captivity to make sure that
they’re being well careful that they have a habitat that is sufficient for
them to meet their needs so a great place to come see all the animals if
that is the experience you’re looking at it so Expedition Everest oh my goodness
if you come to Animal Kingdom you have to go on Expedition Everest and here’s
the tip you come actually going on after dark it’s way better if you go on an
after dark much more intense letting recall it pretty cool so these bamboo trees behind me are
really really cool when they put together this part they actually
imported over 37 different feeds from other areas around the world to plant
the plant life and every life that is here at animal came from here it took me
in so anything Sydney does they just need to do a lot of excellent this is a
great example that’s just another one of the things they’ve done all of the
vegetation here is just super lush and green and it’s just a truly amazing
experience we’re standing in line to me so this really feels like in the open
here accuracy my new years all of these different needs that are new and as you
walk through just feels so sensing that you’re just walking through web
marketing advertise very very cool so we were going to jump on the Tower of
Terror in line and they completely shut the whole ride down everybody had to get
off you saw all the employees walking out
and now they’ve got it roped off so I’m not sure it’s going on but the nice
thing is is that when something like that happens if you’ve got the Fastpass
you basically get a replacement so we went over in rode the rock and roller
coaster again instead because we have that replacement of fast pack so nice
thing that dizzy does is if you do have kind of a negative experience on one
ride they compensate you by letting you go through the fast pass line for
different right we have a twenty five more minutes so if we get into the fast
path take a pit stop here this one’s a here so we haven’t been here in a couple
years and this is new since we’ve been here all the Toy Story lands in the
galaxies edges all new since we’ve been here last
there’s a lot of fun new things with it the only thing that’s not fun here it’s
obviously the crowds but again we’re here over Christmas break but properly
it’s not the best time to come as far as crowds are concerned so you’ve got that
you’re gonna have that’s probably any time but you can do research and see
maybe there’s a less crowded time to come but happens to be when it works out
for us so we’re here Christmas break it’s so crowded it was a lot of fun we are on a quest to find some chips so
baby somebody wait no worth it yeah it’s totally totally not worth it you want to
get up on my shoulders so really go look somewhere else for some chips all right
she’s turning me all right this way okay let’s go
you’re a crazy driver kinda do you guys have chips here any chips
no no chips ok alright I hope you don’t drive like this when you’re 14 or 15
have a license I see it are you gonna be a crazy driver no no yeah oh jeez oh my
gosh do you find the defendant chips there’s a hotdog
do you see the chips they had chips – their chips success I can do this forever kind of hungry
person and one for one I might soon say for a snack hey you guys have chips
can you to bag the chips and a Mickey pretzel girl we found we found them are
you having fun what’s your favorite part about the park yeah that was fun I have
my hands up mission kind of like those pink shops okay do some pin trading
countries binge readers can be anywhere I’ve seen
one in the bathroom I’m gonna get ourselves some chicken
for general office not only the healthiest in the world but
it’s also you’re gonna call today a cheat day leaving the rental car get ahead into
the airport everybody’s sad wait wait wait
and we’re ten pounds over weight on our bags so now what we’re trying to do is
move items by this bag now we’re you know we’re good here so now we need to
figure out it close this all right you’re gonna see if we do this annalee
is gonna work we’re gonna find out sit on the back actually it might be better
if I sit up here use it yeah reason 564 at this point why
traveling by RV is better than plane just saying don’t have to do that this
lap so reason ten thousand six hundred and ninety four away traveling they are
be superior to flying you don’t have to wait for bags always have your acts with
you late right now this is 11:23 it’s not 11:23 it is
that’s 11:23 you know it’s midnight but it’s late late right now that’s gotta be
late it really is 11 23 now I’m like really
but either way that’s another reason like the time change I swear is not so
severe it’s not instant you don’t go from two hours in one timezone like a
two-hour time change in one day does it happen
you’re traveling by RV it’s so much much better I hate flying …music playing…

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