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ScriptDoll Bridge Page Template Set

– [Speaker] Hey it’s Monica
with ScriptDoll here, and I think that you are
going to love these new scripts that we have for you. They are our bridge page set. And I call them the bridge
page set because there’s a bridge page with a DSL
line and then an email sequence for you to promote this. Now, you may be wondering
what is a bridge page? Well, a bridge page is a
page that you can set up for an affiliate promo, or for your own promos that are
targeted to a different audience. But basically what it
does, is it bridges the gap between a sales page
and your audience that you’re sending the message to. So, for example, say
you’re promoting somebody’s membership software and
your audience, they’re not really into membership
software, right? So, you create a bridge
page to bridge the gap between your audience and
what they want and need to selling this software. And there’s a very
specific way you do this. So we are gonna jump
into that, and I’m gonna teach you guys how to
use this powerful set of scripts together to
make more money with your affiliate promotions,
and to make more money even on your own sales
to have an angle for the people that you’re actually
sending this promotion to. Let’s jump right in. Okay, so here we are inside
of ScriptDoll and we’re looking at the bridge page script. So this script is not a really
long script, it’s basically sort of a landing point
for your audience before they move onto the next
page in the sequence, which would be the offer page. Usually this is an
affiliate promo, but it can also be yours if you have
a different audience and you wanna bridge the
gap between your offer and the audience that
is slightly different than you wrote the original offer for. So we start off with the
offer headlining tag, pretty straightforward. They already have a
relationship with you, you’re gonna be sending this to your list. So they already know you,
so, use your name and the product name’s bonus package. A big key to making this
work is the bonus package. And that is because you
are going to use this bonus package to bridge any
gaps in their knowledge. So for example with the
membership site software, people may think that the software’s free. But they don’t know how
to run a membership. So maybe you have a bonus
package of what content to add to a membership site
to keep them coming back. Maybe another bonus is
how to build a community that keeps itself going, sort of like a great Facebook group. Things like that, so that they know how to use the software, so when
you actually sell them the software, they’ll have
this great bonus package that will have them
keep using the software and you probably make
more commissions because hopefully it’s monthly recurring. That’s why the bonus
package is so important. So that your audience
gets what they need to ultimately make the offer
irresistible between your bonus package and the
offer being presented to them. It starts off with here’s
what you get inside of the product names. So, this is gonna be the
features and benefits of the product that’s being sold. So if this is the membership
site software, it’s gonna be the membership site software. Then you’re gonna insert
a button that says get your product’s name and
my bonus by clicking here, send the receipt to your
email address after purchase, then we’re gonna add
this lovely little you’re protected by my personal
guarantee as well as the product creator’s guarantee. Now, this is important because you’re adding your own guarantee. And if you’re the one selling
the product on the other side, then don’t add this. But, if you’re doing an
affiliate promo, maybe you say well, you’re protected by their
30 day money back guarantee, and my if it doesn’t
work for you 100 dollar gift card guarantee. Whatever you wanna do. You can add an additional
guarantee that’s super powerful, because then your audience
knows you have got some skin in the game, too. And that’s a big deal to
them and they will respond. Alright, so then we’ve got a
little bit of scare city here. Hurry, the doors close
in a countdown timer. Then, here’s the bonus section. You’re also getting these
amazing bonuses from me. Bonus number one, why do you care? Bonus number two, why do you care? And bonus number three, why do you care? Then you have a little
section here about why you’re recommending the product. So this really is a place
for you to tell the story of why you’re recommending the product. If you’ve got a personal
story to share with this, this is even better. So if you’ve used the
membership software, or whatever it is that you’re
promoting, tell that story here. And if you have a success
story with it, great. Be sure to tell them why you
are promoting this product. Give them another buy
button, same format as above. Then, you can get a
little deeper into this product creator guarantee. So we’re adding the
you’re getting my always got your back guarantee. This is where you can insert
your own guarantee here. This guarantee also acts
as an additional bonus. Now you don’t call it out
as a bonus, but it really acts that way, because your
people will know that again, you’ve got some skin in
the game and you care. Then you’re gonna add some proofs, right? Testimonials, if you’ve
got videos, that’s great. What other people are
saying about this product is really important. Social proof is always great. And then just end with
another buy button, personal guarantee, and the countdown timer. Like I said, not a very long script. And if you didn’t notice
over here, there’s a VSL that goes on here. So, we’ve also got the
VSL script for this. So this is in the video
sales letter section. The bridge page, by the
way, is in the sales letter section of ScriptDoll. And this one is you know, hi. It’s my name and I’m very
excited to be presenting the product to you. Again, tell your story. And then go ahead and
go through the features, benefits, and your bonuses. This is a really short
script, you guys, this page isn’t meant to be
a full on sales page. It’s really meant to just
bridge the gap of knowledge between what you’re presenting
to them after this page and what you know your
audience knows and loves. Now, I’m gonna show you
this page in action. So this is what it could look
like, and I’ve got a link to this in the script so
you can see it at the top. But this is just a sample
page of what this is gonna look like in
something like clickfunnels. So if you just scroll
down, you can see we’ve got all those things set up right here. And you know, the product guarantee. Everything that we just told you about. It’s right here, it’s laid
out in a nice, pretty format. So you can get an idea for the visual. I used this exact script
for the ASK method that we just promoted. I’m showing it to you in
the clickfunnels editor because the promotion is actually closed. So I don’t wanna be
driving traffic to it, but, you can see tired of
not knowing exactly what your customers want. ScriptDoll’s ASK method
masterclass bonus package. For this I branded a
ScriptDoll and not myself. You can use your company
name or your name. This little video promo is just honestly a ScriptDoll logo and my face,
it’s a picture of my face with me talking. You can do a talking head video and that’s great, but if not, just be sure to put a
picture of you in there. Once you get inside the
ASK method, and then use a little picture that I
updated cause the method was closing that night. And you know get my ASK
method and bonuses and also the scare city. There’s our amazing bonuses from me. Why I’m recommending the ASK method, and hurry the doors close in. My social proof. The one thing I didn’t
do with this promotion is do a personal guarantee. And that’s honestly because
I sort of ran out of time. So if you can’t get that in
there, don’t worry about it. But, this is definitely a fun little page. And that’s how it works. So how do you get traffic to this page? Well, that’s what we
have the affiliate promo sequence for. It is great for any affiliate offer. You can send out the links
and not use the bridge page, but the bridge page is super powerful. We made it super easy for
you to use the bridge page. The first email is the
cold setup email, which is sent two to three days
before the product is set to open for sale. And basically you’re
just gonna get their feet wet a little, and tell
them about you know, part of your story, how
you’ve been struggling with it and things like that. So email two is the this
fits perfectly email. Now this is going to
be sent the day before the product opens for sale. You’re gonna write a little
bit more about your struggle, but then you’re going to
spell out how you solved it. So you’re gonna write out
the method in steps, and we’ve got an example
for you that Ben posted on Facebook awhile ago. It’s just a great example,
and then these are the steps. Now, what I want you to
note, that in here is step three, a software called Birdsong. Full disclaimer, my
company built this for me because I needed a way to do
what I’m about to show you. So basically, we built Birdsong
for a specific problem, and this is him basically spelling out how he used Birdsong but
he, it was harder before and then Birdsong made it easier. So you can see that link, I’ve
got it right here for you. You can always go check it out. So you can see what I mean
by write out the method in step form. What you’re selling
should be a critical part of the process. Say you’re selling membership
site, well, if you’re gonna teach them how to
run a membership, they’re gonna need membership site software. So that’s an integral part of the process. And then you go on to
say because this was such a big part thing in my
life, you wanted to share it and do an even bigger favor for them. You wanted to add some bonuses. So this is the first time they’re gonna be introduced to your bonuses. Which is great, because this is the this fits perfectly email. Next is when the product goes live. This is basically the hey, click this link to get access email. And it’s really pretty straightforward. You guys can read it, and use
it, adapt it to your needs. The day after they open, you’re gonna send out an FAQ style email. If you look on the day three
email with this last little line says send me your reply to this email with any questions at all. So the next day you’re
gonna go ahead and send out any FAQs that you’ve got. Now, you don’t actually
have to view replies to your email, this is a great opportunity for you to overcome any
objections that may be in your customer’s mind. So if you think that
they’ve got an objection about something, put it in
as an FAQ style, and make it sound like you got a
bunch of questions about it. This is really great for
getting through those objections that some people have. Okay, so this next email
you guys, this email is actually the hardest one
to write in the series. But, it’s so important because
the pattern break email gives your reader a chance
to relate to you, and for you to tell a story. The email here is you know,
insert a pop culture story that relates to your audience
and transition it into your problem and solution. Now, I put that in there
but I’ve got a couple of examples for you
that I’m gonna walk you through real fast. Both of these emails
were sent as part of my ASK method affiliate promo sequence. And the first one was a great story that I actually got when I was at
the ASK method accelerator from one of the other students named Rick. The headline, I’m sorry,
the subject line is before teaching Taylor Swift,
Rick asked God to kill him. Taylor Swift is very popular right now, she’s in the middle of
putting out a new album, she’s kind of everywhere. This was the email. Now, this is a pretty long email. And this is why I say I
think it’s the hardest one to write. Yours does not have to be
this long, just make sure you tell a good story. I’m just gonna point out a
couple of things to you here. Rick asked God to kill him. He literally said these
words, and then I went on to have this conversation
he had with Taylor Swift. She, where she said I
want a gold record, and Rick said okay, to sell
the five hundred thousand records that you need,
you need to make five hundred thousand fans. And there it is. Taylor’s secret to success
works in any business. Build relationships with
your audience based on trust. Well that is essentially what
the ASK method is teaching. That’s what I said next. That’s why I spent the
weekend away from my family learning the ASK method
with Ryan and Rick. So I can make ScriptDoll better for you. Then I said when I asked,
you said you have a hard time knowing your audience and avatar. So check out this video,
in it, Ryan teaches a simple Google trick that I
think you’re going to love. Now this particular
video actually does solve one of these knowing
your audience problems. This was Rick’s story. Please don’t use this yourself. The next email I use, feel
free to use it all you want. But this is actually Rick’s story. I got permission to use
it, so I don’t want to be sharing it all over the place. But, that is a great
example of this pop culture story that relates to the
audience and transitions it. So, the other email is my
team marketing aha moment while reading the mail yesterday. That was the subject line. And these got great
responses by the way, guys. So this story’s actually
about how I got coupons from my grocery store
and realized that I’m in the middle of a repeat
customer file with an upsell. Which is a very marketing thing. I’m talking to marketers, right? ScriptDoll audience is a
bunch of marketers, so, this story is amusing to them, right? And I, here is my transition now. And I’m delighted to be
in this funnel because I get what I want and what I need. You can delight your
customers like this, too, by knowing exactly what they need. You can increase sales,
you can collect money. Sound like a plan? Yes. Then this is how I transitioned
into the ASK method. So these are two examples
that you can use to create your own stories. Email six goes out the
morning of closing day. So whatever day your
promo ends, send this out in the morning. Basically it’s a call to action. And then, the last email
that you’re gonna send in this sequence is around the last day of the product for sale. And you’re basically
recapping all that they get. And why they should care,
and reminding them that they’ve got a very tight
deadline to make things happen. Use this email sequence to drive profit to your bridge page. Where you’ve got the bridge
page, script, and your VSL. And I did want to tell
you guys one more thing about this while using ScriptDoll. I’ve shown you scripts
without using a profile. So I just wanted to show
you guys something about setting this up using a profile. You set it up using a
profile, then you’ll be able to generate all of
these free scripts really quickly using the same
information, so they’re nice and cohesive. And that your audience
gets the same message over and over and over. Consistency is so
important to your brand and that’s why we have the product profile. Is so that when you do
create a set of copy, like these three scripts
together, that they match. If you’re doing this for this
particular set of scripts, go ahead and fill out the product details, the struggle and other
solutions, the obstacles, change, and accomplishments,
the features and benefits. The guarantees and testimonials. The scare city, call to action,
and the company information. For the main offer. That is for you know,
the affiliate promotion that you’re doing, or if it’s
your main offer, use that. Now, the bonus section. This is where you’re gonna
want to put in your bonuses. That are specific to your bridge page. So again, all this fill
out, as if you were promoting the main product, and then add the bonuses that you’re adding. That is just one little key difference I wanted to point out for this
particular set of scripts. And that’s it you guys. This is how you rock out
an affiliate promotion. If you already have a list,
and you’re not promoting some sort of affiliate offer
to them in the downtime, you should be. Your audience needs to
hear from you, even if it’s promotion. The more they hear from
you, the more they’re gonna get to know you,
and the more they’re gonna buy from you. So if you’ve got an empty
spot on your calendar, and there’s nothing going
on for a week, look for an affiliate promotion
that you can put in there. And get your audience to
trust and love you more cause you’re giving them
solutions to their problems. While putting some money in your pocket. These scripts are available
in ScriptDoll now. If you’re not a ScriptDoll
user, look below to find out how you can become one. Thanks so much for listening. I hope you have a fantastic day.

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