September Graduate Student Engineer of the Month – Zishu Cao
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September Graduate Student Engineer of the Month – Zishu Cao

I’m Zishu Cao. I’m a PhD student majored in chemical engineering. I’m from China I’m graduate student engineer of the
month for September 2019 I chose UC because UC has great
research programs, provides scholarships for outstanding students Also UC has very beautiful campus and great international student service. I choose Chemical Engineering because I’m interested in chemistry and I like the
fact that Chemical Engineering emphasized solving real-life issues. Chemical Engineering provides powerful tool sets that can be used to design and
implement a lot of industrial process and make impact on society. My research topic is membrane separation. Membrane separation process is less energy intensive. It can save more energy and reduce
carbon emissions, but there are a lot of issues to be solved before you use membrane
separation process in more area. So I want to contribute to solving those
issues and build a sustainable future. I think curiosity and
resilience are the most important traits for a good engineering student. Curiosity triggers you to do the things you are interested in and resilience helps you
to deal with difficult situations and you try your best for success. After graduation I would like a gap year. Spend some time to travel around the world and
later on I’m going to find a research related job in a company or university

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