Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Audience Studio Demo
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Audience Studio Demo

[MUSIC] Salesforce DMP lets you quickly gather,
unify and act on all of your customer data making
your advertising more efficient. Reaching the right people
at the right time. You can easily keep track of
all your customer segments, segments with a lot of people that you
can reach across all their devices. To refine your audience,
you can add data from any source, even trusted second party data, through
our native integration with Data Studio. Refining your segment with attributes
to build your perfect target profile. And add rules about past exposure, like people who’ve seen your
ads twice in the past week. Even use Einstein to analyze
millions of attribute combinations, harnessing data sets with
billions of data points to deepen your understanding of your
audience for greater personalization. Then extend the reach of your
campaign with lookalike modeling, finding people who are similar
to your target profile. So you’re still targeting with precision
while reaching many more people. Then quickly activate your segment
across the right channels to reach your customers. Once activated, you can uncover
patterns in your customer journeys across all channels, getting smarter and
more predictive about your customers. Visit Trailhead to get started and see how you can make your advertising
smarter with Salesforce DMP. Blaze your trail with Salesforce.

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