Selling On Amazon – How Much To Charge For Your Product? with Alex Ryan
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Selling On Amazon – How Much To Charge For Your Product? with Alex Ryan

g’day guys Alex Ryan here in this video
we’re gonna be looking at how do you go about pricing your products and which
products should you really be gravitating towards especially if you’re
looking to generate an income on Amazon you know what are the best products to
go after that have the highest margins and basically yeah in terms of
profitability the highest profitability in a way as well so stay with me guys
we’re gonna be discussing that in this video plus much much more welcome back guys it’s good to have you
here so which which products should you be focusing on those products should
really be relating around relating around anything above 20 bucks and I’ve
had this discussion before with somebody else with one of my clients actually oh
look we just bring up the screen right here beautiful alright so we’ve got the
screen up here so you can sort of see here that we have we’ve basically got
this product here Fisher Fisher Price rattle rattle and rock now it’s selling
for six bucks ninety nine right so people might go oh wow that’s that’s
pretty cheap and wow it’s got two thousand six hundred and forty six
reviews hold on let’s just do the calculator on that so two thousand six
hundred and forty six by six nine six bucks ninety nine I believe it was six
dollars ninety nine say do it yet six versus Issam folks right Wow they’ve
made twenty thousand bucks minimum right because it on rule of thumb right on
average out of every ten sales you get you get one review so they’re probably
multiply that by ten that’s about 200k plus for us there’s a lot of money well
okay but think about this guys is still FBA costs is absolutely FBA cost and the
shipping costs and is cross price right so let’s just run the numbers on this
particular product and I’m gonna run the numbers here okay so you guys can sort
of see it alright let’s just run the numbers on this particular product so you can sort of see and what I want
you to see guys is the net fee so efficient price will rattle six bucks
ninety nine guess what the net price minus the FBA fee is four bucks 30 so
the fvfv r1 is four bucks 30 that’s like three
quarters off the actual retail price so do you think they’re making money right
this is the net fee two bucks 60 episodes is the net amount they’re
receiving two bucks tonight guess what that doesn’t include the cost price for
that rattle now yet they’re making close to this an estimate right of a forty
thousand US dollars a month selling this particular product but in terms of net
profit they’re probably not making a whole lot of money so guys keep that in
mind when you’re pricing your products you kind of want to be aiming anything
above 20 bucks anything less than ten dollars it just ain’t gonna be
profitable for you because you’ve got FBA fees you’ve got to pay the cost
price off that particular product plus much more so guys make sure you do
review if you’re looking for product ideas don’t forget to check out our
webinar that we have on our our website we’ve got a free training online trainer
shows you how to identify use software like this but how to identify the hot
trending products right now actually do give you a product ideas on them and
also show you the steps involved to listing your product on Amazon and how
to go about beginning your Amazon FBA journey so guys make sure you check that
out or give us a call in the office may our phone number is zero two eight
thousand and three seventy five three four I love to have a chat with you I
would love to work with you and hopefully see you at some of our
conferences as well but give us a call in the office zero to eight thousand
three seven five three four let’s start your amazon journey guys my name’s alex
ryan have a fantastic day see you soon bye bye for now Oh

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