Satya Nadella announces strategic collaboration with Novartis
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Satya Nadella announces strategic collaboration with Novartis

>>Hi, I’m Satya
Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Today, computing is
becoming embedded in the world, in every
place, in everything. This new era of intelligent
cloud and intelligent edge is being driven by massive
technology shifts, including AI. AI is perhaps the most transformational
technology of our time, and healthcare is perhaps AI’s
most pressing application. We have an incredible
opportunity to apply AI to accelerate the discovery of new medicines and
reduce patient costs. That’s why I’m so optimistic about the strategic partnership
we are announcing today with Novartis which brings together their life sciences expertise with the power of Azure and Microsoft AI. Together, we will work
to answer some of the most challenging questions facing the life sciences
industry today. How can we help create the most personalized medicines that reduce the burden of
treatment for patients? How can we speed drug design and development that benefit
even more people, and how can drug
manufacturing processes be optimized to reduce costs
for those impacted? Importantly, our work together
will bring the power of AI to every Novartis employee so that they can explore
data in new ways, unlocking powerful insights with direct impact on their
day-to-day work. At Microsoft, our
mission is to empower every person and every organization
on the planet to achieve more. Core to this mission is ambitious
alliances like this one, which offer the potential for
enormous impact on society. I’m excited to see how together we will shape the
future of life sciences. Thank you all very much.

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52 thoughts on “Satya Nadella announces strategic collaboration with Novartis

  1. Wow! I guess I'm not alone in my admiration of Satya Nadella's leadership and direction for MS.

  2. 1:45 You see, that's what so great about Nadella. Makes one word sound like two words (thx guys veryvery much)

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  4. Check the Greek Novartis case to understand what was asked from satya from the us dept of defense. What a crap organization. Apple would never do that!

  5. hi I am a psychiatrist. Novartis blackmarkets methylphenidate/ritalin in pakistan. Sells it a price 200 times higher in black market. Never gave it to any of my patients. horrible company. A

  6. Not a lot of people know this.. satya's father was in the top brass of Indian administrative services. His father was one of the most successful and honoured officers in India. He worked directly under the prime minister for most of his life. People defined him as a man having exceptional leadership qualities. That is the reason why satya is so good as the CEO of Microsoft. He got it from his father.

  7. Satya Nadela
    AI can be of great benefits to health care…..
    But certainly not when you collaboration with big pharmacy…
    You can make huge profit…
    This is a way for medical terrororism… Billions of people being victims…

  8. I actually am starting to trust Microsoft again under Satya's leadership. Microsoft is like a new company. It's refreshing!

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