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Sarah and Mary intern

Hi I’m Sarah. Hi I’m Mary and we are the
marketing interns at Fitness Quest 10 for Summer 2016. I currently going to San Diego State
University and I’m studying Marketing I’m gonna be a junior. And I go to USD I
am a junior this year as well, I’m studying Marketing and Spanish. We
create a lot of the organic content that goes onto Facebook and onto instagram, on the website, on Todd’s page, we do a lot of the online presence here at Fitness Quest. We do a lot of video editing and picture editing, so if you’re familiar
with Photoshop or Canva or iMovie even I mean that’s mainly the
things that we use here to make our awesome videos that go online. Everyone at Fitness Quest is just one
big family. I really like working with all the other interns you meet the
summer. They’re all here doing their fitness journey and we’re here doing our
marketing journey. It’s great here because every day is something different.
You’re walking in and you’re like I really don’t know what I’m going to do today. We get to do
so much fun stuff and really get so much hands-on marketing experience. It’s
really cool being a gym doing this internship I mean it could be an office
but here we are. You get to see all the workouts going on you have NFL athletes,
you have high schoolers, kids, is just a big variety of clients get to meet and
interact with. We kind of get the guidelines of what we’re supposed to do
and then it’s our job to think of ideas of how that will work best. Being an
athlete myself i just have really enjoyed being at Fitness Quest because
they care so much about not only your
physical journey of where you are in your fitness life but you as a person.
Working at Fitness Quest has been awesome too just because you get to work with Todd Durkin. He’s such a legend in the fitness industry and I am so blessed to
have worked with him because his energy is unlike anyone else, and it’s
like you can’t beat him. You really can’t. You can’t even match
him. He is on another level of energy that just brings so much happiness and
excitement into this office and it really makes you want to work hard for
him. Working with people pouring positive energy into people getting your mindset
to where you want it to be so where you are your best version of yourself. Get
your mind right! And that’s just something that you don’t get from other
internships, you know. It’s really, I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.

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