Secrets of SMS Marketing for Business
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Secrets of SMS Marketing for Business

So how do you convert more of your leads
and subscribers to paying customers using SMS messaging? I’m about to give
you some tips on how you can be more effective and engaging with your text
messaging campaigns coming up on this week’s Marketing Pitt Stop Hey what’s up
Peter Amerio here with The Pittman Group back with another installment of The
Marketing Pitt Stop we provide tips and tricks to help you
grow your business and market more effectively if this is your first time
here consider subscribing below and make sure you hit the bell to get all of our
updates. In today’s video I’ll be discussing a few of our best practices
for SMS marketing to help you grow your business develop loyal customers and
ensure you don’t end up being told to STOP! By now everybody’s familiar with
text messaging as a way to communicate with their family friends co-workers and
other individuals in their social circle however SMS or text messaging is one of
the best methods to reach your potential customer with information about your
brand and to communicate with your customers Over 20 billion text messages
are sent every day around the globe in the United States 97% of adults use
texting to communicate at least weekly and not only are Americans using text
messaging they preferred as a method of communicating with brands A whopping
seventy five percent of Millennials prefer text messaging over talking and
send an average of 67 messages per day but it’s not just young people who
prefer text messaging in customer satisfaction surveys text messaging was
the highest-rated contact method compared with all other communication
channels and 64% of Americans hold a favorable view of brands that offer
texting as a form of communication and it’s easy to see why the short format of
text messages make them non-intrusive and easy to read you can easily check to
see if a message is important just by viewing the preview on your phone or
SmartWatch without interrupting your current activity Maybe that’s why 98% of text messages are opened by the receiver versus only
30% of emails texting requires little to no additional action on the user’s part
to receive the information they’re being sent and as an added bonus most brands
overlook SMS marketing as a communication channel so it is not
acquired the negative mystique of email marketing which has been plagued by spammers and
junk mail but for this reason as marketers we have to take special care
and how we communicate with our audience in order to keep them engaged with our
brand Now if you’re not doing any form of SMS Marketing at this point
now is a great time to get started developing your strategy and creating a
killer plan to turn those leads into paying customers So, when 160 characters all
you have to communicate your message how can you ensure you’re reaching your
prospective audience and more importantly continue to keep them
engaged I’ve got 4 tips to help you build a true SMS marketing strategy and
turn more of your prospects into paying customers my first tip is to personalize
your messages everyone likes to feel special and taking the time to deliver
content to the members of your list which they really want and need helps you
create that warm fuzzy feeling in your prospects now personalization is more
than just addressing them by name developing a killer personalization
strategy starts with segmenting your list of leads into different categories
you could do this many different ways however I would recommend you begin by
looking at the types of products or services they originally inquired about
don’t be afraid to use their name in the text message or mention the product to
services in which they’ve shown interest this may cut into your ability to
provide a clear call-to-action though the most important part of this step is
developing a content plan tailored to your user and their interest in your
company for example at the pitman group we have a variety of services and not
everyone who engages with us is interested or has a need for all of our
services Oftentimes people engage with us about one service or project and we
segment those individuals to make sure we send them information which helps
them in their area of interest If I had an individual engage with me about PPC
marketing and I send them a text to say check out our latest video on
traditional media buying what are they gonna do unsubscribe they didn’t sign up
to learn about this information and you become irrelevant to that person now if
I do want to sell a prospect on a full suite of services I need to develop a
relationship with that individual and build trust that I’m going to provide
them with great advice before I launch into pushing them on everything I offer
that leads me to my next point focus on value not selling make sure you’re
providing value to the user with each message you send
if not that prospect will quickly tune out to your message or worse text you to
opt out after having read many of these opt-out responses I promise you not
everyone will be nice or appropriate about how they opt out if you’ve come
across a self-serving provide the user with useful links to content on your
website a link to a brochure review book a recent blog article on topic relevant
to what they inquired about taking this approach helps you build a relationship
with that individual and establish a give-and-take if you take their
information and continue to get more aggressive with your call to action when
they don’t buy on your timeframe you’re going to turn that individual off think
of each of these content rich messages is building a bank account with your
prospect you’ll need that balance built up when you want to make withdrawal in
the form of asking for their business I recommend using at least three pieces of
useful information – one call to action for sale and when you do ask for sale
subtlety can improve your results my next tip is to engage them with video
one of the most successful tactics we’ve used to keep our clients audience’s
engaged is by linking to a video on our messages to illustrate the power of
video a recent text message we sent out for a client received a 7% click-through
rate and over 300 video views in the first 30 minutes with an opt-out rate of
0.1% to place this in perspective you can expect a 2 percent response rate and
a 13 percent opt-out rate on your typical call to action style text video
is a powerful tool for connecting with your prospects and allows you to create
a more lasting impression on your audience Nielsen and Facebook recently
did a study to measure the impact of video on brand recall and purchase
intent what they found is that if a viewer watched just 10 seconds of your
video they were 74% more likely to remember your ad and 72% more likely to
purchase from the videos creator the bottom line is this video right now is
hot and consumers demand for video content continues to grow at an amazing
rate your brand should be taking advantage of this trend and sharing
video with your prospects and customers will have more on video marketing coming
up in later episodes so stay tuned my final tip for you today is the track
engagement and give your audience more of what they like by monitoring what
types of content your consumers are engaging with you can work to refine your content
strategy and deliver your audience more of what they want to learn about your
brand make sure you’re watching stats such as
click throughs total watch time on videos time on page and bounce rates on
your website to determine how well your contents being received then deliver
more of the content your users like there you have it a few tips on how to
be more effective with your text message marketing campaigns I encourage you to
get started today on developing your SMS marketing plan using these tips I’d love
to hear your stories and experiences with SMS marketing so please feel free
to leave them in the comment section below and if you know somebody who would
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