School Board Business Meeting - July 11, 2019
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School Board Business Meeting – July 11, 2019

independent school district 834 to order please join me in the reading our district Commission it's really the mission of Stillwater area public school in partnership with students family and community it's to develop curious individuals who are active and engaged leaders in an ever-changing world by challenging all students as they travel along a personalized learning pathway Thank You school board goals when I have our new school board doors liver just ratified it has to be in partnership with community parents and students the school board of Stillwater Area Public Schools ensures excellence in education by increasing student achievement for all students securing long term financial stability of the district an increasing community trust and engagement okay thank you and we next item is the approval of the agenda Martin wolf Somu is there a second Shelley second all those in favor yes I'd like to add an action item to the agenda that would be an authorization to enter into an exploratory conversation and to negotiate a possible agreement related to the contract with the superintendent thank you is there a second I'll second Dean a second all those in favor tonight before we ship vote on this so I think we're here we're told that we have a discussion right that we have a second motion so we have a discussion yes so I'm not sure why we are amending the agenda this was intended to be a 15 minute meeting that the public is again you know am i doing about amending the agenda at the last minute and then not only are we amending agenda at the last minute but we're doing so with a very significant item agenda item and that it again our job is to serve right and our school board goals increasing community trust and engagement we are how do we please like I said it's very difficult to hear so in honor of the speaker's hold your response I'm concerned that we are not serving the public in the best way by amending the agenda at the last minute amending the agenda with what could potentially be the biggest agenda item that we can have in a year and finally I don't believe that's even fair to other board members when we anticipate a short meeting and this is going to require a significant amount of discussion I don't expect it this will require a lot of discussion I think as the action item comes forward I think you'll understand that it really doesn't require a lot of discussion at this time Jennifer I'm I am vehemently opposed and all right disgusted that's all I have to say okay a motion in the second has been made to add an action item all those in favor signify by saying aye and raising your right hand please aye opposed nay motion carries 4 3 next on the agenda is a superintendent report I have for now maybe five things just to quickly brief early update the community in the board on on Monday I met and Bob McDowell accompanied me with the Council of city mayors and the conversation at the table its mayor's from all over Minnesota are encouraged to come and bring their superintendents and leadership staff and the conversation that we had was adult development of pathways and workforce supports and options for our students and how to better engage our students in their secondary experiences here within the district and many of the districts are sharing what they did they were also sharing a little bit about the partnerships that they're encouraging between cities counties and school districts and so I just like to thank Mary mccomber and Ann Burt from Oak Park Heights and Woodberry for inviting this and the companyís to that mean it was very interesting secondly at the last board meeting aboard community member had questions whether we really had saved or reinvested the 1.2 million from the school closures and we have and so what I'd like to do is that a further medium either have a short presentation for the board where their savings are and I just want to remind people from the community that those savings were reinvested into transportation a middle school model and a ninth-grade pony Center at the high school and so we've achieved achieve those savings reinvestments with the exception of we didn't totally closed off park we have our transitions program there so custodial and heat some of those things rather Tom just a short fraction of that but we're happy to share that also I'd like to thank Eric Anderson and will SEC they will be starting up the summer Success Program for our students and we have student leaders who are being trained today in that also and so they'll be welcoming our students helping to give them an extra support over the summer as they get ready for the next school year the fourth thing is that the wall that heals is a Vietnam a replica of the Vietnam vet Memorial and it will be here July 25th through the 28th at the old athletic field 13:38 sixth Avenue South and it is supported by the Fraternal Order of the ego's 94 and they are they raised ten thousand dollars to bring the wall here and they have over a hundred and fifty volunteers who will be there and supporting supporting that effort so it's really a great opportunity for Stillwater and I hope people get out there to take advantage of that it's really a moving experience if you haven't been able to do that and then finally my fifth piece is just with the added motion you know from my perspective as a superintendent I understand that the board's biggest job is to hire a superintendent unfortunately sometimes that is firing a superintendent but the piece that comes in the middle is working with the superintendent and this in my opinion is not a governance act it's more of a political act so with the transparency I just want to remind the community that after the evaluation I did invite board members to come in and have a conversation with me about their individual evaluations so we could try move forward and I do think the board members that have taken me up on that opportunity already thank you moving the lawn we come to the consent agenda and there are four items the minutes of the June 27 2009 teen business meet disbursement register June 29th through July 12th human resource personnel report and identify official with authority for MDE will move to pass the consent agenda is there a second second yeah I saw it Tina's hand first so the consent agenda has been moved and seconded all those in favor signify by saying aye you're raising your right hand put and it passes unanimously next we have the added item the exploratory that director still one mentioned and so you have this thing I just have some perm hair prepared remarks here um during superintendent prong trolleys recent self-evaluation she asked the board and the community to hit the reset button and to move beyond tension caused by decisions made in the past she acknowledged that there is tension between the board and administration and that this is causing polarity and misunderstanding throughout our community she also said that hard feelings about past decisions cannot continue to drive our current and future conversations I would agree that there is tension between the board and our superintendent and I would agree that there is tension and there is misinformation that travels throughout our community however I wholeheartedly disagree with the accusation that the board members here today are making decisions on current or future plans based on hard feelings from the past please restore every board member here today has was elected fair and square with overwhelming support from our entire community and I believe that each and every one of us works hard every day to make the best decisions we can on behalf of all of our students in this community and it is disrespectful to suggest otherwise well if we have to Claire please honor and respect who's ever speaking do not interrupt that's not appropriate we don't wanna where's Laurel it was removed why if you're gonna do this there should be an open forum you're out of order Allison I would ask you to leave I would ask you to leave please no no no you cannot continue to interrupt assistance yes I understand and I'm trying to speak and I can't speak if everyone's yelling so please be quiet and let me finish okay yes that would be the respectful thing to do to answer your question Allison the reason why there is no open forum is because we typically at this time when we have a short meeting for disbursements and Human Resources we don't have a human human we don't have an open forum and it was suggested by your superintendent during meeting to do that okay well it's not okay it is clear it is clear to me that something needs to change I do not know what that looks like I don't know right now exactly what that change looks like okay I am no longer willing to accept the current reality what we need in our leadership from our board and from our superintendent is an opportunity for us to have some authentic conversation about what is best for all of us going forward that is what we need we need to listen to each other we need to stop rushing to judgment we need to have an open mind I've been accused of a lot of things that I don't deserve okay and a lot of other people have been accused of things that they don't deserve either this is not good for our community it's just not and it's our job as leaders to fix it so that's what this is about if hitting the reset button is what the superintendent has called for then for me this is what the reset button looks like therefore I would like to make a motion to approve a resolution to authorize the board chair Mike pattach ik and board clerk Sarah sibling to enter into exploratory conversation and to pursue a possible separation agreement with the superintendent I've made a motion we need to step it up and you're gonna be out of here I will we have a second did you know he made the second okay thank you did you know terrible tragic when you took the forum off of the agenda that this was the plan I did not take it off you take the forum off the agenda she'll fix it I can just say I received well Mike and I both receiving you mother I'm Charlie just saying normally when we have this meeting we don't have an open forum would we like to have it and I said that's what I expected that it went down there no I didn't even know what it was in town to superintendent on Charlie I do not I was not aware of the specific item would be added today so you know typically that's what we do is it's just disbursements and HR report and so we many times don't have a superintendence report we don't have student of course we try to keep it short just to keep our bills in a chime that kind of thing moving so I wasn't aware that this was until right before I walked in here being added so and I did send something out saying yes we usually do this she always said she was in support of that Mike said okay thanks so I had shared that if I hadn't heard something by yesterday morning we would take it off this is a perfect example of what we need to fix because it's a simple decision about having the open forum or not and people are making assumptions about a minute various purposes which are not there they're not there they're you know what we'll have an open forum in our next meet meeting and I invite each and every one of you to come up and speak if that's what you want we're known to various reasons for closing it out this time more than 12 Sarah each every one of us you want to do another session we can do that you can't speak whatever you want to that's not the way the meeting is going to work and if it continues we're gonna have to ask people to leave if they refuse to leave we will get help to have you remove you can can I just please clarify some things can I just please clarify what this resolution does basically it just authorizes us to have a conversation with the superintendent which is much needed as I just laid out and as she laid out in her own self evaluation process we all agreed that something needs to be fixed I said in my statement I don't really know exactly what that looks like but we can't do anything until we have a conversation that's what this is about it's all it is a conversation there are lots of options on the table of what we can do and people are jumping to conclusions and that's not fair I've tried to call you three times in the past week Jennifer show you know me and this is ridiculous I am shouting at you you want to know more about what's going on you want to be a part of the conversation you need to answer oh I know I know full well what's going on oh you don't I think we can have a really um let's work on having an adult discussion and not shouting thank you other comments marked also I have other comments I guess the first is that this does take a lot of discussion so when we talk about adding it to the agenda it does take a lot of discussion it's an authorization for Mike and I to have a conversation with the superintendent that's it why do we need a resolution to have a conversation with mr. part-time because that's what legal counsel told us we can't can't have a conversation about how to work together with without having a resolution it has the possible separation agreement in the in the in the motion so the reason why as to view a resolution why are you bringing this agenda item today is so that it can lead to termination otherwise if we're if we're talking about having conversation about working through issues that does not need a resolution so the only reason why we're talking about a resolution today it's because of the aspect of determination of big contract in mark I would not use the word termination no seriously I I have talked to counsel and termination is a completely different process than negotiation okay and so terminology and you know that better than most people here is a different process and I've been reminded that several times by counsel termination has a lot of meanings right termination of it has a lot of different meanings so you can have definitions of separation termination they have a lot of meanings okay thank you that's not what comes from coasts well we're just being clear that termination is not what we're talking about a lot of people have made that assumption and that is incorrect and what is what is the last sentence of the resolution separation agreement okay that's very different okay no it really folks I have talked at length with counsel on this and have been reminded they're very different acts for the negotiations actually to work and to bring finality to it it would have to be agreed by both parties so that is not termination I don't know if that's true or not well then you know and I've encouraged you to talk directly with counsel if you were concerned about that I may need to I mean yes so so back to my original point which is this takes discussion to have this because this is something more than having a conversation it's simply as it's the only reason that we're having a resolution today if we want to have conversation if we want to have constructive conversation how do we work through our differences we can do that without a resolution we simply can we can call a work session we have many we can have a meet the mediation there are many many ways of having a conversation that don't require a resolution today at this minute I'm very concerned about the resolution about separation agreement I'm concerned because primarily we do not we have not in the position to negotiate that at this point we have no evidence that that is a direction that this community wants to go and when I say no evidence em it may be that that's the strong words there we have anecdotal evidence that there are some people that are unhappy we have anecdotal evidence that are that there are people who are very happy so what do we do as as a board how do we act appropriately if we're going to make decisions that have tremendous impact on the future of our district on the children who are in the in the district the children who are yet to be born who are coming into this district our decisions have tremendous impact our decisions therefore should be be very careful and they should be based on evidence I do not feel that we have anywhere near sufficient evidence to even bring this topic let's do this orderly go through the share yeah I just want to just finish a few more comments thank you we are in the process of authorizing a survey a scientific survey to be done that's going to be at the cost of taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars why why is this resolution being brought today before we have even sent the survey Oh before we have any idea what the results of that survey are going to be we don't know why would we why would we even introduce this topic before we have evidence so I'm very concerned about the timing here I'm concerned about how our process went with the evaluation it is why I voted no – I did not approve the evaluation because I was concerned that the process for approaching that coming to conclusions before we go through an evidentiary gaining no conclusions have been made then why are we having a resolute anytime's if your conclusion has been reached why why are we not waiting until we gather information and evidence and understand what the community really says what their beliefs are because we represent the community not the portion of the community you are our own personal beliefs I've already thought yes two ways I was disappointed with the evaluation process too I was hopeful that we could have discussion like most evaluations are done I think when I spoke with our attorneys she said in her 30 years of practice she'd never heard of a superintendent requesting an open evaluation which unfortunately meant that we couldn't discuss a lot of things that would have been good to discuss I don't mean to interrupt well I think genuine well I got to that point into director burns point so let's so let's once again and so utter let's throw the baby out with the bathwater this is I'm I'm at a complete loss as to we have issues with this with the evaluation questions with the evaluation we have a Morris Leatherman who suggested we do a survey that goes out to the public we operate ignore both of those you know without to Mark's point without having a proper discussion this is the absolute antithesis of transparency bringing the community together listening to the community I've heard it over and over and over at nauseam for two years and we're doing exactly what the elected officials here at this table criticized the previous board for well my only reason I had raised my hand is because I think there is some confusion about the process the evaluation process we we did have the opportunity to to discuss we did have an opportunity there's nothing that prohibits a summary from from being shared with the public a summary of of the evaluation and so I think there are some confusion out there about what we have the right to do it was more choice of what was done we had the right to summarize the evaluation results but that we've not done please I was told it was a private document and we couldn't discuss it as a matter of fact it was so private that we had to get extra permission to even be able to see the previous evaluations as a board and and what I said is that we had the right to it at a minimum to have a summary of the evaluation shared with the public okay but that's still not a discussion that that I would have liked have had an actual discussion going over everything and we were not allowed to do that in public so that's why we're doing this I mean is that is that why we're doing this I'm asking yeah but Jim that's how do you recognized nothing is normal about this were you finished okay I was just gonna say about the survey the last survey that Morris Leatherman did those results were completely ignored as a matter of fact the meaning or the survey and those survey results were announced isn't even on the website it's only recorded and it's only you have to head reset every like eight seconds to be able to hear it but that survey asked the community if they wanted schools closed 60-plus percent said no 60-plus percent voted for this board please restrain yourself chelli thank you hey I agree I voted against having us say because I don't know the right way to do it we need to have the conversation I think what it comes down to is do we feel like we can there's anything that can help I think that's the question we're answering today is there anything that can help or is there not each of us has to answer that question ourselves and that's what we were elected to do so I don't know what the right answer is I don't know how the right way is to have a conversation but I I think we we've been trying and it's you're still that tension is still here and we can't seem to get past it one of the things that I've shared in our superintendent board chair meetings is we're not the first district to have struggles that you have to go through correct and you've heard the community both sides talking about board works needs to work better together administration on board need to work get better together I couldn't agree more so I you know I hesitate a little even when I talk about setting the reset because that doesn't mean that we don't remember the things that have happened for the past but we have to try move forward and what I had shared during those superintendent board chair means is that many school districts school boards sit down and work with a facilitator you are members of the Minnesota School Board Association there are people that will come in and work with you and they'll work with you and administration to be an effective board and learn how to move forward because again we aren't the only community has gone through difficult times so that is a resource that you have I've been asking for that since last year and I think it's really something that if you truly want to work through I've shared with you that you know when there are challenges I feel the best way is through you have to work through it and you have to work through it together and I've said time and time again that myself and my staff want to do that you know a couple of you have come in and talked to me about the evaluations individually and giving me feedback and how I can improve how we can improve as an a team and we are going to do that but I need it to be a two-way street and so you know I think possibly that's what Sarah's talking about but the board has to make that decision too if it's going to be a two-way street or not you have to decide if you want to do that there's mark I guess I just go back and want to reiterate at one point that it feels very strongly about which is I do not believe that it is appropriate to enter into the discussions that are that are contemplated by this resolution based on assumptions in any way I strongly that we need evidence true evidence before we come to conclusions we've heard that discussion on this board around previous boards when I was in the audience we need to gather the facts we have to get evidence and I I feel that without having an understanding of truly where the community is what support we have for the current set up it is premature it is premature to bring this resolution this and I was just gonna say that I know that a lot of people think that this has only to do with school closures and that is not the case I was very hopeful that this board could work this administration could work with this board and I haven't seen it to be the case I'm aware it's a two-way street I just to me there are alternatives I see the step number one is what we're doing we all agreed to engage more in snuff in them you know in a survey what why are we short circuiting that why are we not going through that process first and and and then potentially during that process or as a result of that process having a discussion a two-way discussion if you see a two-way street it should be a two-way street but can we work through it because there there there are real ramifications or going down a road without what without making sure you have ticked every single box you know I just want to clarify I don't see the connection at all between the survey that's being done that will help us inform the facilities process because that's why this survey was conducted can be conducted to help understand more about where the community is at and whether they will support a bond or levy you know what kind of where is the community at in terms of supporting additional expenses to support this growing community right right so that's what the survey is about if there's nothing to do with what we're talking about today I don't I am not aware of any questions or any information that we would gain from that survey I haven't seen any questions at all so I don't I don't know where then that's not what the surveys but I would say I don't need to know and I I would I do want to keep it open yet everybody if you'll hold that for instant I can just to the survey having worked with Norris Leatherman before there are always a series of standard questions at the beginning that asked kind of climate questions about your community so some of the questions are things about how do you rate the performance of your administration how you rate the performance of your school board how do you feel those the administration has handled your tax dollars some of the investment questions so there is a series of questions at the beginning of that survey that will get you some of that information that you're discussing one of the things I'd say too and it has considered I think is one you cannot have just the discussion that we are having right now in private in a closed meeting you can't do that one of the difficulties you see this morning yes it's very difficult when the public comes in because this is such an emotional issue in our district it just is and and that's evidence of it and does that bring us closer together or does that bring us further apart I don't know what champa topic I'm going to talk to you Michelle no no don't say that you know I'll tell you where I'm coming from you are would you have to stop from disrupting the meeting sit down it makes the point how can we have a discussion this is a decision the board must make either forth against or delay my test you can come to open for its people you are not right to cut in we talked earlier Jennifer thank you I would like to say that when you add an agenda item such as the magnitude of this at the last hour on the day of and then you take away the forum so the public can't speak you must expect that this is going to happen I have a question so could you just speak to that because I'm a little confused about the motion that's on the table and what what the options are that are to be considered to come out of these discussions the motion I'll read it again is to enter into exploratory conversation and to pursue a possible separation agreement with the superintendent and that means exactly what it means it's open-ended it's just a conversation so no okay no conclusions have been made no agreements no nothing just a conversation could I ask a follow-up so if it's well let me see if somebody else wants your resolution it's both I guess my follow-up is if it's a possible separation agreement with the superintendent why not first if you're say possible why not first have a discussion about where we're at what do we need to improve on look ourselves in the mirror and see what what we are doing to perpetuate the divide I put myself in that as well all of us look in the mirror and say what are we doing to perpetuate the divide in this community and also work I don't believe we are actually and also work with the superintendent before we take this drastic do it do you realize what this is doing to our children as as a one of the 40-plus emails that I got yesterday over a 24 hour period of time the one that struck me in my head that hasn't left it is her 12 precious years to raise a child and do you know what a separation agreement what what this drama is doing to our community and to our kids and they have 12 years to raise them and the consequences of that so I want to ask what are the consequences of this have you weighed the consequences of getting rid of superintendent whatever the weasel word excuse me whatever the word is termination or buyout whatever it is whatever the appropriate terminology is have we thought about the consequences what's the end game so if if we buy out it to the tune of $500,000 plus where's we all know we don't have any money right we don't where's that money coming from if we terminate her who's gonna want to come here but these are all valid questions can I just answer I think these are all valid questions they're all important for us to consider what this is just the beginning this is a resolution for us to begin a serious conversation with intention about how to fix the problems that you've just described okay you say take a look at ourselves and what are we doing to perpetuate the divide well I'll tell you what if we don't do this we let it continue as is okay we only just be reveal we need to be real about what the issues are we need to have real conversation with real with real results that's what we need but that's what it says the beginning is what this is the beginning of a lot of people have jumped to conclusions about what this is about I cannot be more clear this is about a conversation with multiple options in multiple directions a shooting would have benefited a lot as Liz just spoke earlier if we could have had a closed session regarding the evaluation because then as a board with the superintendent we could have dug in and really really raised some you know really had a good conversation about some of the pieces that are in that evaluation but we didn't have that because we're in an open meeting okay so we can't have that now because it's we can't have a closed session for just any old reason we have to have a reason and so that part of it is done so this is something separate it's a beginning of a process and all of those things are important for us to consider as we move forward this is really truly a way to get everybody on this board on the same page at least this way if this resolution is passed we know who holds for it we know who votes against it we know if it passes and we know and we know what's going on in sort of you know working around you know trying to figure out a way in negotiate or whatever and behind the scenes that's not okay mark thank you a couple of points three points first is closed meeting open meeting I believe that we can call a closed meeting no we can't we can if we can we have the right we may call a closed meeting for the purposes of evaluating and employees of who is under the board control we have that right we don't doesn't know the person who said the subject of the meeting has the right to call for it to be open though that's right that's right doesn't mean we won't call the meeting us in this conversation so I think we have the right to call equals meaning if that's what's important the second is that when we talk about when you mentioned having a conversation well the width resolution reads is that there's a conversation between the board chair clerk and the superintendent where does that leave me where does that leave the community acting and then finally I want to answer the question that you raised to me about where does the Morse Leatherman how does that relate to this I think it relates exactly to this conversation because some of the emails that we have received some of the communications we have received that how how is a community going to support a bond referendum or a levy referendum in the future with the current administration well let's find out that the community will support a bond referendum or levy referendum in its current in its current configuration that's what the that's what the Morse Leatherman survey is to do and if we'll find out we will then yep so if I understand you what you're saying we will find out from the survey if we can pass a levy renewal or a bond issue with the current administration is that what you're saying well I my understanding is from what Carissa had said is that questions are going to ask would you support a bond referendum or a bloody referendum and I believe that there's also questions and Chris had mentioned about the current administration my opinion that it's I would be in favor of that I am in favor of that survey a very expensive survey because it would give us information very important information that and my point I'm just trying to say I believe the timeline hopefully will get the board will see the survey Friday or so or soon thereafter not the results but the questions their questions yeah the draft of it now I don't know I hope the kind of question that you posed is in that survey I think it'll be asked a little more discreet than perhaps I'm phrased it but I'm not positive that it's going to be in there but that's kind of one of the issues underlying issues here that's very important because we know having gone through budget adjustments this year that that hurt affected a lot of people and a lot of programs if we fail to pass a renewal that makes that look like a very small problem so I'm saying that's in the game that's that's part of the process unfortunately and and I'm saying in the best of times levies are hard to pass in the best of times I I don't know regardless of where this issue goes I don't know if the district is going to be able to come together and pass either program whether it's a levy or whether it's bonds for new facilities but that's part of here I don't think any board member who's sitting here is taking this lightly I don't think anybody who's sitting here hasn't dwelled on this I had a caller yesterday who is advocating like many of the people sitting in the audience and she said you know I I have a hard time discerning what is truth but all of us have trouble with that and and I think we have to respect one another how we struggle with that that doesn't mean at the end of the day that everybody's gonna hug and shake hands and say yeah I see what you did but I think you need to realize there are seven people on this board who will make a decision and and it's not easy I suspect everybody who's sitting here didn't sleep too well last night I can't speak for others but if I didn't know it was gonna be a genocide but anybody else simple just because of what he just says so yesterday we met chair superintendent meaning this did not come up did you know this was happening today yesterday when we met No again the possibility we've talked directly with the superintendent on these possibilities okay anybody else this is the last thing share comment that you said we want to know the truth we're trying to find let's let's seek the truth let's seek it before we take action that's all I'm saying that's exactly what the resolution is for it's premature we don't have the information I'm sorry I can't recognize people in the audience any other comments thoughts gephart I just want to recognize that our well loved and esteemed Don hublin tried to raise his hand and I understand that you you can't do that but I didn't want to acknowledge that mr. Heflin had something to say and just lastly acknowledge that I think this is disgusting thank you okay all right I don't see any anybody else who wishes a comment so would you read one more time the resolution and the because it is a resolution I believe it has to be a roll call vote and so chary will read off a roll call this is the most I've made a motion to approve a resolution to authorize like the catching for chair and Sarah still on board clerk to enter into exploratory conversation and so the possible separation agreement with the superintendent Sheree what is the second tip attached ik I think I'm washed up alphabetical yes director Barnes may a vice-chair of Pearson director Pelletier named director writhing I director steveland eyes dylan and director Weisberg hi and watch your pathetic hi motion carries athlete 5 – moving on to board member reports board chair report this is the most important issue we did meet yesterday with the superintendent and the assistant superintendent when I say we I'm talking about myself and Shelley we went through upcoming agendas for future meetings and we will get minutes to you I believe working group reports shall we do you want to talk about community engagement community engagement yesterday and I think you obviously minutes from us but we just talked about the community the 19 is getting closer to 100 members and we should have it to the border performs all right let me just talked about ways that we can get out and start gathering feedback from that that exchange getting a little deeper into some of those finance and operations we haven't met since our last legislative as I talked about at the last meeting several board members including Sarah and Tina and I attended the C regional meeting and discussed the legislation that was passed at the last session personnel Shelley do you have anything okay policy sir yeah policy met yesterday as well I feel like we had a very hardworking productive and positive meaning we have a we have a lot of work in the in process so coming in the next few months we'll be having things coming forward to the board something specific that will be coming up at our next meeting with hopefully if everything goes well we will be having a few additions to our policy number two oh nine which we approved last summer and these are relating to some of the leftover policies that we've had in the past relating to the BGP that we felt were important to continue forward in this new policy that we didn't quite capture when we did it last time so just a couple things those will be in our packet for the next meeting so that'll be the first reading and so if you have any questions or comments about that just let me know and we'll bring it back to our policy meeting to give it further kind of discussion consideration but I feel like we worked really hard to get to the language where it is and I feel I feel very good about where we landed on that I hope you all agree and our next policy meeting is the 22nd of July okay board member reports mark I think we'll start at URI I've got nothing report Sarah nothing nothing for me Jennifer I do thank you just quickly I just wanted to say publicly Mitch I'm gonna sorry kiddo that I'm gonna just completely botch this last name rank II he's a 2014 graduate of Stillwater Area High School he's a member of the NHL champion st. Louis Blues and he's bringing the Stanley Cup to the st. croix is that right okay he's he's bringing the the cup to the st. croix Valley rec center on July 22nd and I just wanted to comment that I just love this quote so much this was you know just when you hear a young gentleman and then he's one of our Pony graduates speak like this you just know it's a source of pride so he said just being able to share this with the community will be really special I owe a lot to this community so I wanted to make sure everyone got to be a part of it wonderful sentiment and just a clearly a great kid so I just want it again that's July 22nd I had prepared this and now I guess it's a moot point but I'm going to say it anyway of the nearly or actually probably more than this 40 emails that we received over the course of 24 hours yesterday in support of superintendent pan trolley the one message that struck me that struck with me was the comment from one of our residents that said it is time to put away grudges and use your tenure to create a vision for those who need it most the students they only have 12 years to be educated and have nothing to do with past decisions it sums up quite perfectly how I feel as well as public servants we owe it to our community to hear how we feel to know where we stand on issues affecting our families transparency equates to trust so to that and I would like to state for the record that I fully support this administration and the trajectory they have set under the leadership of Denise pond trolley and to the insinuation that we could never pass a levy under her leadership I I would challenge the board and again this is moot at this point but let's let's sincerely read our emails let's trust our staff who say that they support Denis Pont rally let's see what our students are up to and frankly let's look around the room right now the three words that I have to say to that question of can we pass a levy under this administration in this community at this time is yes we can thank you

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