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♪ People tend to think when things go to the cloud, they just disappear. It’s still going on a Seagate hard drive. And it’s my job to educate them. My name is Antawn Fuqua, Marketing at Seagate Technology. It really means coming up with content, making sure we have the right content to build awareness with our partners and then running the promotion with them. I used to be kind of a tech nerd as a kid, so I’ve always known Seagate. My job now is very dynamic. I don’t have typical days. I do everything from working on new product launches where I’m in marketing meetings all day to being with customers traveling. It’s very exciting. There’s tons and tons of exciting stuff going on in the industry right now. You have Facebook, you have YouTube, you have Google. People are consuming more data, that’s not going to go away. Something Seagate’s focusing on and actually first to bring to market is hybrid hard drives so that’s a big initiative for us. Tablets, huge trend right now so we’re doing tablet storage. I take home great opportunity, great experience, learning an industry really right now, inside and out. The first steps of your career, if it’s taken somewhere like a Seagate where there’s tons of opportunity and they’re always looking for new stars to kind of shine, I think that’s something that’s very attractive.

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