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Service Triangle | Internal Marketing | External Marketing | Interactive Marketing | Hindi

Hello friends, my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we are going to learn about Service Triangle If you are into any service related work or want to expand your business or are studying for an exam You need to understand this triangle Subscribe intellectual indies and press the bell icon, never miss any update So this triangle has three points Company, customer and employees Basically three arms One arm where customer or employees interact, Means customer and employees What is it? Interactive This is an interactive marketing We’ll talk about this in detail If a customer interacts with a company What does it mean? Relationship of customer and company is called external marketing and the reverse of this, internal marketing where company interacts with employees Let’s understand all three First of all: external marketing and it’s the easiest Means we are telling our target audience about our products. How can we do that? Tv ads, hoardings in Metro station, any way where we can communicate. So is digital marketing a part of it? Do tell me in the comments. all the traditional and modern ways of marketing where we are trying to reach our customers that is a part of internal marketing Now talking about internal marketing We interact with the employees of the company and why did they do it? let me tell you If a bakery doesn’t like eating their own products then do not expect from others to eat it. Because they know that the material they’ve used isn’t good. If they do not use their products either It means they don’t have faith on their products. If you don’t have blind trust on your offering, services, How will you run your business? Some companies give their employees products to use. If you have seen Whenever a product is launched, it is circulated among the employees When jio was launched, its employees already had used it for 1-1.5 years Basically were testing it’s net speed and all We know how jio came and it was on the top, everyone was using it WHy? Because their emplyees have already tested it. Now mistake here is Their emploees were limited and they didn’t think they will grow drastically so their bandwidth was less That caused network problems, There are more points, You provide discounts for your employees, if they buy for them/relative Give them specific discounts. Because of this, your employees get the product, and people get a positive messsage If an employees uses its own company products then products are genuine>I have read somewhere that CEO of microsoft they use apple phone Why don’t they use windows phone? Because they don’t believe So in internal marketing You need to take care of your employees If they are productive, give them raise Offer them trips, maintains culture of the company So that it gives a good message for the company. Just like TCS If one of your friends has ever worked in TCS He will never think to switch They take a good care of their employees Because internal marketing of Tata is good So do apply internal marketing in your business If you have employees and you have a salon, give them special discounts. If one of their family members comes, services will be free for them. Just pay for the material cost. If you have a boutique, give discounts to one of their family members, you can charge for making charges material cost Relationship is maintained between employees and company. and company grows Now last point is: Employees and customer relationship which is very important. Because employees know about your products. customer has a need, if they connect Employee will be able to tell How our product will satisfy their need More products will be sold. and more awareness. relationship will be build between employees and customer. Relationship marketing means If there is a friendly relationship between customer and employees, Employees can call the customers whenever they want to sell the products For example, Barbeque nation, If its your birthday all the employees celebrate and sing with you It is a very positive thing. SO this was all about An interactive way of marketing All these three parts of marketing, How can you apply this in your business? it’s on you One more thing in interactive marketing, if there are changes that can be done in your product and your customer think that can be improved. They can tell your employee directly You can rectify it. This is great way and do not expect from the customer to call directly the director about some changes that can be done Not possible Right. Not possible They can tell the employee direclty. This is service encounter. Use it if you can Whether you are selling service or product Increase service encounter more the better product will be sold easily. Okay friends, video ends here. I hope you liked it. If any doubts, do share in the comments. Like share And do tell me in the comments if there are any faults in your business How can you apply it. or any question you want to ask>or want a video on it. Bye Goodnight Goodafternoon Goodmorning whenever you are watching this video.

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