Samsung Electronics now replacing Japanese etching gas with Korean product
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Samsung Electronics now replacing Japanese etching gas with Korean product

while South Korea and Japan are still
embroiled in a trade war Samsung Electronics has reportedly starting
started using a Korean made fetching gas to make its semiconductors instead of
the Japanese product that Tokyo is now restricting Samsung officials said today
that locally made materials are now being used as a replacement
in certain processes South Korea’s trade ministry also announced today that
testing time for certifications will be cut by up to half for some major parts
materials and equipment to help accelerate technological development the
ministries signed agreements with certification agencies like the korea
laboratory accreditation scheme and it said that fast-track testing for
semiconductors displays and other products will start Thursday

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6 thoughts on “Samsung Electronics now replacing Japanese etching gas with Korean product

  1. 1. Japan’s reputation has been tarnished since the whitelist was introduced. They’ve fallen into their own beartrap and was ousted as conniving, condescending, humiliated, embarrassed as they continue to loathe and grieve. Japan’s image is irredeemable and in unsalvageable conditions.
    2. No one cares about Tokyo’s Olympics and I will continue in all my powers to sabotage it!!!
    3.There is no evidence of radiation in Korea as an result to the plutonium atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As japan suffered greatly from the radiation, korea however did not, no matter how badly you wish we would’ve. Japan is so misconstrued.

  2. The quality equivalent to that of Japanese semiconductor materials cannot be achieved over 10 years, and Korea has neither technology nor ability. This is proved by the inability to receive the Nobel Prize.

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