Sanket’s Internship Experience
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Sanket’s Internship Experience

*alarm rings* *upbeat melody begins playing* Hello everyone, my name is Sanket. I am from
India. I am currently pursuing a Master of IT security from
Deakin University. I came to Melbourne Australia in 2013 and
my experience so far has been really good. This video is all about sharing my experience
as an Intern. I am currently doing my Internship at Box
Hill South Neighbourhood House as a developer which I secured through Deakin Jobshop. Working as a web developer intern has been
a great learning experience. It has given me a greater understanding of the opportunities
available. It has been a good learning experience in
terms of learning new skills, people management, project management, interpersonal skills and
much more. The Jobshop international intern program provides
an opportunity for international students to work in an Australian workplace environment. Students undertake a competitive process to
gain entry into the program. They submit an application, go through an assessment centre,
and then have a final interview with the organisation where they intend to be placed. The jobshop employment team sources placements
in an Australian organisation. Sanket submitted an excellent written application.
He also interviewed very well. He showed initiative throughout the program, particularly when
he became involved in our V-log competition. When we came out to visit Sanket at Box Hill
South Neighbourhood House we spoke to his supervisor Pam, and the feedback was fantastic. Sanket actually helped build a website for
the centre, so that members of the community can find out about the programs and activities
on offer. The feedback from Sanket’s supervisor during
the placement was great. His communication skills were strong, he adjusted very well
to the workplace and worked very well in a team. First of all, to work as an intern, I feel
very happy and honoured. Also getting to work on-site with Sanket and share his knowledge
and experience, taught me a few things, including tricks about social media and WordPress. Box Hill South Neighbourhood House is a not
for profit, community managed organisation, offering programs and activities developed
in response to the local community. The brief was to develop a user friendly website,
preferably using WordPress, and to be able to link our Facebook and Twitter pages, integrating
our social media presence. Working on the project with Jason and Sanket
has been a great experience. They have gained skills and knowledge working in professional
environment, particularly in the not for profit sector. Through this project, our organisation has
gained a professional looking website that is user friendly and a great online social
presence. *fun melody begins*

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