SaaS Sales Funnel in 3 Basic Steps (For an Early Stage SaaS Business)
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SaaS Sales Funnel in 3 Basic Steps (For an Early Stage SaaS Business)

– If you’re lookin’ to build
out the sales and marketing machine for your SaaS business, in this video I’m gonna walk you through my three step SaaS sales funnel. This something I developed through my time of experimenting with
all kinds of different sales and marketing processes. And the one key inside that I gathered when I was actually scaling
my own SaaS business, which I took from zero to seven million RR and then sold it. So in this video I’m
gonna walk you through my three step SaaS sales funnel. And I’m gonna tell you why it works. Intro.
(upbeat drum music) What’s up everybody! Welcome to “Unstoppable.” I’m TK, author of the book “How To Punch the Sunday Jitters in the Face.” Entrepreneur and I also run
the SaaS Startup School. On this channel I bring you
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help startup founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners create and execute on an unstoppable strategy for their life and their business. So be sure to hit that subscribe button. And that bell icon, ’cause I’m gonna bring you the TK energy every
single Sunday and Wednesday. So if you’re building out a
SaaS sales and marketing funnel you’re probably getting
a little overwhelmed. I know I get, I had this when I was first learning about all this stuff. I have a computer science degree. I’m mainly an engineer, and I taught myself sales and marketing
because I had to. It gets pretty confusing with
all the advice out there. And when you start to look at,
well how do I generate leads? How do I get pipeline coverage? How do I get a sales team going? Do I do marketing? Do I do DemandGen? It gets super-confusing. And look, once you actually
build out your marketing team and you have a VP of marketing
and do all those things, it does become easier and you have to do a lot of those things. But the one thing that I learned is in the early stages, you need to keep it as simple as simple as possible. And that’s how I developed
this three step funnel. In this three step funnel,
I’ve used countless times in the beginning stages
of every SaaS business that I’ve been part of. And I’ve also used it at later stages when we were turning around companies. And now I teach it as part
of my SaaS sales school, which I’ll tell you about all the way at the end of this video because there’s actually, some spots
opening up for enrollment. So, let’s dig into it. First of all, why do you need a three step funnel in the early stages? Let me explain. And then I’ll go into one
of the three steps to do it. So if you’re excited to dig in, go on and smash that like button and let’s dig right into it. So the reason you need a sales funnel is because you wanna streamline the way you have customer conversations. Here’s why: If you’re in the early stages and you starting to get
sales and marketing going, first of all, good job. Second of all, you
should probably have done this like months ago before you wrote your first line of code. But that’s okay, we’ll get to that later. The reason is this stat. So when you go from idea
to product market fit, when you go from that, turns out the stat is that only 4% of seed stage startups graduate to the next stage of growth. They graduate to a series A. Which means this stage from going from idea to product market fit is wrought with startup failures. And the one thing that I learned from taking ToutApp from
zero to seven million RR. From working at Marketo,
where I was SVP of Strategy, and I got to work with
a lot of Saas businesses that were a part of our eco system. And one thing that I learned
is if you can increase the number of customer conversations, you as a startup founder are gonna be able to operate the two levers
that matter the most. Shop code and close deals. Not ship more features, but ship code, and close more deals. And the only way that you can do that is to increase the number
of customer conversations. Here’s the thing though,
with most sales and marketing advice that exists out there, it puts so many barriers between you, the startup founder and the
actual potential customer. And in the early days
you want to have as many of those customer client conversations as you possibly can. And so I actually help you operate ship code, close deals better. And that’ll help you get to
product market fit faster. So the question becomes,
how do you do that? This is how I build my
three step sales funnel. And I swear to God, I didn’t call it my three steps sales
funnel back in the day, but I used this for ToutApp. And then every time I got
in a new role I used this because we need to have
more customer conversations. And every SaaS founder that I worked with, I recommend this to them now
because it really, really works to get you to product market fit. So let’s dig in. How do you build this one out? The three step funnel, it
works in the following way. Step number one is you actually establish yourself as the brand online and offline. You establish yourself as the brand. What does that even mean? It means that you’re the teacher. That’s another way to think about it. What you’re really doing is you have this very unique point
of view in the market. That’s why you created software. And you wanna establish
yourself as the teacher because you had this ah ha moment. That’s why you created the software. But now you have to teach
it to everyone else. The secret to startups succeeding is that what you’re working
on is kind of a secret. Not everyone sees it,
it’s not that obvious. It means that sales and marketing really becomes a game of evangelizing. Of teaching others what
your ah ha moment was. So what you really need to do is establish yourself as the brand and the
teacher online and offline. And put yourself in a
position to actually tell as many people as possible
what you’ve discovered. How to you do that? Step number two is you point
them to your manifesto; your point of view. You create this manifesto on why you created this company. Where it came from, how
you had your ah ha moment, and how you can actually
do a transformation for your potential clients
and people in your ICP, so they can get the
results that they desire. So once you establish yourself
as the brand and the teacher. You point them to your manifesto
and your point of view. And inside the manifesto,
as they read through your point of view and start to understand why you created this, what
problem you’re solving, what was the ah moment, and
what the transformation is. Before you even sell ’em on any software, all the way at the end of it
you put a little Calendly link. And that’s the third part of this funnel. You point them to your Calendly link. I really like Calendly, you
can use whatever you want. I like Calendly, point them to your link, saying, “Hey, this is my manifesto. This is who I am. This is the problem we’re solving. This is what we believe
is gonna solve that. We have a solution around it, can we talk? Like, can we do a strategy call and really talk about
it and compare notes. And if our solution is a fit then maybe we can explore that as well. That’s the three step funnel. You’re probably like, “Wait, was that it?” Like, yes that’s it! Do it, seriously. I’ve done this countless times and it works incredibly well. You don’t need complicated funnels. You don’t even need to do
the complicated webinars. You don’t need to do crazy advertising, although you can to get
your manifesto going. What you really need to to is be super-available online and offline. You need to establish yourself
as the brand and the teacher. You need to actually show them to your point of view in your manifesto. And then you need to say,
“Let’s talk one-on-one.” So the way that I do this is I clear out every Thursday for calls like this. And did this back when I was building ToutApp it was Tuesday. This time around I did Thursday. And I just created a Calendly link that blocks out that time block. And anyone can go in
by following that link, and book time with me
and we can compare notes. And what that allowed me to do is go back to having as many customer conversations as possible. And that allowed me to really focus on those two levers the most,
based on those conversations. ship, code, or close deals. In those conversations I
need to learn something about what I need to do
to improve my product. Or, learned something on what I need to do actually, to close that deal. And it was 50/50. 50% of the time people would
actually buy the product. And 50% of the time I learned something. And I went back and I said,
“We need to improve this.” And that changed everything. So to summarize; if
you are starting to get the whole sales and
marketing machine going, starting with the three step funnel. Like I just described in this video, is the super-powerful way to get the customer conversations going. As you start to get the
customer conversations going, then you can build out your broader sales and marketing machines. You can actually navigate
your product road map better. Everything becomes easier to
ship code, and to close deals. Now if you’re in this stage and you’re building out your
sales and marketing machine, you actually wanna follow a proven system. There’s a broader framework
that I teach around this. It’s called the Unstoppable Sales funnel. And that’s why I created
my SaaS sales school. My SaaS sales school helps
startup founders like you build and execute on an
unstoppable go to market strategy. And go from wherever you are now to at least 10K MRR or beyond. And I actually have my SaaS school open for enrollment right now. So if you’re seriously interested in building out an
unstoppable sales funnel. Implementing this strategy
and others that I have in a cohesive way, so you can accelerate the path to product market fit. And accelerate the path to
the next stage of growth. And really transform how you
compete in the market and win! Then follow the link below. I have a link in there
to book a one-on-one 45 minute strategy call with me. So we can talk about this. I can talk to you about my belief around an unstoppable sales funnel and what that does for your business. And if you’re a great fit, then we can enroll you
into the SaaS school. Which will help you
implement what we teach. Now spots are limited, so make sure you follow the link
now and book some time. Because this is not gonna
be open enrollment forever. So in conclusion, that’s what a three step sales funnel is. And if you wanna start, this
is a great way to start. And then when you’re really
ready to bring together your sales and marketing,
join SaaS school. Follow the link below to
actually book that time. And lastly, if you enjoyed this video, please, smash that like button. I dorp a video like this
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video with the TK energy. And lastly, remember
everyone needs a strategy for their life and their business. But when you are with us,
yours is gonna be unstoppable. I’m TK, and I’ll see
you in the next video. (upbeat drum music)

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