Sana Commerce Review: Cas Nieskens
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Sana Commerce Review: Cas Nieskens

we saw that our software development center in Ucrania and Sri Lanka, the time difference was too big of an issue and we needed someone in this time zone. A development center, to serve the needs of our clients so, we did extensive research about where to set up an office basely mainly focus on cost, on skills, and business environment, and there Colombia came out as one of the highest, and specifically Medellin to start a center here to serve the needs of our clients in the US but also see as a hub in Latin America. It was two, two main reasons. One was, that of course, you guys have a history and knowledge about the European market. You already worked together with other European software companies who did similar to us, like working for clients in the US and quickly scaling up. And secondly, you were one of the only ones that gave the full package. So not only helping out with establishment and all the local regulations, but also doing the day-to-day business as a finance accountant and payment while still easily communicating within a European mindset. Of course, the bureaucracy and all the regulation is difficult. Even when you ask Colombian accountants, they will say, “Oh, it’s easy,” but when you start working it’s it’s way more difficult. Also, the trust with Latin America. It takes longer. So, for instance, when you want to sell to clients and such it takes longer before they make decisions. It’s smaller problems that make it more difficult, and also what why it’s important that you’re here and that you work with people you can trust, and who you can easily work with. Here in Colombia, sometimes it works out that you have to meet in person for hours and hours long meetings, while sometimes while sometimes with just a text message to to Ongresso, my problems are being solved, or at least I know it’s being taken care of. Which, for me, I can focus on my business while they make sure that I don’t break any laws or at least make sure that the company grows. Maybe like all my day-to-day operations like finance, accounting, and such. Those are all easily covered by Ongresso, and even when I have difficulties with new contracts or a specific questions for recruitments, Daniel and Lorenz are always ready to help out and find a solution.

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  1. Awesome! Having Sana in Latin America is a great opportunity for local professionals. Helping the companies and making easy the way that they get into the country and the region is a great solution for the bureaucracy issues that happen a lot.

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