Sam(Wei) ep. 3 – Tailoring My CV & Summer Internships | The Great Grad Job Hunt
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Sam(Wei) ep. 3 – Tailoring My CV & Summer Internships | The Great Grad Job Hunt

Hello, I’m Sam. So today I’m going to talk about my job hunting
experience. So, first of all, I want to mention it’s really
important to tailor your CV. Try to provide as many figures as possible
to show how well you did in your previous job, to make your CV more impressive – so,
employers are more likely to contact you instead of like the first stage interview. And, right now, as many skills that are relevant
to the jobs, you are applying for because these skills are the skills that employers
are looking for and they’re looking for the right candidate. And currently, I’m looking for part-time jobs
in the retail industry. So, for applying for retail industry jobs
I would really recommend retail jobs because there is a lot of opportunities there and
it’s really easy to apply for it – you just have to upload your CV online and apply for
it – that’s really simple. The reason I want to work in the retail industry
is because I want to gain more customer service experience because I’m a marketing major so
it’s really important to know how to communicate with customers and satisfy their needs and
wants. And I’m also looking for summer internships
right now, I would highly recommend jobonline, it’s a platform specifically for University
of London students and there’s a lot of opportunities for graduate careers and summer internships
– I really recommend it. So, that’s what I wanted to talk about today. Thank you so much!

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