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Sell Rochester MN Area Home Fast

– The real estate industry
standard is outdated. This is Alex Mayer with Counselor Realty, and you can pick from
the many obvious reasons. But for me, when I entered the business, it quickly became apparent
that the promoted standards were just more of the same. Upon entering the business, we
are told to host open houses, snap some photos, put a sign in the yard, and spend as little money as possible. It’s no surprise that the average agent, according to the National
Association of Realtors, does less than six transactions in a year, and only 3% do more than 24. In many markets, 10 to 15% of agents are doing 85 to 90% of the business. It is clear that you can either be a wandering generality or unique specific. My deepest desire, other
than building a successful and profitable business,
was to be recognized as the most innovative
realtor in the Rochester area. Now, I’m blessed, I’ve had
the opportunity to learn from not only the top
agents in our market, but the top minds in the industry. It’s kind of like I was
raised in innovation. However, the reality
is, even those methods are still not keeping up
with the modern trends. And then, one day it all changed for me. For those who know me, I’m
an avid reader, learner, and a go-getter, so I’m
always paying attention to the new ways of doing things. And one day, I started to notice that specific advertisements,
relevant to me, were showing up where I was searching, several times a day,
on multiple platforms. That’s when the light bulb went off. If I could do the same
targeting in real estate, and meet the right people,
where they were searching, in the same relevant and useful way, I could revolutionize the way
real estate was being done. The first thing I did was
adopt a real advertising budget into marketing my clients
homes in a new and fresh way. I’m not just posting a video
up on my business page. It’s a lot more intricate than
that, involving promoting, targeting, and so much more. The numbers in the beginning
were unlike anything I’ve seen done by other market
leaders, not only locally, but nationally as well. People started catching on. Home showcasings were
getting 30 to 40 hours of video views a week. Seriously, how many open houses would I have to do to hit that number? It was effective, and based off of current
data and analytics, so my clients were selling
their homes faster, and we were generating multiple offers where they pocketed more money. It was a whole new way
of doing real estate. With tens of thousands of
people watching and engaging with the showcasings, I
started to develop an audience. So, I started to think, how could I best serve
and educate these people with useful and valuable information? That’s when I decided
to consistently release two to three new videos in a week that specifically targeted
locals where they were at in their home buying and selling process. That’s when it happened, the creation of the 24 Hour Plus Club. I found that by drawing in an audience and tweaking specific points
in my marketing process, my seller clients were getting
more hours of video views in one day than there was time in a day. That was the real breakthrough. For me, it was like breaking the four minute mile in real estate. In April of this year, due
to my team and efforts, we received the Video Maven
award for our contribution to the digital marketing
conversation in real estate. Not only were my seller
clients homes selling faster and for more money, but local
shoppers were more educated, and therefore, more prepared for the home shopping experience. It was a whole new way of
marketing in real estate. When I say these things, please do not think I’m trying to brag, I’m still doing the traditional
strategies on steroids, but this is truly something
new and unique in real estate. With that said, I’d like to
welcome you to the revolution. With me, my process is designed to create as many members of the 24
Hour Plus Club as possible, so you can sell your home
faster, and for more money. This is Alex Mayer with Counselor Realty, Buy and Sell Strategically.

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