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Salesforce CRM Online Training videos 1 for beginners 2020 WhatsApp +91-8886552866

Salesforce Online Training Videos 1 for beginners 2020 What is Salesforce ? Who can learn Salesforce CRM ? What are career options in Salesforce ? How is Job market of salesforce 2020 ? hello everyone welcome to the webinar a
very special webinar conducted to understand how will be the job market of
Salesforce in 2020 so before we proceed let’s start to understand this webinar
can be important for which kind of people so anyone who is already working
in this IT industry in the technologies like kasnia java or some other
technologies and now you are looking for some hot and trending technology as your
next career stop then you can definitely take the benefit of this session you are
already done with your education and you are trying to make entry into the IT
industry then for you also this session is useful your non IT
person and you are looking for IT career because of the great future and better
salaries then for you also this session is useful and finally anyone who heard a
lot about Salesforce but now actually you want to know that if you can make
the entry into the Salesforce market or how’s the currently are going to be for
Salesforce etc then for you also this session is going to be useful so let us
talk about initially the topics that we are going to have in this webinar so we
are going to have these points for the webinar point number one we will talk
about what is Salesforce then who can learn Salesforce
then what are career options in Salesforce and finally the very
important how’s the job market of Salesforce and we are going to talk all
the things for 20/20 perspective so let’s begin the journey so let’s talk
about what is Salesforce now for those people who heard a lot about Salesforce
Salesforce and Salesforce but you are not yet clear what is Salesforce and
where Salesforce is useful or who will use Salesforce then let me give you some
overview for the same so please note that Salesforce is actually nothing but
software what kind of soft it’s a business software companies use
Salesforce to run the business and it’s based on the cloud platform means for
using Salesforce you don’t need to know download anything on your laptop or
install anything on your system it’s unclouded means just open the
browser and log into Salesforce and start using Salesforce and which one of
businesses can use Salesforce to run their regular business process so
initially it all started for the CRM industry but step by step sells for
expanded like anything in multiple segments sales forces useful by the
companies to increase their sell to increase their marketing to increase
their service quality to the customer insurance company also can use
Salesforce also a social media company can use Salesforce ecommerce company
also can use physical or healthcare domain also a new sales force now
Salesforce is expanding like anything in almost all the top rated business
segments and that is one of the reason why Salesforce is another hot skill
today in the market to learn now what are the reasons behind sales for success
now the reasons are meaning there are so many reasons because of which sells for
successful in the market but let’s talk about you special reasons for example
now as you know that Salesforce is nothing but a software so now if any
company is going to use this software then what kind of benefits they will get
for an example if any company is going to use just one feature of that software
called S chatter there are many features in Salesforce I’m taking one features
checker if any company is going to use this single feature then the company can
see amazing growth like this in the business just by one feature so just
imagine if the company will use 30 40 60 species of Salesforce what will happen
it will be making huge change positive shift in the business and that is one of
the reason why companies like coca-cola Facebook Twitter Amazon IBM
Tesla Motors Puma Nike Philips Bank of America or the companies that clip card
Snapdeal LinkedIn the companies like KTM Reliance
Tata Samsung etc these companies are using
Salesforce software to improve their business that is reason number one let
me talk about another important reason behind sales for success now please note
that for back to back many years Salesforce has been given the most
innovative company award by Forbes so I hope you heard about the names
folks it’s a very respected name in the industry
so for back to back back to back many years cells was ranked as the most
innovative company by folks and please note here
what kind of innovation cells was doing in the industry that’s completely to
step ahead than the competitors and this way automatically the business and
customers are getting the benefit of the access force innovations are fantastic
one of the top quality research and development team Salesforce has there is
one more reason why Salesforce is growing like anything and now the result
is the demand in Salesforce projects almost all the big companies are using
Salesforce and more and more companies are coming now in the industry which
want to stop using their existing platforms like sa or Siebel CRM
and now they are looking to enter into the Salesforce market or they want to
use Salesforce because of that now the job demand of Salesforce is growing like
anything let me also show you the job demand depending on the country or let’s
say country while job demand so Salesforce initially started becoming
famous in area like USA but now it’s expanding like anything in multiple
countries in the world and also this is going to give the benefit for people
like you and me to have a good job opportunities in Salesforce market in
time being and even in upcoming time the expected job market is going to be
around 3.3 million by 2022 we’ll talk about that as well so this is now
actually the Salesforce platform and this is one of the reason why actually
Salesforce is a buzz word in the market you have some now overlay of Salesforce
market now it will be very good if we and who can learn Salesforce because
this way you will get the idea whether you have the scope along Salesforce
whether you have the scope to make entry into the market of Salesforce let us
talk about that one of the special thing about Salesforce industry is it here it
has the opportunities for almost all types of people
for example technical people or developer can also automatically become
a developer in Salesforce a type of functional person who actually did the
work as a analyst consultant but never done any programming he can also make
entry into the Salesforce market as an admin or techni function person or
analyst apart from that also there are various ways by which a person can make
entry into the Salesforce market but right now the admin and developer skills
or this combination is the hot skill in the Salesforce market in huge demand so
now whether the person is coming from IT background or non IT background whether
the person is coming from the development background or non dolphin
background if he goes through this tube pattern learning admin and development
skill in Salesforce then definitely you can actually make the entry into the
Salesforce market now as you understood now who can learn Salesforce I teen on
IT College pass out working professional also can learn Salesforce then let us
see what are the career options for those people in the Salesforce market in
this case I would like to highlight some specific case studies for you so there
is a case study in the past then to understand that what are the easiest job
segments or job market segments to make the entry for the non iit people because
you know that in IT there is huge salary and also long term career prospect is
one important thing so here in that survey they have seen that most of the
people who are actually non IT people they are doing the thing they are having
the inclination towards forced market or they have found that
sales force market is something better for them to make entry and become IT
guys and one of the reason for this is in sales force thousands of things are
possible for a non eighty percent to accomplish in the project because they
have to do less number of coding or programming as compared to other
platform so especially for non IT people please note that Salesforce is a very
good career option to make the entry into the industry again for IT people
it’s definitely very much easy because when non IT people can make entry by
learning the essential skills like Edwin developer then even the IT people can
easily learn the admin and developer essential skills and make the entry into
the market apart from that there are many other opportunities are there for
the people like business analyst or for the people like project manager or for
the people who are actually directors or team leaders or senior developers in
other technology they also can learn all the skills of Salesforce and actually
make entry to the Salesforce market so this is one more reason actually why
there is a huge shift in the market trend and people are coming to our
Salesforce because they have seen that this is something very much possible for
them to achieve with a short duration of hard work so as people are coming
towards Salesforce they’re thinking about Salesforce career so let us see
how is the job market of Salesforce like is it really a good job market are there
going to be some great things going to happen in Salesforce market or right now
how’s the market situation how will we in the next six years or how
will be in next two years let us see all these things because numbers are very
important to take or to get any kind of conclusion from any market study and now
I’m going to talk about that only to you if you talk about next six years market
trend and this is nothing but the research of the very famous agency IDE
and they have said that right now the Salesforce is doing great job and the
IDC 2000 in report shows in next six years
Salesforce is going to have this kind of fantastic growth with 4.2 millions of
net job gains projected and please note that in 2000 by 2024 the expected
revenue gain is going to be 1.2 trillion of dollars so this is the sixth year’s
report of his force market which shows you very clearly that how actually
Salesforce is expanding in the industry and giving the career opportunities or
mini please note apart from that there is one more important thing which you
should know that as for the current market trend or as per the current
market situation there are four major segments which are doing well and that
is nothing but operating system ERP DBMS and CRM in that if you see CRM is one of
the fastest growing segments and the market expansion is fantastic and it’s
going to be also number one very soon that is 2020 in 2020 so you can see here
that the CRM segment of Salesforce is doing well in that CRM Salesforce is
number one company so ultimately there are multiple ways by which a person can
make entry into the Salesforce job market and now this is one of the
reasons Salesforce is also being learned in various colleges and in various
companies because the jobs are coming in more numbers projects are coming in more
numbers and that is reason people are looking for Salesforce experts buy all
this information I hope you have received some useful knowledge or useful
data to understand how a Salesforce market and whether you can make career
in Salesforce or not now let me talk about some reports which will also let
you know that how is the Salesforce skill
demand please note if you talk about the overall job market then as compared to
oral job market sales for job market is trending or going one point three time
faster again one more reason you can see var sales force is hotter in the market
apart from that there are various reports which shows you time to time
that watch this force is anything which should be your next
destination kind of job availabilities a kind of long-term growth Salesforce is
rewarding shows you very clearly that white people are moving towards
Salesforce and buy all this information I hope you got the good idea what
Salesforce market and you can hear we will be able to take a proper decision
about your career and also while taking an edition of courier please do your own
research as well and understand whether really this technology is useful for you
and if you think it’s useful then definitely do your hardwork and grab the
opportunity in this industry so thank you for attending this webinar for the
agenda how to start building any Salesforce project now here our
assumptions are there we’ll assume that we have no idea about Salesforce what
Salesforce is that’s point number one and second thing be able to assume that
we somehow got a job in Salesforce that’s good too well so our assumption
and let’s say the assumes without a job because of friends reference or some
contacts but we are not having much knowledge about Salesforce actually I
would assume third point we are going to assume that we have a are working for a
client and that client company is indeed calm or less we’ll assume here our
client company name is let’s say for example die Stockholm so we want to
actually just ensure that we are focusing on one real-time project at a
time so in our training program we are going to focus on two to three real-time
projects so this customer will be our first project type stock okay so please
note this point and we are going to assume that give our project on this
customers requirement or we are working for this customer and next we are going
to assume client is ready with Salesforce environment by making the
payment and also they are going to assume after payment plan gets login
details that is what happened every time in the industry whenever we make payment
to Salesforce the output is ID and password login details and that love
which customers bought their will to assume that we are going to take that
and we are going to start working so this will be our assumptions to ensure
that this session should be focusing on real time project scenarios and this is
what happened in the industry first of all we’ll make advancement of
sales this was after a advance payment customer will be getting ID and password
and with that ideal password we’ll start working simple this is the process we
follow in the market fine so let’s move ahead and let’s start working the best
step in all this activities so please note I’m going to send you an email
today after today’s session so in that email you will be getting the
information about your Salesforce so please check that email in which I’m
going to send you in afternoon time of India and in that email you can also
understand by going through that video what are the history of Salesforce and
how cells first came to the market and what is cloud computing you will get
lots of knowledge by that video just go through that second thing that you will
be also getting the information about creating Salesforce environment now
please know that every session from today onwards whatever we are going to
have is going to be focusing on hands-on practical activities and for this reason
here I want you guys to have your environment ready in Salesforce okay so
please note for that purpose here I want you guys to how the environment ready so
please check my email and by that you can also create the Salesforce
environment ok so please note this important thing as well elses
environment is required for doing all of engines all right so now here after all
these things let’s proceed and let’s start working on these things one by one
so and if you talk about tomorrow session then please note that in
tomorrow’s session you will be getting some
with information like for example one more bonus video for you in tomorrow’s
session but apart from that another useful information you will be getting
into more efficient is how actually a person like you should be getting a job
how you should prepare yourself for a job that is what we are going to see in
the next session so don’t miss that also we are going to see how you can actually
work and prepare yourself so that you can get a job in the Salesforce
so we’ll talk about that also in the next session you Enroll for live Salesforce Demo Like and Share salesforce video with friends and Salesforce family. Comment Salesforce queries

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