Sci-Fi Short Film “Exit Strategy” presented by DUST
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Sci-Fi Short Film “Exit Strategy” presented by DUST

Yeah, that’s fine. I can pick up food
on the way back. Sure. [WATCH BEEPING] Matt. Shane. What are you doing here? Well, Bridget would
have been upset if I had come to your house, so– Man, I’m not complaining. I just figured you’d
be in space or building a hover car or something. Golly, it’s been like– Four years, three
months, 21 days. Hey, Matt, the usual? Yes, ma’am. This right here is
my brother, Shane. Shane this is Robin– Robin, your favorite waitress
at the downtown diner. I’ll take an apple
juice, lots of ice. Don’t worry about the spill. Black coffee, apple
juice, plenty of ice. Still sticking to
apple juice, huh? You know, it’s funny every
time I pack Katie’s lunch– Katie’s lunch she always
asks for a juice box. I guess she takes
after her uncle, me. You have somehow
got more awkward. Go to ESPN live stream,
Liverpool versus Manchester United. Roberto Firmino will score– Stop, whoa, whoa, whoa. –off a corner. Wait, let me get there first. Now what? Roberto Firmino scores
in the corner now. Firmino scores in the
corner out of nowhere! Wow. I cannot believe the Mustang
High mathlete captain just told me to watch a sport. Math got me a full ride to MIT. What did playing
with a ball get you? Laid. Ah, laid, sure. One black coffee and– Sorry. No. No, no, no. Oh, you’re phone. No worries. No worries. No worries. No worries. Oh, gosh. I’m due for an upgrade anyway. Um, I will get you
another apple juice. [? No need. ?] I’m so sorry. How did you know Firmino was
going to score that goal? I’ll show you. Let’s go. Well, let’s wait till we
get our breakfast first. I’m a much better listener
when I’ve had my bacon. [WATCH BEEPING] What’s that? Timer. We need to leave right now. Pay the waitress, left pocket. OK, guess I’ll call in sick. This afternoon a fire breaks
out in the forest by Pines Road. Oh, where dad and
I used to force you to come camping with us. Exactly. 18 people die. We have to get there and
stop it before it starts. Well, I’ll put in a call,
get some trucks out there. No, when we did
that they turn up and they leave because the
fire hasn’t happened yet. [TIRES SCREECHING] Oh, so you’re like a
time-traveling Smokey the Bear? It’s actually a time loop. I discovered that if I
manipulate the cosmic string phases by frequent– Uh, Shane, what? I can repeat time. I don’t have the energy yet to
go any further back past today and I have to reset
the loop by sunset or I’m stuck in the present. So it’s kind of like
“Groundhog Day.” Yeah, kind of. Are you coming? Your battery is dead. I rented an SUV for us to use. My battery is not dead. [ENGINE SPUTTERING] All right, well,
I’m still driving. OK, take Jefferson
out towards Margarita. 49 is way faster. There’s gonna be an accident. Loose tire. Take the next left, skip Kings. Water main broke,
flooded the street. OK. Excuse me, sir you want
your windows washed? Oh, hey, no, man, we’re good. You trying to get us killed? I’ll explain when
we fix the flat. What? Dude, what is going on? In 0.25 miles there
will be an underpass by the railroad track. Park next to the track. Shane, man, you are
freaking me out, dude. How did you know the
tire was going to blow, the– the– the battery was
dead, Firmino scores that goal? What is– what is going on? It’s all happened before. Change the tire. Right. Time loop, OK. OK. Why does it seem like the
entire world is against us since we left that diner? Because it is. Time is a scientist. We’re just rats
stuck in her maze. She doesn’t want us
to get to the exit, so she keeps adding
more walls, more traps. That’s very progressive
pronoun use. Thank you. Look, 100 things
will go wrong to make sure we don’t get to this fire. I have relived this day
again and again and again and I still haven’t been able
to get to the fire with you. So we’ve had this
conversation before. Yeah. All right, then what
am I going to say next? Trick question, I’m not
going to say anything. Thanks for the help. Welcome. Hey, you remember
that time you helped me run for class
president, tried to hack the school
computer system and rigged the election for me? Tried? You were elected 8th grade
president, as I recall. I was running for
sixth grade president. Really? You don’t remember that? They called us into
Principal Bedford’s office. He couldn’t believe that you
had memorized 400 lines of code and forgot your
own brother’s age. [WATCH BEEPING] We gotta go. Finish that up. I’m 28. I’m gonna put on some music. No. Let’s keep the radio off. [WATCH BEEPING] Who needs music when
you have random beeping. I’ve calibrated it to
go off at key moments to keep us on schedule. If we don’t meet the
deadlines, bad things happen. What about the clicking? Is that part of the– Well, what have you been up
to the last four years, buddy? When you’re with me, we never
made it past the road block before. Oh, me, oh, well,
we beat the police in the annual softball game. Uh, Katie had a bouncy
castle at her birthday party. And that was a whole lot of fun. Dude, honestly, there’s, uh– I got some big news, Bridget– We’re here. Pull over here. Pull over. Stop here. You want me to gun
it, see if we can break through this barricade? No, when we did that, the car
flips and you’re decapitated. Seriously? Yeah. Hm. Y’all need to turn back. Sink hole up here. Took out the whole damn road. OK, I’m gonna talk
to him, see if we– Nope, you can’t. Well, what do you
think we should do? I’m gonna try something new. Did you hear what I said? The road is closed. I saw the poster for
your missing dog. Say what? I actually found him. Jasper? My– my dog? Is he OK? Yeah, he’s tied up in front
of the Downtown Diner. I set up food and water which
should prevent discomfort until you retrieve him. OK. Yeah, but how do you know– No, wait, it doesn’t
even matter, man. Thank you. Thank you so much. Hey, I need you to cover
for me at Pines Road. Hey, you know how Jasper
went missing today? Yeah, some guy found him. I bet it took a lot of time
loops to find that dog. Eh, not really. I took him from his
backyard this morning. OK, we’re on foot form here. Keys back. All right, you ready
to save the world? You want to time travel
back, try that again? No. Let’s go. Come on. Pick it up. Pick it up. We’re here. This is it. Hey, sorry about this. No fires today. Y’all shouldn’t be out
here by yourselves anyway. Sorry. You could have some
weirdo come up to you. Well you don’t have
to run– whatever. We did it. We did it. I’m glad you’re here. You know, this
isn’t really a fire that would have gotten
out of control, though. There’s a good perimeter
and there’s a lot of– [PAGER BEEPING] What’s that? It’s my emergency pager. Five alarm fire
broke out downtown six blocks from the diner. Why did you bring me out here? When you stay downtown, you die. We tried to stop the
fire hundreds of times. We stop the electrical
fire and then an oven fire breaks
out in the kitchen. We stop the kitchen fire
and then three teenagers forget to put a
cigarette out next door. The fire always
happens, you always die. I always live. Even when you manage
to rescue a few people, you never make it out. So I started looking for
another exit to the maze away from the fire. I spent days searching
for locations. I calibrated what would be the
shortest safe distance away. And then it hit
me, here it’s where we used to go camping with dad. Firemen don’t run from fires. Something always happened that
brought you back to the fire or killed you on
your way out of town. This time, I saved
you this time. I don’t need you
to save me, Shane. Why do you even care? You’ve talked to me like
twice since dad died. Yeah, but look, if I
could create a time loop that goes back to when– I don’t care about
time loops, Shane. If you don’t care,
why did you come? Because I wanted to spend
time with my brother. Give me the keys, Shane. No, I can’t do that. Give me the keys, Shane. People are dying. No, no, no, no. Matt? You can’t escape the maze. How’s it going. Uh, I work at the fire station,
fire station three downtown. If you’re a firefighter,
you need your asses back out to town, man. There’s a fire out
there, not back here. I found your dog. I’m gonna put on some music. The fire downtown has
spread to a second building. Firefighters are just
arriving at the scene. We got to go back. No, radio. Whoa, whoa, no, no! Whoa, whoa, whoa! We got to go. Hello? Hey, we need you back
at the station like now. Fire downtown. All right, I’m coming. [WATCH BEEPING] How about you give me
all your fucking money? [GUNSHOTS] [WATCH BEEPING] There’s going to
be a fire downtown. We can stop it. You bring every fire
truck you can get. OK, it’s just us,
no fire trucks. You go in through the front. I’m going in through the front. OK, look I’ve timed this out,
if we don’t leave right now, you die. Don’t go for the hose. What are you not gonna do? Go for the hose. [WATCH BEEPING] We should leave now. How is it already– It should be working. Sorry. How are the girls? Um, yeah, that’s fine. I can pick up food
on the way back. Matt. Shane. What are you doing here? I can’t check up on my brother? I’m not complaining. I just figured you’d
be in space or building a hover car or something. Golly, it’s been like– Four years, three
months, 21 days. Hey Matt, the usual? Yes ma’am. This right here is
my brother, Shane. Shane, this is Robin the best
waitress at the downtown diner. Can I get you anything? I will take an apple
juice, extra ice. Black coffee, apple
juice, plenty of ice. Still sticking to
apple juice, huh? You know, it’s funny every
time I pack Katie’s lunch, she always asks for a juice box. I think she takes after
her uncle a little bit. Does she still eat Cocoa Puffs? Luck Charms? Uh, better actually, she
eats chocolate Lucky Charms. I didn’t even know
those existed. Well, they do and we
have family-sized boxes by the dozen. [LAUGHING] That’s amazing. [WATCH BEEPING] What’s that? This is– nothing. Hey, have you got time
to stay for breakfast? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Exit Strategy” presented by DUST

  1. by changing it he had to remove himself from the equation trying to prevent something can be the actual cause of it.

  2. I believe he would have stayed in the last time line if he didn’t think about it.. he went back to spend time with his brother and let him die doing what he loved

  3. One more time, but stay away from the stump? He'd probably get killed some other way on the drive back to town. It's like Final Destination.

  4. Good, good, good. Yes it's like he said, "Just like Groundhog Day." "Sometimes people just die."
    Flat batteries don't normally turn the engine over.

  5. sAW THIS. ………..years ago……………..bill murray was the geek. andie macdowell was the "brother"…………… It was called GROUNDHOG DAY.

  6. now we are left to wonder if they both live now that he stopped trying, or if they both end up dying and he was just enjoying the last bit of quality time.

  7. I recognize Shane as an Aspie like me.
    If I could do for my brothers what he did for his, I would too.
    I would not be able to explain why any better than he could. I would just do it.

  8. Bless. This really hurt. In a good way. I needed to see it, and I bet so many of us do.

    Sometimes you can't change things and just have to make the most of what time you have. A couple of times I didn't get that. I don't want anyone to feel that way.

  9. At 3:00, the battery was NOT dead. Sounds like they disconnected the coil or FP for the movie, but it definitely was turning over nice and fast. 😉

  10. I think my heart broke. This needs to be a feature-length movie. This needs to be a feature-length movie so bad. I'm repeating myself, I know.

  11. Man what a wonderful story. I think he finally figured it out at the end and that is what will save his brother. He had to be taken 379 times for him to wake up and realize the simple answer to the maze.

  12. Wow just started binge watching dust videos and I'm HOOKED. Who needs movie sequels when this stuff is out here…Hollywood WTF???

  13. yeah, its Supernatural's Mystery Spot all over again which, of course is a take on Ground Hog Day. Typical time loop plot, I've seen it in Stargate: SG1, Star Trek the Next Generation.

  14. In my opinion, one of the best of all time short films from DUST. I'd put it up against any other and still get compromise. Look forward to more films from this group. Thank you

  15. Totally copied Supernatural's Mystery Spot episode!! Not cool! And Sean instead of Sam. At least they changed it enough not to go court.

  16. DUST looks like an ILLUMINATI company that wants us 2 accept microchips that will make us become a member of the devil worshippers

  17. the ILLUMINATI r trying 2 show us that we can contol everything inluding time which means that we r fighting against God without us knowing….

  18. So wonderfully done! Once again left in awe at your work. I'm hard to impress but you have done it time and again. Really spectacular!

  19. I swear to god. There are so many incredible short films on youtube that are so much more interesting than a lot of the "blockbuster" hollywood movies.

  20. Shitty ending, wold of been better if he accepted it and stayed to visit and listen to his brother and then he didnt die. Moral of story being no matter how you try to change shit, it will still happen but if you just let life happen and live it, then it has a way of working itself out for the better… when you have no control over it, and just let it happen.

    But I guess you wanted the negative speculation ending instead…seems endings are always hard for people to conclude in any meaningful thoughtful way.

  21. his brother's death is what supposedly caused him to make a time machine. If he saves him, he would never have made the time machine, and thus never saved his brother. That's why there's no way out

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