Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: World’s Largest Quiz | Ok Tested
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Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: World’s Largest Quiz | Ok Tested

Hello! team science represents. We’re back! And we’re here to take back our crown. As per history, commerce has defeated science. This time! No! No!
– This time we’ll win.
– Now you’ve said it. One time is not enough we have to maintain the spirit. Exactly! we cannot risk it. We shouldn’t be overconfident. Because I don’t have Satyam with me today but it’s okay… I have Sadhika with me. Excuse me! How good are you at G.K., Antil? Living this life is good but the general knowledge is… Yeah! we don’t know about G.K. I have joined OK Tested for G.K., so yeah. Today’s quiz is about the largest, which largest thing lies where? The largest because we like em’ big. We like em’ big! But Antil and Josh are part of this quiz, man! But the good thing is that Arushi and Kanishk are also part of this. Yeah and especially Kanishk. I don’t have a team, I just have a Kanishk okay. Like other quizzes, we will get 20 seconds to answer the questions. Cool! Cool!
What are the questions man? What is the f**king question? Shoot! (x2) the questions y’all. Just tell us what the quiz is! Which is the largest ball in the sports in the world? Is it Basketball or Rugby? Is the bowling ball bigger than that? No basketball is big, man. Basketball is big! Isn’t there a ball in which we can enter. Zorb? Zorb ball. – That’s not a sport.
– It’s not a sport, right? – Is it a sport?
– It’s an adventurous sport, dude. – Zorb ball right?
– So all sports? Is the Rugby ball bigger? Let’s say basketball. Basketball. I know whatever I’ll say the opposite will be correct. This is gonna happen. I’m just gonna go with Kanishk because I have a lot of faith in him. Zorb ball. Basketball is the answer. Basketball obviously! Even its players are huge. Even the ball is big, everything is big. I told you so! whatever I was gonna answer… If I would have said basketball then zorb ball would have been correct. My fate is f**ked! I said basketball! I also said basketball A**holes! Ohkay! Which is the largest mall in the world? Mall? Dubai Mall! Yeah this one! Dubai Mall, I was gonna say DLF. Is it Dubai Mall or is it LuLu? Lulu Mall? Lulu mall in Kochi. Dubai has the biggest shopping complexes. – No! It is in India.
– Yeah! It’s in Dubai. No! It’s in Dubai. It’s in India No! It’s in Dubai. I guess it’s Dubai Mall. Okay fine, we’ll go for it. Let’s go with what she says because she is my teammate. so, why not? Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall. We are a notch higher now. My job here is done, yes. Which is the largest country in the world? Russia. Done! Russian federation. Final answer? Yeah! USSR. It’s not USSR. Russia! The largest country in terms of population or size? Umm… Australia! Russia. Russia. Russia. Russia. This is the correct answer. USSR wasn’t even a country, it was a collection of countries. Oh! Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Russian one was the Russian Soviet Republic. Anything more, sir? Next time, after the video I’ll tell you more. You know if you were not here I would have said Australia. Really I would have said Australia. I know that. I know that. Which is the largest metro network in the world? DMRC dude. No! F**k you! DMRC! London or Delhi? It could be New York also. In the entire world, trains run like this, not a metro. They don’t have metros, they have underground trains. It’s not a metro. Is it metro? Oh shit! London or Tokyo, what do you think? DMRC! I travel in the Delhi Metro, I’ll always vote for DMRC. Delhi! Are you sure? Yeah! 100% sure. Metro is around the world. Yeah! It’s in Delhi. 100% Delhi. Okay, Tokyo, I think. Tokyo. I guess it’s in Delhi man. -No!
-No? – London.
– London. Or it’s New York, it might be New York. So it’s either London or New York. Let’s say, New York. New York! (x2) I was telling you, dude! Like you mentioned New York. I was saying America. You didn’t let me think about it. Delhi! (x3) Which is the largest bridge in the world? London Bridge. ♪ London Bridge is falling down ♪ Falling down! (x2) They must have made a song on it because it might be the biggest. The London bridge is really small. Really small! This is the New York one? It’s all about New York. It may be San Fransico. Isn’t it the London Bridge? I know it’s the New York one. It is what he said. The one which keeps falling apart in movies and people do romantic moves on it. New York! From America. No, it’s San Fransisco’s golden bridge… Golden gate bridge whatever. San Fransisco’s golden gate bridge, I think. And what is the right answer? If this is wrong. Danyang-Kunshan grand bridge in China. The person who built it must have forgotten about it. F**k man! what did I make? Oh f**k! Just google it. Okay, then it’s fine. Which is the largest film city in the world? Hollywood? You tell me. For me, it’s Bombay just because he is giving me those looks. But don’t you feel that Hollywood is really big they might have the biggest film city. Ramoji, Hyderabad. Yes, the Hyderabad one is the biggest. Yes (x3) it has many sets. We don’t remember the name but yeah that one. Hollywood. America. Ramoji. Is that your final answer? – Yeah!
– Yeah! Oh, fuck! I knew this one… oh shit! I read about it! Oh shit! Which is the largest amusement park in the world? Six flags. It’s not Appu Ghar! I guess it’s somewhere in Dubai. Amusement park? Disney! Which Disneyland should we say? Foreign Disneyland. It could be in Dubai. Yeah right! Everything big is in Dubai. What’s not there in Dubai? Roller coasters run over the buildings there. China? Paris? Leaving Hong Kong which one is it? Anything except Hong Kong. Paris. (x2) I think it’s Six Flags, Chicago but that is also the largest roller coaster. So, I don’t know if that’ll be the biggest amusement park. You’re sure about the roller coaster, right? So, it will that amusement park… Six Flags. I think Six Flags, Chicago. Disneyland in Paris. It’s not Paris. Is that your final answer? Yeah! Paris. What? Disneyland in Paris is the largest amusement park. Random guess! Random! Which is the largest airport in the world? I have never gone outside India and it’s not in India. Dude, the Yes Theory made a video on this. “We spent two days at the largest airport’. That is the Changi international airport. What is Changi international airport? Yeah! in Singapore. Is it in Delhi? Kennedy! Canada! Kennedy! – Kennedy.
– Delhi. The largest duty-free is in Dubai. So, probably Dubai. I’m thinking… Largest duty-free area. Isn’t it Singapore? It could be Singapore. Singapore, yes! Singapore. Maybe Singapore. Hong Kong. The biggest according to me… Hong Kong isn’t the biggest. Delhi has the largest. The largest international airport in the world. Dubai! (x3) Is it bigger than Singapore’s? Yeah! Okay then Hong Kong. Hong Kong. (x2) Dubai! Is this the final answer? Is it Delhi? Daxing international airport, China. China bro. What? In the Yes Theory video they were caught by the Chinese police, dude. Shut the camera I need to smack him. The crown is back, let’s pick it up. Thank you so much. Back where we belong. We’re not last. Who lost this quiz? I’ve started studying don’t worry. You just wait for two or three more videos.
– Yeah!
– You just wait and watch! I won’t need to sit here after this. Kanishk you need to brush up your skills man. A little G.K. that’s why listen to me while I’m talking. Your talks won’t lead you anywhere. Exchange a little bit G.K. like intellectuals. So if you liked this video hit the like button, share it with your friends. Comment down below and subscribe to OK Tested And download our app from the google Playstore. That’s where you get exclusive content and you get all the videos earlier than everyone else. Right? So go download it.

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