Serving fans vs. serving NPCs, Gab finally sees the light, social media hilarity, + more!
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Serving fans vs. serving NPCs, Gab finally sees the light, social media hilarity, + more!

yeah even I can be on time from time to time and of course with dragons as usual because you know that's just how I roll around here I always have to deliver you guys the dragons and got some comments on the last time around hey no I need my dragons to have horns so here you go you got yourself a horny dragon now good stuff miss how you guys doing today man you guys having a good time yeah I was gonna I was gonna have a special show today but it had to be pushed back until Friday so you look forward to that Friday's gonna be a good one a hilarious one yeah neither late nor gay yeah not this time yeah I was actually sitting here waiting this time I was just looking looking at the clock and there you go yeah yep see horny right yeah you guys love when the horny dragons huh I'm gonna have to put a lot more of these up then huh mm-hmm mmhmm yeah Kushi crusading intensifies oh man yeah so who's the target this time I wonder who is it I wonder that you need more Titans yeah we could do a Titanic dragon again later we could definitely do that yeah yeah dragon earth today no yep that's right we've got your man gun today this one doesn't have wings but is horny instead so there you go yeah nothing like getting serviced while listening to one year legendary ok what kind of service you talking about you talking about talking about your car or something else yeah I got I do got a wonder that I really do man yeah but today today we have a pretty hilarious and I guess somewhat diverse set of news as you can probably see by the title in the description let's let's start off with something a little bit on the view what is it maybe light heart it's ID I mean this is a pretty big big deal for most of us but honestly it's as far as everything else we're gonna be talking about pretty good place to start pretty good place yeah Texas police guard ice-cream aisle in market following viral Blue Bell ice cream licking video which has had many many imitators since then by the way yeah yeah they go taking a a photo of the cops stand-in there I'm quite sure they're not they're like for their whole shift this does just kind of reek of a photo op but still it's yeah we've seen things like this we've seen other images where the Walmarts just actually lock the doors and then kind of like what they do with the video games they just kind of locked the doors and then say oh if you want anything in here go ask you know go ask some staff for assistance that's pretty much what they do in these days yeah freeze exactly yup a police department in Texas posted a video of its officers standing guard in a supermarket's frozen dessert section following a viral video of a woman licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and putting it back on the shelf which is apparently prompted copycats to try and make it the next viral social media challenge oh dude and so after this since people are actually taking this one seriously once once you do the lick the ice cream challenge what's next see who can take the most cocks in prison challenge because that that is what's next in line for a lot of them unless it's a like that first one that fucking thought who licked that ice cream then they found out oh she's a minor so she's gonna get a slap on the wrist but her boyfriend who was filming it he's caught yeah I wouldn't be surprised if he got a stricter punishment than she did I really would not be surprised man oh geez in a fake book post by Kara Public Safety in Keller Texas a photo show police officer standing in front of an ice cream freezer the post read the only Blue Bell ice cream being licked here in calorie this holiday weekend will be the kind you've already purchased yeah I think this was from the fifth of July yeah yeah that was Friday that they posted this yep yeah fash tag not on our watch huh I wonder how long they're gonna be stand-in there though that is actually the million dollar question isn't it man hi the photo appeared to be poking a bit of fun in response to a video posted on twatter on June 29th showing a girl opening a half gallon of bluebells tin roof flavor licking the top and print asking back into the freezer where she got it laughing the entire time her parents aren't gonna be laughing when they get the bill cuz this is one of those things you know you get to see herself she's gonna go through the juvenile system right so she's probably gonna get a slap on the wrist but I bet mommy and daddy are gonna have to pay a pretty hefty fine because that's how he works in a lot of these cases oh man her ass is probably gonna be raw and not for the reasons she may like either so the video just garnered over 12 million views was recorded at a Walmart store in Lufkin Texas according to authorities the video sparked outrage across social media and maybe that's why nobody cared for so long because outrage across social media that's literally a constant occurrence so yeah nobody noticed that everyone's desensitized to social media outrage now what a shock yeah who would have guessed that something like this would happen yeah even getting the attention of Bluebell who said they were able to recover the tampered Carton while so removing all tin roof half gallons are from the location out of an abundance of caution while a second-degree charge of tampering with a consumer product could lead up to 20 years in prison and $10,000 in fines according to the Texas Central State penal code the notorious liquor suspect was identified as a juvenile and won't be charged as an adult but her boyfriend apparently will but the threat of charges didn't stop copycats from posting distasteful ice cream licking videos of their own oh there's another one yeah was it though this this SOI boy apparently posted a video of himself attempting to make a icecream licking in the stores a thing scooping ice cream out of a container with his bare hands before putting the carton back into the freezer mm-hmm while authorities stand ready to freeze this new tray before gains any more traction officials our Bluebell Oryza customers not to worry about any contaminated products they say their ice cream cartons are flipped upside down to freeze you know creating a natural seal making a tampered with product easy to spot okay this that's not entire that's not exactly a perfect solution there because unless these lids are like those lids on like Snapple bottles where you can test it that way at the store you just press down on the lid and if it pops okay I'm not gonna buy this one what do you do with these ice cream tubs do you open it to see if it was vacuum sealed and then if it and then just put it back anyway when you change your mind like what the hell man what the hell happens here I thought that's what I'd like to know so Bluebell either you need to get a special custom lid that snaps or you need to just put a safety seal on it like everybody else does it's not that hard well I guess not everyone else does it a few other brands do yeah but not not everyone I guess not everyone I've had ice cream before that didn't have safety seals on it but I'm gonna be a little bit more careful going forward let's just put it that way oh man all right let's see God go stare at some horny dragons again while I see if I missed any shekels all righty oh yeah it was a little bit cool thanks sent you a root beer thing with the two books all hail the great mighty hearty hee well thank you for that I'm uh yeah this time around I'm just gonna let all my dragons do the talking in the fighting I'm kind of yeah once again I spends too much time outside you know where there's all that nasty stuff like pollen and a fireball in the sky that cannot be safe so man my my nose I'm like full DSP again I was – I was snorting all day and Kenny quest Thank You the ten bucks well social media is outrage yeah that's the sad truth isn't it yeah that's why nobody notices social media outrage anymore because what else is there on social media yeah that's why people like to comics just quit it he quit social media and still yeah let's check up on jawbreakers I think last I checked it was at 70,000 or are at least pretty close to it let's say let's see where he's at now I'm just gonna have to find it again there it is yeah I had the link to the campaign here somewhere I just have to get it okay so let's see let's see where he's at Oh 69 thousand 722 that's pretty good for three days after and during this time not being on social media I'd say he's doing a pretty damn good job isn't he mm-hmm yeah he's doing a pretty damn good job not wasting time unlike most of his opponents people who can tweet 400 times a day how the hell do you tweet 400 times a day and still claim you have a life now that that does not make sense ah does not make sense whatsoever man yeah the hot didn't know your stream and what'd I miss just some ice cream licking man nothing too big this time around Oh earthworm jim is close to 500k now shit it was only like 350 like two days ago wasn't it but then again this is the the end of the campaign push yeah let's take a look oh shit yeah look at that two days left this one may actually hit a million hmm yeah a lot of these campaigns they get a giant push towards the end well at the very least I'm expecting earthworm jim is probably gonna beat cyber frog so oh man this that's it this good number right there probably gonna lose 35% of that to taxes maybe five percents to indiegogo I didn't actually had to know how much of a cut they take but whoo even after all that though that's not a bad chunk of change right there man especially if you can actually ride off the expenses for printing the books and shit off to pay taxes on that that is some good stuff right there though oh you up Earth Defense Force five on Steam tomorrow are you picking that up yep I actually already added it to my wishlist so I'm ready to go whenever the fucking launch is I am ready to go man yeah I'm ready I'm ready for that I've been waiting for it yeah I just can't stand it when they went when they limit it stuff the fucking cancels for so long but that's fine I mean it's not like I need it yeah these days like I keep saying there's so many good games out there that's I don't have enough time to play all the ones I want to play anyway so if you want if you say Oh ours is piss-poor exclusive so you have to support Sony if you want to play our game I just say it's fine I'm just not gonna support it then I'm actually okay with that I don't need to play this game it's okay with me I and wallows novel thank you for the two bucks can that ice cream oh yeah that that's true man if they put it in little cans or cups or plastic wraps yeah these days actually most of the ice cream I consume is wrapped in its own individual plastic so I'm okay I think I'll be fine illusion seven five six thing with the ten bucks I'm reminded of Mauricio from stories from West Side school the karmic punishment suddenly would get a new flavor of ice cream for each ice cream liqueur what happens to the people me keeps eating oh man yeah that's oh yeah that's too are we gonna go full Soylent Green now hmm we could and the family if it's six in the five bucks I give up on internet outrage one raging Golden Eagle went crazy fat shamed everything then deleted his video how to make a coin trap supreme well that way it's not really that hard I mean uh yeah I thought that video is probably not something YouTube would have flagged me for but I wouldn't be surprised if if they flapped me for a copyright violation because I did do of a video a while back pretty much so how you can make a homemade Crunchwrap supreme pretty easily yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they found a reason to flag that so I went through and purged on my old contents to make it a lot harder for to find a reason to kick me off well for every two to nine thing with the two books you're going to watch her on soy A's deposition tonight probably I don't know if I'm gonna make it through the whole thing because I'm kind of screwed up today I know if I have the energy but if I do yeah I would love to see it if not I'll just watch it tomorrow oh my god I don't know if I'll be able to watch it during work like I usually watch youtube videos though because normally with my job I can just sit there and just like code and have things running in the background but now this time around my boss is like man I need you to babysit the new hire for the next week ah so I won't be able to do anything productive for a while neither on the work front nor on the you know doing personal stuff fronts like listening to YouTube videos again caught up with that while I'm working so I'm kind of disappointed at that just a little bit and a conspirator a walnut thing with the two bucks bring bring back lashings as punishment it'll stop yeah yeah that's the funny thing we got laws against cruel and unusual punishment but funny enough cruel and unusual punishment is actually the best deterrent most of the time now if you know it's just with false rape accusations all these women know that there's not gonna be any punishment for them filing false accusations so that's why they just keep doing it but I bet if you if you went full Singapore and you came to their ass like 20 times for it that would disappear real quick and you could use all I think of the five I wonder how long it'll take for the NPC's to attack done brew was none Cuomo through for all them of Macchio's toxic masculine yeah yeah the fucking weight training dumbbell anime yeah yeah no they're already attacking it for fat shaming right or you know just body shaming in general so fuck them yeah just ignore him they let them re in their corner of the world and ignore him because that's that's the only way that we're ever gonna finally put them down it's what I say before with outrage marketing outrage marketing is a very effect way to kind of market your stuff you get enough people to re about it you get all that extra attention and free advertising that's literally how the game sure knows do it that that's what the NPC's do they sit there in their failing legacy media rags and they keep posting clickbait articles that no they know will piss people off and I say they make their money so just quit falling for it just ignore them pretend they don't exist don't direct them any traffic yeah that's how that's how it'll fix all that and howling wolf thing for the five bucks her boobs aren't big enough not being allowed to spell it with two O's either oh yeah yeah that's a if you want to send a super chat it actually blocks way more words than regular chat does yeah I couldn't send I couldn't send the word shit in the super chat you can't send boobs I mean I tried too tight I tried to say homophobe but it had the word homo in it so I couldn't send that either it's actually kind of ridiculous now I think about it yeah you two been there I don't know I didn't know they just maybe they'll learn eventually and zon tart thing with the two bucks watching monkeys life fall apart has been sad looked like things that reached rock bottom and we're finally starting to improve last week then this week happen and nope he's marrying a furry pet Oh God you know getting married in general is yeah Rhett rest in peace monkey Jones rest in peace man you it's been fun knowing you but unless that was a troll yeah I'm not looking forward to the next bit of news I'll be hearing about how you end up within the next couple of years and I couldn't imagine a sure thing with the two bucks Simon Kaka peach ball in my grasp hopefully not the last looking at you seven well the problem with seven is it's going to be even when they poured it to the PC I bet it's still going to be the sensor to piss poor version so unless they re undo the censorship Sony forced them to do on the PlayStation then I'm not going to get senator and Cara 7 until it's on a very steep sale because I don't have any faith in marvellous anymore cuz they just totally bent over for that Sony dick where they should have just told them to get fucked and leave entirely and that's an fuckin peach but I've got peach ball to wax yeah I got the I got the case sitting right here next to me it only comes there's like what two tables though so that's yeah there's gonna be a lot of DLC they're already gonna have like 100 bucks worth the DLC in the first month so that's kind of kind of excessive right there man yeah just a little bit excessive alright and then just got a refresh this up here again all right that one's done oh my god you guys have just been nice as hell now know Holly's novel thanks for the two bucks boobs yes I do love me some boobs too of course aren't worth anything of the five if YouTube can put its body back together if eventually it will be nice to say goodbye to censorship RG what's the percentage of that happening that depends I mean if Trump's antitrust lawsuits and everything go through then maybe YouTube is gonna get its shit together because it's gonna end up getting separated from Google proper and maybe they're actually gonna wants to make money ah skids a path anything the two bucks oppai fuck yeah and they there are ways you can say boobs you just can't say boobs yeah so focus yeah think of the five I feel you on the super chat Sergey I learned how to get around that much much too direwolf in for hamster head green oh so you've been trolling direwolf with that well I think now the only way you can give him money is through stream labs anyway so you don't have to worry about that yeah yeah sir I've been finding ways around that to you you just got it you just got to use leet-speak really alright I've been wow you guys just overloaded me with the shackles here so I gotta go I gotta go move on here so yep earthworm good let sexy see let's see how much it's just yeah still good still going up still going up and undecided a thank you the five bucks got nothing to say just buy the bag yeah yeah we're probably gonna see some more purse ads during this stream III don't I'm not yeah I don't think I'm ever gonna not see them now but speaking of Trump there's some more news because you see the remember what I just said about the media and their outrage marketing well look at this they're uh they're at it again LGBTQ people us advocates claim Trump supporters outraged by us soccer players lesbian kiss but there's just one problem with that yeah several advocates for the LGBT community dubiously claimed Tuesday that support is of President Donald Trump were distressed to see us soccer star Kelly O'Hara kiss her girlfriend after the national team's triumph at the Women's World Cup and there's the kissing question right there O'Hara was widely praised by conservative for scooping up the American flag which had fallen to the field following the u.s. women's victory on Sunday but according to Queerty David's reddish right wingers received a rude awakening concerning their new American heroine following the game I didn't I didn't notice any complaining but you know what maybe maybe I'll be proven wrong maybe they maybe they found it it's just like death threats to them they they sent them to themselves and then use them as proof that they had death threats so yeah in a piece entitled Trump fans adopted the soccer star Kelly O'Hara as their hero then they watched this kiss reddish implies that presidents the president supporters would be devastated to learn that the woman they held up as an exemplar was a lesbian really I'd love to see this but hurt Republican pundits eager to praise Women's World Cup soccer star Kelly O'Hara received a rude awakening when the cameras caught her smooching her girlfriend in the stands as the fart on all song I was I was doing the wrong voice at the far-right singled out O'Hara for praised few pundits noticed that after picking up the flag she rushed across the field to her girlfriend and locked lips that makes her the 42nd identifiable LGBTQ player in the Women's World Cup and zero fox were given commenters on social media expressed similar sentiments assuming the Conservatives praising O'Hara for picking up the flag would be horrified to learn she was I know they say a member of the LGBT community but is she really or see just a lesbian yeah I wonder how many of you watch the game enter Noah that he the married to a woman can't wait for conservative to add or to learn Carrie O'Hara's actually a lesbian then feel guilty of for loving or picking up a flag mmm-hmm several Twitter users replied to the tweet from Democratic coalition chairman John Cooper who link register story by slamming Trump supporters suppose it intolerance so this is how you know I mean Trump derangement syndrome you know it's reaching new heights when they have to make this shit up but then again they've always been making this shit up all the death threats and harassment and shit the only side that ever does that is theirs so yeah and then the bet the best part if you guys remember back when gamergate was still a thing remember Brianna Wu getting busted trolling herself on Steam forgot to log out of her development account when she no trolled herself yeah was butthurt her game was getting no attention whatsoever so decided to I'm just gonna be harassed and then claim I was harassed and get attention and forgot to log out of her development account it was deleted quit pretty quickly but not before being archived that was some pretty funny shit right there yeah the hurt you left the heart loves Trump fans need to move on and worry about their own houses and sexual preference it's none of their business who others love Wow it really does sound like conservatives were pretty damn butthurt about a lesbian kissing her girlfriend huh yeah very very interesting man very interesting but a cursory search on Twitter revealed scant evidence that Trump supporters were upset were upset by the kiss nor did radish include any examples of triggered right-wingers indeed few examples of conservatives on Twitter responding to the revelations showed them to be thoroughly nonplussed yeah Kelly o heroines over the internet with the US flag rescue post game kiss locker room celebration sounds like Dave could not care less yep dishonest reporting zero hate for the kiss her respect for the flag earned respect period one conservative Twitter user wrote in a reply to his story oh god yeah this isn't the first time liberals have with little evidence accused Trump and his supporters of being bothered by open displays of homosexuality yeah I mean that's why conservatives adopted Milo so quickly it's because we're such homophobes you know we can't stay at gay people which is why we were more than willing to get behind probably the gayest man in existence and to let him speak for us for the longest time yeah that's that's something too homophobe would do right hmm yeah in January many on the left gleefully characterized Vice President Mike Pence's behavior while swearing in bisexual senator Kristen cinema as uncomfortable you know you wanted so badly for him to be awkward and uncomfortable and that's exactly what you thought while ignoring reality oh I'm sorry this is this isn't a Miss misplaced soy voice let me redo that again you wanted so badly for him to be awkward and uncomfortable and that's exactly what you saw while ignoring reality but that's what NPCs do whatever they want to see they fuckin see that's just how it goes confirmation bias to movies same screen yep Trump supporters unquestioning unquestionably hostile to progressivism and identity politics pointing it to members of the LGBT community within their own ranks to dismissed accusations of anti-gay bigotry some of the most high-profile and controversial over the president's supporters such as far-right provocative in Milo Y innopolis and former gateway poem pundit White House correspondent Lucia Nguyen turrets are gay meanwhile reports of the president's behavior towards LGBT members of his administration could be taken as a sign that Trump is unperturbed by their sexual orientation Axios Jonathan Swan reported last year that the president frequently remarks on the good looks of Richard Grinnell his openly gay ambassador to Germany what a fucking homophobe man yeah oh that's that's actually the funny thing right there you can't compliment a woman anymore because it's sexual harassment so instead all the gay guys are getting the compliments women man you you're losing ground fast I mean 2d drawing sex dolls gay men who as it's not looking good man it is not looking good for you not in the slightest yeah traps are superior sit down peasant yeah yeah I love how uh yeah I love how the regressive left is starting to use trap as a slur the trap was never a fucking slur you made it into one because you're a bunch of fucking bigots but when we used it it was never a slur all right never Oh God all right let me yeah let me go back to staring at some horny Dragons caught up on some shekels and then we're gonna get serious no no I'm not I'm kidding we're not gonna get serious we can we can't this next story when I first read it I honestly thought it was a joke but apparently it's not yeah yeah donk weep thank you for the five bucks did you see the quarterings video about the new youtube copyright standards last night yeah I did and so apparently if someone files a manual copyright claim on your video they have to include a timestamp for where the alleged infringement occurred and this is a step in the right direction but what we really need is that same standard for Community Guidelines strikes so if YouTube comes in and says oh you violated our Community Guidelines they would have to they should be required to explain exactly what it is you did that violated the Community Guidelines because they they never tell us and I mentioned before the reason they don't tell you is because as soon as they tell you you can point out their double standards because whatever they say you did and give you the strike for you could point to thousands of blue checkmarks that are doing the same thing so that's the main reason they won't tell you another reason is they don't want you to correct your behavior and stay on your platform they want to kick you off of the platform yeah okay and automatically well see automated claims already include a timestamp as someone who's gotten plenty of automated claims myself every single one of them had a timestamp in it so I mean I don't know if maybe it's possible that others didn't have time stamps but from personal experience all the claims I had against me were at where time stamped so yeah yeah good shit Mason see think of the two books are rage when are you go when are you gonna run for president um dude I don't think I could man I would have the shortest campaign in history I mean I wouldn't even make it past the primaries without physically assaulting somebody and being centage I can't stand blatant liars and hypocrites and crackpot think of the five bucks it got me interested in sport lesbian porn FAT FAT FAT yep yeah so uh that whole that lesbian kiss that they were claiming conservatives hated no let's let's take a look at that again I'm sure somebody FAP to this I'm sure somebody did yeah and Camero kuvira think of the two bucks we need more busty space dragons in media yeah we need more busty anything what the hell happened here gotta fix that EG thing with the two bucks there the article assumes i watch the game or care yeah yeah that's another very horrible assumption there now yep they're assuming people actually watch the Women's World Cup hmm yeah I mean this is the US nope here in the US nobody even watches the Men's World Cup yeah I can't crash think of the five traps were idolized somewhat ironically but the highest form of irony is sincere on some level yeah yeah I mean there was nothing there was nothing offensive about traps until the perpetually offended moved in so actually you know what I'm gonna have to toot my own horn again I'm gonna I said this yesterday but it's it's appropriate if you ever wonder why you keep finding toxicity everywhere you go consider looking in the mirror because that's the problem there was nothing wrong with the words trap until the perpetually offended parasites came in and made something wrong with it these same people that always complain about toxicity and hate being everywhere are the ones spreading toxicity and hate everywhere they are ground zero for every fucking thing they complain about none of the communities they've invaded and an infected and destroyed had any problems with this shit until they showed up and then all of a sudden they show up and oh now there's all these problems we gotta fix huh I wonder why could there possibly be a fucking connection here could there possibly be a connection I don't know it's I I know we'll have to do a lot more research yeah this is why you don't let these fuckers into your communities and don't cut the 89 thing of the five bucks expect more of these tries to cried to Jenner see when the power is in their hands that they always do you don't need to keep reminding me but thank you for spending five bucks every time you want to though that's actually pretty good yeah oh man yeah oh it's just some good shit man yeah these yeah all we gotta do is just not let them inside of our communities guys that's it just don't be a cock and don't open the gates for these parasites and you'll be fine but kuru 13 thing with the two traps are proud members of the weeb community well yeah and that that's that's precisely why these LGBTQ people that's why they hates the traps so much they're not that's what they always claim that yeah how many times have you guys seen this you got someone come in oh I've been a lifelong fan of something and yet I totally don't understand anything about it but I've been the fan my whole life don't you better not question me on this or your racist sexist bigoted homophobic whatever yeah I mean they were nowhere to be found until it was popular and now that it's popular to like something oh I've always loved it I'm a lifelong fan you know like the gun the highly diverse writing cast of hi Guardian spies consisting entirely of white women saying Sheldon oh they all claim oh we love a enemy we wanted to bring anime influence into this what they're actually saying is we love anime it's just it will be so much better without literally everything that makes it appealing in the first place but yeah no no no no no we still love anime we love it like it is but we could make it better if we just removed everything that was good about it and make it just don't look at me like I'm crazy this it makes sense you fucking racist sexist bigoted homophobe ya know that that's the sad through the sad truth of the matter right there yeah Oh tabatha 101 thank you for the dollar much appreciate that and just refresh dream labs here don't fall too far behind Oh criminy Majan Asian thing with the two bucks that's slander against my against mirrors which man yeah hey GTFO parasites right that's exactly right you know there's no they're not okay so that that's a good point man thank you for correcting me so they're of the writing staff of hi Guardian spice are not women they're tumblr kin that's true there is a huge difference there yeah yeah this yeah this whole this whole situations kind of funny and I mean it's not like the West can't make their versions of Annamayya I mean Avatar The Last Airbender was pretty good that came close so why don't you just make more of that and less CalArts with some slight anime influence now that would be very nice I'll be very nice but then somebody tells me they're never gonna do with dope they don't want up they don't want to do it okay so this next one get ready to laugh because this is going to be hilarious oh come on Google's respectful code policy to edit politically incorrect terms from software including Trump SSH so they hired people who apparently again of these diversity hires who don't have any real work to do but sometimes they actually interfere with the workings of the company to make it feel like they're relevant they had so little to do that they're starting to implement policies about offensive code yeah offensive code yeah yeah removing politically incorrect terms from their code that nobody sees yeah this as a coder I actually had to I did a double-take on this ain't no way are they seriously wasting all that time and money going through their code to make it politically apparently they are apparently they are man yeah yeah diversity hires translation people graduate with gender studies degrees ain't that the truth yeah I keep up people keep challenging me on this which I find hilarious they keep coming up to me and saying I'll and if we don't force these these companies to hire people who got worthless degrees then you know how are they ever gonna pay back their student loans you know how are they ever going to be productive members of society well I think I've answered this before but there's like three Starbucks on the five minutes drive from where my house is to Walmart there's plenty of places for them to work trust me these these come that Google does not need to hire Gender Studies majors to sink their company there's always work at start I mean they could always be baristas okay yeah all right so let's let's look at this this clown world's real man Google has undertaken a substantial program to ensure it's coated here's the standards of political correctness the respectful code policy a copy of which was obtained by the Daily Caller applies to both new codes and also includes initiative to cope action headed to hold code that may include phrasing or words deemed problematic by Google's diversity and inclusion all right so I'm gonna give you guys some friendly advice here if you work for a company that has a trust and Safety Council or a diversity and inclusion team get the fuck out of there ASAP start applying for other jobs and obviously don't sync your life to make a statement right start applying for other jobs just get ready to bail as soon as possible because yeah especially if they have both if they have a trust and Safety Council and a diversity and inclusion team that is like the reddest flag you could possibly have get the fuck out of there unless you were actually my first job out of college I'm not gonna lie they they triggered all the red flags as well I knew that I knew it was going to shit but I stayed around anyway just to watch the dumpster fire and I was not disappointed but if you're gonna do that make sure you actually don't do what I did and plan ahead yeah just uh have an escape plan ready to go that you can deploy at any time oh you go sneeze here oh man yeah oh yeah good good thing I muted that you guys have been deaf hmm easy make a hashtag air is racist to watch people fall for it NPCs drop like flies I wish someone tried that during the elections the whole jump against Trump thing unfortunately nobody did it but that's probably because the tech companies were squashing that meme yeah that's right no we told them to learn to code and this is the results time to kick them out of coding you know the thing is I don't believe any of these people are coders but you can just you can easily search through code files with anything that can search text like download grep win on your computer and you can search those code faster I bet these diversity hires just did a search of the code base for words they found offensive and this is the result you know this is a matter of utmost importance according to one of the documents obtained by the day because the cost of not doing this is the harm done to other Googlers every time they encounter these terms oh this this out here I realize now how fucking hard this article is gonna get through two paragraphs in and I already can't even I'm literally shaking hashtag Leary shaking hashtag can't even those house texts running and brave all of that man this it's a matter of utmost importance for them to waste all this time money and effort to to purge words out of their codebase because some what the cost of not doing this is the harm done to other Googlers every time they encounter these turn oh my god they they're gonna turn the whole world into a safe space you know what no fuck it fuck it how about if you can't handle the real world you go back into your safe space and fucking stay there forever I can assure you nothing of value will be lost from society's perspective nothing yeah fast act stunning and brave yes that's true starting and brave as well you know if this don't break the internet I don't know what will besides an EMP yeah that's true men this if this is the the matter of utmost importance for them instead of actually making functional products and having YouTube not Auto unsubscribe people at Google at Google in creativity essential to our mission in our culture and our values include treating each other with dignity the policy rationale for the new code reads that thought it's important that everyone can do their work without facing the harmful effects of bias and discrimination well what about people who aren't NPCs who are clearly being discriminated against by you fuckers all right they're all trite Nazis they're not people they don't count fire them as soon as you find them and then claim you're the most inclusive people around yeah fuck off however attempting our code base you I've and documentation can perpetuate that discrimination if this doesn't just reek of finding something to be offended by I don't know what does yeah I did this if this doesn't fucking prove what I've been saying for six fucking years now I don't know what will how much more proof do we need that professional victims will just keep moving the goalposts and keep digging further and further up their fat land whale asses to try to find something to be offended by because they this is what they do for a living if they don't have something oppressing them and offending them and discriminating against them they're out of work so they always keep moving the goalposts yeah and now air conditioning is sexist looking at someone wrong is racist code is discrimination they're never gonna stop until you fucking backhand them across their stupid fucking faces and say get lost nobody cares about you you're mentally ill get help you belong in a padded room until someone has the balls to do that this problem is just gonna keep growing it's never gonna go away yeah this documentation set forth guidance which aims to address disrespects with terminology and code and documentation before they go into production the respectful terminology for new code policy was written by senior fellow Sanjay Ghemawat and VP of engineering Suzanne Frey in April of current year – – it was modified in late July 2018 the later date coincides roughly with a campaign at Python to remove master/slave terminology from the programming language yeah you're gonna do that with hard drives – mm-hmm maybe the fact of the document also clarifies that this does not seem to be a program with well-defined procedures yeah you think you think yeah who decides which items in this document are approved anointed as disrespected what procedures followed to make this decision which senior executives established that procedure can you insert a link into that procedure there is no of oh yeah Wow okay you know what is if this if this was copied directly from it can you insert it a link to that proof maybe if the matter of utmost importance was fixing your fucking typos in your own official documents but yeah but no that's fine there is no official procedure right now the baseline is that master/slave should definitely change it is explicitly called out in the policy doc by the way but other terms in ongoing cleanup have enough people in agreement that they should be changed that clean up work is actively happening so whatever the mob gets offended by today we're gonna change that that's what this out document reads whatever is offending the hate mob at this specific moment we're gonna change they wow this is bending the knee 101 may as well have titled the document that ya the guidance of this policy talk is to you is to use your judgment and ask your project to organization's diversity and inclusion team they have multiple diversity and inclusion teams holy fucking how is Google still turning on a pro is Google start making a profit are they or are they pretty much like Twitter I know them where they rely entirely on on constantly ripping off new investors oh god this this is just sickening we effed that people you think judgment about what terms might be inappropriate the document reads if you have questions you can ask your diversity and inclusion product team at was an app product inclusion if you think that some people could be offended by a term avoid that term I'm offended by diversity and inclusion when are you guys gonna stop using that term something tells me you're just gonna tell me to shut the fuck up aren't you what a coincidence that's exactly how I say we should handle you guys hmm huh one clear example two if to avoid the youth of the term Flav which is often used in a master/slave Association teams renaming determine should decide what is the best replacement that fits the product yeah engineers are exhorted to avoid problematic terms in names of variables types functions build rules binaries exported variable test data system mapper and displays documentation and comments yeah if I was a develop well I am a developer but if I was a developer working for a company that did shit like this that's my cue to leave nope I am out of this fucking shithole I am done if you're policing the names of my variables ya get fucked I don't want to work there nope yeah if the term is reference in the context of a third and teenth codebase work with that team to identify a clear descriptive alternate term yeah if okay if again if I was working there and I had some fucking soy boy cock walk into my office with some emergency to talk about and that emergency was they didn't like one of the variables in our code I would probably have to go to the hospital because I'd be laughing so hard and then I'd probably be fired for offending sir yeah your team can enable a Preetha midtech in your codebase to help catch tombs automatically yeah yeah just just have the Stasi always watch everything you check in yeah make sense man the second document obtained by the day the collar is tired of cleaning up disrespectful terms in existing systems and it contains a list of terms of the companies working to fade out of its existing code the terms master and slave have long been used in technology to refer to relationship between devices Google is working to phase it out among the suggestive eternal alternatives are primary replicas master replicas elder follower now that that's a gist by the way or so much more creatively master minion yeah yeah you know you know how we let's let's keep fucking with them let's every time any one of us wants to use the word slave let's use replica or follower or minion instead death yeah yeah let's I've said this before every time they get offended at a word and try to phase it out of existence we just need to turn the new word that replace it with into an insult make sure that they like the words are constantly cycling and funny enough that's actually what happened to the word retarded because retarded was originally the non offensive way of calling someone of referring to someone who would otherwise have just been called stupid because they know he's not stupid he's retarded he has an actual mental issue so it was less offensive to just refer to them by their mental disability than to just call them stupid and now you can't use the word retarded anymore because that became offensive and so so what's next and so I say instead of calling someone retarded to just call them mentally disabled or mentally challenged turn that into an insult and wait until that is also the next yeah wait until that's the next offensive word that gets banned yeah the fact for the posse suggests there are over a hundred thousand instances of slave in the non silo's part of g3 so the document states that invoking slavery at the metaphor is insensitive given both a historical brutality of slavery and the fact that the type of human rights violations still happened today the fact that this is the biggest problem in your lives should say all we need in this situation this is something that a someone in the utmost position of privilege can complain about and nobody else even in the US no working-class person who's just worried about putting food on the table gives a fuck about this this just reeks of privileged upper class white gated community bullshit right here another suggestion is to rename red line to present because redlining also refers to a racist practice dividend denying various services to specific often racially associated neighborhoods really it also refers to to pretty much destroying the engine on your fucking car because you push the RPMs into the redline but no no so you can't use that in automotive terms either huh because a bunch of idiots got offended so and this again is what people like me have been warning about for years if you keep changing at yourself to to appease the perpetually offended pieces of shit out there it's never gonna end there's always gonna be somebody who gets offended by something you do so are you gonna are you literally just gonna stop existing because your mere existence offends somebody the only correct solution to someone being offended is tell them I don't care fuck off nobody cares about your fucking feelings go away eat a dick that is the only correct solution when dealing with offended people fuck you I don't care that's all you got to say fuck you I don't care whether as TFM says the five magic words yeah fuck you I don't care be offended I couldn't care less fuck off nobody gives a shit about you or your feelings but unfortunately again our quote-unquote our side is so filled with cocks it's never gonna happen yeah a third suggestion pertains to terms whitelist and blacklist with the comment that this is not a bad path usage or origins but the connotations these terms have today terminology equating black to negative and wifes to positive treble of me and I'd like to make theory we can write inclusive lay so in case you wonder why all of googles products keeps getting shitty er it's because they care more about this than writing good code well no I'm not even kidding I know how much more this shit I can take but oh thank god it's almost well I thank God it's almost over anticipating the objection that the usages of redlining and master and slave and computing have little have nothing to do with the history of American race relations not little nothing they say would can have multiple meanings than origins and while one person might not think about the sensitive non-technical meaning of a word another person might and that's the person you tell to fuck off depending on the backend the argument I don't think of this word of the problem should not exclude it from critiquing terms on this list it of explanation for why they're on the list and what other meanings or connotations they might have ah so yeah you know I'm gonna I'm gonna pull it up here let me let me just I'm gonna do a search real quick because it's relevant yeah yeah this this is I know I'm pulling up Wikipedia but you know what this is you know I mean this is the textbook definition of Newspeak yeah the language of Oceania a fictional totalitarian state and sending in 1984 to meet the ideological requirements of English socialism Oceania the ruling party created Newspeak a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary meant to limit the freedom of thought personal identity self-expression free will that threatens the ideology of the regime of Big Brother and the party who have criminalized such concepts into thoughtcrime this these so-called anti-fascists are the ones that are literally creating a fascist totalitarian thought policing state and they are so fucking stupid and brainwashed they honestly believe they are the good guys they are the Freedom Fighters that is just sad yeah it's I'd actually feel sorry for these idiots if they weren't just outright wrong of all reason and logic in the world but as it stands now fuck it I don't feel soft whatever happens to these people as a result of their idiocy they deserve they earned everything they got coming to them so this lift won't be thousand of words long Ling guys if you put more effort into actually spell checking your own your own professional documents then policing other people's words oh my god and yes it will be thousands of words long Oh even include every possible mono fillable word is it only contain terminology that is actively coughing harm and disrespect to co-workers how about diversity and inclusion yeah there may be a last few percent that can't be changed within our own code wave because of for example external dependencies but we haven't reached that point if a team does not reach that point those reasons to be documented ideally they won't have an explanation of how much time it will take and who ultimately decided it wouldn't be done for example trump ff8 could improve its explanation for why it wasn't to renate but doing these things yeah yeah there's I need a I need a I need some nice horny dragons to look at because this that was that was I think I lost a good 20 IQ points off of that I I'm never going to get those brain cells back that was of all the stupid shit I cover that that's bad that's among the top ones right there I I can't even think of I can't even think of words anymore it broke me this this fuck the stupid broke me man oh and hemorrhoid thank you for the two bucks instead of kissing babies you to punch NPCs vote RG yeah that's right you know all these other politicians they go around and kiss babies to get supports nah I'd show up – I'd show up where NPCs are in punch um yeah and that's why my campaign would last all of like five minutes and then I'd be in jail and I got 18 nine think of the five bucks people keep ignoring my warnings of these trout Kong and trad con anime avatars who infiltrate our communities and shriek about degeneracy just because the left is enemy number one what other people might but I did a video a few years ago that's even titled Mike was beware of the right-wing sjw's Zardoz might think of the five bucks binary reader trump reader equals new binary reader can I use that no nope because it's a it's it's offensive I guess ya referring hearing your own presidents name maybe that's that's why they're butthurt every time they see the words Trump they're reminded of their crushing defeat in 2016 and their trump derangement syndrome just comes back in full force and just a McDonald thing with the two books are G how do you cope with ineligible monetization thanks to you know you you answered your own question kind of you gave me two two shekels right there that's how I cope with ineligible for monetization right there yeah I don't I make I think I make like three bucks a day on average off of advertiser revenue now on on YouTube it's all you guys at this point I'm only beholden to my own fans my own audience yeah advertisers can go eat a dick now fucking a YouTube can go eat a dick now it's all uh it's all you guys at this point and candy crush think of the two bucks this noise will make youtube self-aware malware it might oh well actually not oh there's no way it can be self-aware though it'll probably just be like yeah it'll probably just be just like running a recursive delete at the root directory it's just you know it's it's a fully automated self-destroying system you and the diesel be Titan thank you for the five bucks these people are a positive argument for abortion even for abortions at three hundred and sixty nine months yeah yeah that's actually why uh you went when there was that whole fiasco over the post birth abortion stuff going on a few months back I was the one being reasonable because I was there saying you know if you're gonna legalize post post birth abortions how about you set the bar up to like ninety or a hundred years old because there's plenty of people who should be aborted you and Tabitha one won't thank you for another dollar my friendly neighborhood tofu thing of the five since my work doesn't use get or something similar I'm tempted to inserts politically incorrect code var TIG ol bitties equals true yeah yeah Oh God and then that that's that see when the diversity and inclusion Council know shows up to try to uh you know police all the wrong think in your code they're gonna look for bigote T's but they're gonna miss that one that's true and The Fatman fifty six things with the five bucks these people are so messed up if they can't find something to be offended by they build something to be offended by yeah they do because they are professional victims professional grievance mongers this is what they do for a living they need to always have something to be offended by and to be oppressed by or us they're not gonna make money in the DS V Titan thing with the five bucks okay Google I find binaries offensive develop a new system architecture you transphobic shitheels yeah that's true you know you know what I find uh yeah I find dll's yeah I find library files offensive you guys should stop using it Google yeah I find config files grossly offensive you know no let lets go take it further dot CS files and dot C files are horribly offensive dot H files o dot py files yeah it's it's horrible how do you let this offensive shit on your computer's Google and Kai Magnus think of the five bucks slave is so inappropriate they prefer indentured servants yeah oh yeah that's yeah that would have been a that being a nicer replacement right there due up and do indentured servant and master instead of slave and master yeah Jackson's sorry Anna may think of the two bucks NPC order go yeah yeah that's right Exe files also now exe files are transfer Bukh because I said so don't ask for specifics yeah yeah this is gonna be great yeah run T run thing do the five bucks how much does someone have to pay to hire a Japanese software development company to build a new search engine app with none none of the PC stuff probably a lot of money actually if you want a cheap development team you'd have to go to China or India and the dzb Titan think of the two books German God makes everything better yup especially when she's not eating ships or any of that stuff she's known for yeah for Sonic 23 think about the two books we need a parody song that makes fun of NTC's not dude everything makes fun of NPCs by default to be honest with you yeah yeah cuz they they're offended by everything so technically everything makes fun of them alright and a criminal Majan Asian thing for the five bucks they forced me off hasta fer I had no choice but to kill them all Google on trial in 2019 yeah that's what we actually we're gonna make we gonna get to that towards the end actually actually that's the very end couldn't Rajesh they go another five bucks safe word will be replaced by snuggle but can't say safer anymore yeah mmm no NPCs can't mean but they sure are plenty of them that that is so damn true that is a true statement ray yeah NPCs can't mean but they can become memes that's true men okay so let's let's get back into it's good news Samurai Shodown producer says sexy characters were added because of fan demand Wow so we got one company look at that the giving fans exactly what they want while SNK corporation just launched their Samurai Shodown reboot a handful of folks are still questioning design choices the developer made decades ago and you now see SNK they took a bit of a hiatus when they went for pachinko for a while but then they've been coming back and making a lot of good decisions Samurai Shodown producer Yasuyuki oda sounded off on the themes and character designs in the series in an interview with what the fuck you doing interviews with fucking fake news drama rags like polygons guys now you know well but then again I guess this is the only reason you get questions like this because the drama monger NPCs are the only ones that stir the shit with this the only fucking ones when asked how they felt about having sexualized female characters in the series and somewhat in the new game mode I responded we give the fans what they want so they're obviously going to be people that are critical about these types of things but the fans really wanted characters like cheeky they wanted characters like male fighter Yoshi Tora you know a very sexy playboy so it might seem like in classes with what we originally had in the early games but each game is its own different iteration in the series yeah exactly this is how you can this is how a series is gets successful right and more often than not you very rarely see a sequel that actually improves on the original and more often than not it's a disappointment right but this is how you actually correctly grow and nurture a series you released the first game you listen to the feedback from your actual fans are not NPCs not these reading fuckers on social media who aren't your customers anyway fuck them let them scream all they want just ignore him but the people who actually bought your game listen to them listen to what they want and give them what they want lastly he reaffirmed their commitment they're fans by giving them what they want we decided that these are characters that people want so we're going to put them in the game he said that's right listen to your fucking customers listen to your fans as opposed to the retards at polygon all they they don't even play games I have you seen you do you remember polygon the gameplay video of polygon playing doom you guys remember that there are no gamers at polygon they're all just NPC activists they only want to destroy everything we love about the industry and the sooner more companies like SNK wake up to this fact the better off everyone will be man Samurai Shodown is now available for piss-poor and ex bone the Windows PC and internal switch versions the plans for a release in q4 this year so that's what I'll be getting it cuz I don't have an X bone in my piss-poor is nothing but a blu-ray player so yeah once it comes out on PC I'll be picking it up and oh yeah and that that's another thing they did right apparently they also turns down epic exclusivity let me let me just verify that let me verify that did oh let me look that up ah yup there it is from last month yeah look look at this look at look at this come on Samurai Shodown devs turned down an exclusivity deal on an unnamed PC sales plan which which platform could they possibly be referring to which platform is possibly just trying to buy up exclusives on PC yo hmm Nobuyuki kuroky director and art director of the upcoming samurai shodown reboot has done an interview with korean gaming website game focus and it seems that developer SNK has turned down next who sip deal for the PC release of the fighting game by an undisclosed PC download sales platform which one could it possibly be could it be epic it nah no it has to be GOG I mean GOG are the ones that have been just gobbling up all the exclusive like forcing exclusivity deals and if you don't like its then just wait a year yeah it's yeah it's GOG mmm definitely can't be epic epics a good boy epic didn't do nothing yeah so SNK these motherfuckers they they know what the fans want right there but funny enough notice how when a company is at the top like Sony they start to feel like they can dictate to the fans what they're gonna get and then when they're trying to work their way up from the bottom again like SNK is they suddenly care about what the fans want imagine how successful these companies would be if they kept caring about what the fans want even after they reached the top huh something to think about all right let's take a look at Diamond sweet-ass this time around I get see if I have any shekels to get caught up on here Oh course I'm do you think you for the 5 bucks there can't wait for the bomb to drop on every major journal site that says every game studio is awake and turns away from these NPCs yeah that's that's what I'm waiting for – to be honest with you I'm not gonna lie min if I when it comes time for me to release my own projects I'm not even gonna respond to requests for interviews from from sites that I know are hostile towards gamers and comic fans and anime fans anything else now if you're if you are clearly hostile to the very community you claim to represent and report on I'm not even gonna deny I'm just I'm just gonna completely ignore you just pretend they don't exist that's the only way we're ever gonna get rid of these fuckers yeah that's it that's the only way that's ever gonna happen ok copy there we go Nina's Palala paid her thingie with the 5 bucks instead of master/slave maybe NPC for non-primary component that oh that is perfect yep master NPC let's do that instead or on the or PC NPC yeah primary component and non primary component perfect that's brilliant right there men and I think they'll still write a hit piece on you know I know see when when these uh when these smear merchants who asked you for an interview they're already writing a hit piece on you it's guaranteed the hit piece is gonna happen the only difference is if you actually give them the interview then the hit piece that they end up writing about you is gonna is gonna include your own words that they're gonna completely spin and cut out of context right it's what they like what they did to diversity in comics they yeah well he went on yeah it's not some cooked Comedy Central show I don't even know what I think was Jim yeah Jim Jefferies I think yeah they they they cut up his interview to a kind of like the question that the guy asked and the answer that diversity and comics gave and it was not for the same question and answer pair for example they will deceptively edit everything you say right yeah so just and then they're gonna use your own words to attack you for instance if you say I support freedom for all fiction I'm against censoring any any drawings any anything that's fictional should not be censored you say that and then when they report on it they'll say something like oh are GE just admitted to supporting pedophiles cuz he doesn't want lollies and showed a band that's the type of smear merchants we're dealing to them they're gonna write the hit piece regardless of whether or not you talk to him the only difference is if you talk to them they're gonna use your own words for ammo when writing that hit piece so don't let them have it alright yeah Oh Oh outside no tell the NPC rags the only response to interview requests from journalists that's that oh yeah I if I wanted to yeah I'll do it EVs didn't just make a video giving them a troll response yet that's know that that that's you that's the exception if I could find a way to monetize them I'll monetize them but I'm not I'm not gonna give them an easy job when it comes to monetizing me so yeah okay let me just is refresh here double check and then we're gonna jump into the next one alright so so we here we have SNK again two brilliant decisions within a month one the fans want sexy characters so give them sexy characters and to the fans don't want epic exclusives so it's not going to be epic exclusive on the flip side we got fruit bat factory yeah so Nora told you know tone or an echo hearts team discussions run afoul of censorship yep so it's better known in english-speaking parts as the princess the stray cat and matters of the heart can't seem to catch a break when it comes to censorship the game was heavily censored on the piss-poor the r18 Plus version was obviously not released on switch and discussion about the censored version on Steam has apparently been censored what a shock for those of you who don't know the Steam version of the game is based on the switch version which is sensor to all fuck and the dust thus it does not contain any of the erotic content from the version that came out years before on the PC the steam version also contains 17 new sequences of course not none with no fanservice in there along with an amusing scene however this still wasn't enough to sate the interest of fans who clearly wanted the original uncensored version so what did fans do they talked about it on the forums until fruit bat factory made it where they couldn't talk about it on the forums that's how you can spot a developer that's not worth supporting or a localizer in this case when you call them out on their shit and they respond by locking threads and banning people from their forums instead of answering the questions as noted by Twitter user Hayati who was banned from from the forums for the threads discussing censorship are either deleted or merged into a big thread and then that thread was locked yeah yeah what's the best way to push your sales number for your censored game censoring the discussions about it I'm actually I'm actually curious man huh I wonder how it's doing right now wait what did steep ah I'm gonna have to find it I keep forgetting what the actual URL is – steam steam powered ooh there we go is it gonna have the Japanese name no no it's not oh wait what was it no okay what was the actual name okay there we go let's see let's see 43 reviews in them within a month okay let's see uh what's going to the community hub 6 and group chat nobody's really nobody's really talking about it until except when they're talking about the censorship yeah I think it's safe to say nobody wants the censored version Wow a little bit of a spoiler there yeah all right so where where was I oh there we are okay if you attempt to visit the original large threat from back in February that titled is there going to be an 18 plus patch it's now locked yup the second threat that was started in the middle of June during the game's release was also locked after about 6 pages with the developer attempting to curb the disco about the censorship heavy alterations to the game I wonder what they're trying to hide however after an hour if the fruitbat developer reneged on the censorship and opened the threat backup warning to play nice and stay on yes stay on topic so when can we get the uncensored version yeah the problem here is that the developers informed the community that do tell licensing is it's nothing but excuses yeah and see the here's the I mean I'm quite sure they had some higher-up is telling them to lie but it's an excuse it's censored and then they always just have to make shit oh oh tell tell them it's a licensing issue tell them the the source code is different tell them we don't we don't have access to the source code yeah no that's not gonna fly so due to licensing issues that don't have access to the full version of the game when gamers asked if it would be possible to gain the patch the suggestion was shot down because the Steam version runs on a different and gin Oh No it runs on a different engine so we couldn't even put the hentai images in if we wanted to so what what happens let's get to that let's get to it so basically it's gimped it's the gimped all-ages version without any of the good content from the Japanese PC version and and no official patches are made but the community has taken it upon themselves to fix what was supposed to be unfixable yeah it's a different engine we can't do it and meanwhile here come fans and mothers who don't even have access to the source code that fix this shit they've already released an 18 Plus restoration patch for some of the existing C G's and others are currently still toiling away at an English version patch for the original Japanese version of the game with all the scenes yeah it's unfortunate that this poor game has undergone so much censorship and has become a contentious point for visual novel fans who just want to play the uncut uncensored version on Steam instead they're caught in a multi-faceted censorship battle over the yeah yeah first Sony censored it and then now the Western releases censor idea oh look at that the sensors respond they state that the other user has been Beijing AB and yeah calling them out on their censorship one too many times is baiting a ban yeah so he was uh so he was issued a one-week ban from the steam community and uh okay so so the valve they just talking about is why the user got banned I really don't care about that all I don't care about is the censorship yeah so the comment wasn't the history wasn't removed and oh let's see and it's evident in the posting history so let's see why he did make note of the seven-day ban via a twat but did acknowledge that the thread was opened up again on the steam forums yeah they aren't deleting threads but merging them into one if they're making topics that are duplicates the the one that used to be locked until they got called on having it locked yeah so this actually prompted me to go on a Twitter tirade because oh man this I'm gonna go through because this this was just too good to pass up yeah look at that textbook example of why developers and localizers are laughing stocks these days they tell you and we can't give you the uncensored version cuz of in third excusive here meanwhile the fans just D censor it themselves usually within a day yeah yep and this this one here the the big one the big one developers if your excuse for not giving the fans what they want is some technical reason like it's too difficult to code a different engine no access to the source code or something like that and a moderate or fan accomplishes this quickly without any access to set code you're the ones that look like incompetent liars yeah so again if it's too difficult for the developer who has access to the code to D censor the game but a fan without any source code access is able to D Center you are either lying or you're incompetent or more likely both you're an incompetent liar yeah then I just you know these were just these were warning shots and then I unleashed the broadside maybe this is the reason publishers keep firing deaf teams and replacing them so fast after every release huh if some modern Canada thin a day what you've been claiming was too difficult or impossible for months said modder should be given your jobs to be honest prove me wrong prove me wrong guys if these developers claim it can't be done four months and then a modder does it within days maybe that modders should be given their jobs maybe yeah and there's there's more to this one too yeah where where is there we go yeah it's like actually responding to someone who said something here too so this dude said kind of like how cybersecurity companies will hire people that broke their security to improve their security if only game companies looked at the indie scene and paid attention to success there and I'll point out they used to this a lot of this is how you used to get hired into a game company one game before gaming was mainstream in that in the late 1990s I think was the last time I've saw this happen maybe even into the early 2000s game companies actually hired from within they hired talented people within their own communities they hired from within their modding communities and all that shit now they suddenly stopped being and now instead of viewing modders as a talent pool to draw from they view them as competition this is just fucking sad it's pathetic yeah they have well I guess this is what happens when no going back to my usual topic of bloat these big ol companies became bloated and they're filled with useless people who would rather try to protect their own jobs and understanding for well how useless they are then bring in talented people to actually make better product yeah yeah unfortunately the moderates pro-trump so they can't hire him ah I wouldn't be surprised if that was actually true you know the story of Bethesda games yeah goddamn yeah Bethesda releases a new Elder Scrolls game and then within the next two or three days mods fix all the bugs yeah that's some good shit okay I'm just kidding copy Oh alga Moo to think with a $6.99 again I think you can have a live debate it's a little safer so long as it's in a neutral space uh maybe no well I'm when it comes to the games journalists and let's see that was actually my original thought if one of them wanted to talk to me I just tell them come onto my stream then I'm as long as I'm monetizing you I'm fine with it but then I remembered what what happened to young you when he had Jason's fryer on and Schreyer was he being himself I guess and X operating thank you for the $1.99 you're breathtaking I am taking a lot of breath now oh yeah got a freaking stuffy nose from having to be outside again uh dangerous out there man yeah a lot of a lot of horrible shit man yeah RGV for Skyrim – no actually I the last time I was modding games that was and I think I I put some more I actually added some more maps into command & Conquer renegade a single-player command & Conquer mode one with the bots at least partially I did that on my own and and they are then with vampire the masquerade bloodlines the original one they they I had I ran into two problems with that game two big problems actually one it had a bug in the source engine where if you had a 64-bit operating system with more than 2 gigs of RAM it failed the RAM check and it always did the game just failed to launch because it said you don't have enough memory to run it so I was sitting there with my 8 gigs of RAM which was a whole shitload back then on my 64-bit operating system and I couldn't get the game to run because I didn't have enough RAM so I took a hex editor to the source engine and just ripped out the memory check completely and then now I could get the game running and then I found out it had no widescreen resolution which pissed me the fuck off because I just had a new widescreen monitor that my first widescreen monitor so then I went right back into that fucking source engine file and hacked in a wide screen resolution that's all just basic shit but I don't think I'd bothered with that today cuz I mean that's back when I had a lot more free time so I could afford to spend all day learning how to do that and do it yeah but either way either way man vent yeah oof on vampire yeah vampire the masquerade bloodlines rest in peace man got woke probably gonna go broke oh well yeah command conquer and engage a cheesy bye I love y'all dude comment the single-player campaign was average at best its command & Conquer mode where it shined I wish I mean I actually fuck maybe that's one of the things I'll thats on my to-do list now is I'm gonna bring back a team-based shooter like that that brings back command & Conquer mode that was that was so fucking fun well why hasn't anybody replicated that yeah well I guess I guess is it because it would be too hard to monetize and current here wouldn't it that's probably the reason a lot of good ideas from 20 years ago are never gonna see the light of day again because they're not easy to monetize and losing Center 5/6 thing with the two books you ever watched the fall of fallout 76 I've been watching the fall of fallout 76 since it launched actually but now if you're referring to a specific video I did not see it snow all right amis refresh stream labs here ooh sweet so a criminal Majan Asian thinking another two bucks viens are nothing without the sexy time why even release a hentai game on Steam yeah why release a hentai game on Steam without the hentai in its things there's no point it'll be like pornhub all of a sudden not allowing porn and PSN green scorpion she had 20 bucks thanks I heard you like censorship bro yeah all right so so the yeah so Sony's company yep Oh actually yeah in this case yeah they got double hit first Sony censored the game and then it was resented on well or then then the censored version obviously was ported to the switch which was then given to the PC yeah instead of porting the Japanese PC release that was uncensored to Steam I mean PC released a PC release wouldn't that just make the most sense i fellow coders in the chat if you were bringing if you were releasing a game on PC and you have to choose between bringing over the switch version or the PC version which one would you bring over and they chose the fucking censored switch version yeah that's that's incompetence and that squared no.not squared cubed and competence to the 30th power goddamn it that's what that is so yeah instead of getting the uncensored PC version on PC we got the double sensor switch yeah this this is fucking ridiculous yeah these guys don't know what they're doing what why I even bother yeah exactly why even bother with the release when this is what you're gonna do we saw what they're not with how much attention their game got yeah that's right porting sounds like more work you got it they went through the efforts to porch the censored switch version instead of just adding the steam API to the already uncensored PC version that would have been so much easier if they just ported the PC version but no no we can't do that we're not ported I mean yet none yeah if they just took the jet and they all they had to have to do is translate it that's it they have to translate the game either way whether they're porting it from the switch or the or the PC but if they took the PC version that's all they'd have to do just translate it and attach the steam the wrapper to the game that's it but instead they ported the switch version to PC translated it and then put the wrapper on it incompetence what can I say okay I'm just refresh this jung-in Oh kuru 13 things with the five bucks faith is one of the few V ends or you could remove most H scenes but not but even the HF movie we couldn't justify removing them all yeah actually that's that it that is true that's yeah the in the even if going back to the original fate/stay night game it almost did feel like the the H scenes were just added to take a checkbox most of the rest of it was not that yeah all right that's so now this is actually the one I've been looking forward to the most gap social media platform is decentralizing and looks to raise 10 million to be a good luck with that I'm gonna save my pointing and laughing for the end but I'm actually kind of disappointed in in Brandon here the owner of niche gamer cuz listen to what he says gab the free speech absolutists so Media Network provable lie has announced their decentralizing and relaunching their platform as a federated network of intertwined servers the relaunch was a decentralized unregulated hub was done on July 4th uh-huh the goal for their with their relaunch is to become immune to D platforming campaigns from the platform holders in Silicon Valley as many reports have pointed to gap being a host too far rights and authorized propagandists the key thing here is gab doesn't want to police every user on their services remember keep this in mind gab decentralized relaunched as a federated network of intertwine servers the goal to become immune to D platforming they don't want to police every user tawba embraced the open source platforms and decentralized text so much so that all of gap services are now Forks of popular open source platforms that's code for saying he's just stealing other people's work and releasing it as his own and it's it's extra funny like with Mastodon so the it's browser is a fork of the brave browser they swapped the brave tokens for Bitcoin yeah that's pretty much the only change they did because turbo wants turbo wants them bitcoins for his pocket gab social is now a fork of mastodon same mastodon that he was insulting because not yet now sorry i said i was gonna save this for the end i'm gonna i'm gonna do all the pointing and laughing at once so just bear with if you guys are actually gap supporters and wonder what my beef is with them i will explain it all at the end to trust me all of the servers are interconnected meaning users from one case yes so basically they they cloned them they literally copied mastodons code gap is now mastodon basically and they have their own feta verse now coming from this anyone anywhere in the world will be able to set up their own gap social server so they they copied mastodon literally they copied their code yeah alright this coupled with all the core systems built on top of existing platforms that millions use across itunes android and more essentially makes it impossible to deploy from gab any further they would have to ban was a Google Apple and whoever would have to be in all the open-source apps that they use to ha to avoid any further hiccups gab is also expecting to raise ten million in a safe dollars in a Series A funding round it's don't fall for the scam men investors can use Bitcoin to buy shares and gab it you're never gonna recoup on that investment guys yeah what the network is cutely referring to us free speech money huh do you know the goal with the crowdfunding is to expand their team and build out gabs infrastructure both the hosting process and the processing and payment levels Oh again if all goes well check back on Friday I've got some big news on the hosting payment levels of the payment processing yeah oh it's gonna be good yeah torben noted that the move to decentralize was to ensure they did their parts to decentralize the web and ensure that freedom digital sovereignty and privacy comes first this is why I had to save it for the end let's let's go through this again yep so they relaunched it as a federated network of intertwined servers they decentralized they did this to become immune to D platforming tour by himself tawbah right now decentralized the web and ensure that freedom digital sovereignty and privacy come first what was tourbus saying last year or earlier this year even huh I wonder let me let me find that yeah January of this year what was tourbus saying what what what was what was tourbus saying I mean let me pull it up here cuz this is this is important they remembered that that was torben now this is tor but this is tor but from a few you from a few months ago D central decentralized that was your networks and content make it impossible for anyone to remove child porn Social Security numbers credit cards etc it is an utterly moronic idea oh well we can just remove that stuff from the front end Congrats you wasted time building on top of garbage slow and expensive blockchain based system for nothing and this is the important one here the only people who will benefit from decentralized social networks are criminals and pedophiles so which one are you tor bah are you a criminal or a pedophile or both because I guess pedophiles are criminals as well which one are you yeah which one are you tor by your own words yeah and they fucking blocked me on twatter for calling them because this was me calling them on this shit yeah when they were see they were calling for decentralized money processors and I said actually listen to what your own founder has to say about decentralization right here and they they still they double down thing oh well they fit different I mean this is we're talking about payment processors not social media yeah yeah ok so the only people who benefit from decentralized money moving are mafias and human traffickers right by tourbus standards so yeah this is fucking tore BA from from a few months ago the only people who will benefit from a decentralized social network are criminals and pedophiles torpor right now we're gonna defense relies in the web and ensure that freedom digital sovereignty and privacy comes first and even the back one before that fucking cock blocked me on twatter he was I mean he was actually using he was talking down a mastadon funny enough oh if you if you want no actual freedom of speech and a decentralized network just used mastodons that's where all your sick demonic lolly shit is here's here's turba gap is now nothing more than a fork of mastodon all the shit that he was talking shit about half a year ago now they're implementing oh my you could not make this up you cannot make this shit up yeah I guess he you know from a business perspective he did make the correct move here honestly this is the right move I'm sure he realized that nobody is going to move from centralized and a censored trader to centralized and censored boomer trader also known as gab yeah I think the only the only valuable contribution that gab has made and even then this is kind of arguable is dissenter that's it the center is the only thing that gab did that actually has value in my opinion everything else has been done better by other people already that do not fall for this fucking scam just use mastodons you do not need to use gab gab is nothing but Master Donner right there gap is a fork of Master Don that's all it is don't don't waste your time don't give these con artists any more money all you got to do to just just just use powwow or Barack that's it if you want actual free speech platforms use those yeah and it's it's actually kind of sad how few people remember Tour buff from 6-7 months ago yeah but I remember because this is what got him to block me on twatter was me calling him out on this shit and now know everything that I was arguing with him on he pretty much bent the knee and took my side this so you fuck yes I'm gonna gloat I'm gonna do the fuck you I was right dance God pointed laugh in your face and say hey I told you so imagine if this motherfucker had had done this years ago instead of fighting me he would have been in a lot better place but no no just to the bitter end he fought a against decentralization he fought for censorship to the bitter end until it was his last choice don't trust anything this fucker does because this is entirely a business decision that he did here he found himself and his centralized sensible platform getting D platformed and his only option was to do what he said only would benefit criminals and pedophiles yeah yeah so so fuck yes I'm gonna gloat fuck yes I'm gonna point in laughs yeah Pepperidge Farms remembers yes that's that's a good point you know what this may be worth it yeah this this may be worth putting a little bit more effort into here let me uh let me go here let's see I know somebody cut it off into its own video yeah okay here we go here we go I'm just gonna I'm just gonna put put this here wait wait up wait I'm gonna I'm gonna turn the volume up so you guys can hear it just this is this is me right now when it comes to gab need i say more need i say more yeah okay let's let's get caught up on some shekels now Oh God I was not expecting to go on that much of a rant but but I did oh damn cut 1889 thank you for the two books I want someone please think of the society yeah yeah they like to use that one too huh we live in a fatality mmm yeah yeah so so you know what oh yeah III love it when they talk about like lost right cuz when I flat out say that even if they banned hentai I wouldn't give a fuck I'd still I'd just boot up the VPNs and keep watching all the hentai I want and all these cocks come out like oh you can't just pick and choose which laws you follow where society will fall apart if everybody was as cooked as you we'd still have prohibition because you guys I hope you realize the only reason prohibition was repealed is because nobody gave a fuck the government declared alcohol is illegal now and the population said hey you keep telling yourself that and that's why they repealed it because eventually they realized that not only it does nobody give a fuck about this law but they've actually created organized crime as we know it yeah so fuck these cocks that'll tell you otherwise if this if it's a blatantly unconstitutional like victimless crime behavioural control law ignore it at your leisure just be very careful how you do it because sometimes they will actually know arrest you for it but if you can get away with it do it yeah I'm telling you now ignore all these unconstitutional laws that's the one thing I actually agree with antiphon hashtag resist yeah anyway Amy let me see what did I well captain zero zero eight zero thank you for the 1000 copd I just hear demon lollies no no you heard demonic lolly said that's pretty much what tour buff when he was going on his tirade sigh oh I consider its demonic and did you knew it and now he seems to support it by proxy by providing a decentralized platform which is nothing but nothing but a mastodon fork with minor changes to it yeah right now I just got to get through stream labs make sure no oh I am behind ha sigh pause think of in the two books we don't wants to police all of our users equal we will police some of our users yeah Twila does the same thing what do you think the blue checkmarks for that's why they removed my Lowe's actually cuz yeah they weren't gonna crack down on him while he still had a blue checkmark that would make him look bad well yeah that's it'll probably just like mastodons because Mastodon is sjw central but if you stay off of the main one was Mastodon dot social they they will ban you from that but if you go to one of the the other instances that isn't a piece of shit like Peru or Barack they can't touch you there and Eric think you're the five bucks a ragin gonna go do you think the Japanese government should just abolish article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan for censoring porn and hentai in Japan yes they definitely should but unfortunately Japan and well this is a double-edged sword because Japan being so stuck in their ways is the reason they've resisted the npc's as long as they have but on the flip side them being stuck in their ways is why they refuse to D censor blep porn and this it it's a worthless law because they still allow you to import uncensored porn into Japan you can watch all the uncensored porn you want if it was brought in from the outside you just can't make it uncensored in Japan it's a completely worthless law but some Boomer apparently is just won't let it go so they're not gonna do it yeah alright let's see yes I should be caught up now alright let's let us resume then so from fuck you I was right this the final piece of information Oh actually you know what I'm gonna bring that before I get to how this ended up let's see I need to show you context with this next article is going to be talking about this the original of it been removed already which is what we're going to talk about but marker took a screenshot so let's that this is from fake books own community standards they say quote do not post threats that could lead to death and other forms of highest high severity violence of any targets where threat is defined as any of the following statements of intent to commit a survey to violence or cause for high severity violence unless the target is an organization or individual covered in the dangerous individuals and organizations policy or is described as having carried out violent crimes or sexual offences where in criminal predator status has been established by Meteor ports marking knowledge of news events etc so no no death threats no threats of violence no calls to violence unless it's against the people we don't like so yeah mark Kern did a nice summary there so fakebook issues a new policy bans death threats or statements that could lead to violence great unless a weight fakebook like violence and death threats against Nazis are okay yeah who's a Nazi whoever the media tells us this is real this is what fake book actually did they actually put this shit out on their community standards yesterday and then they took it down because this is the article they backtracked fake book quietly deletes policy encouraging violent threats against people they don't like yeah yeah they may have backtracked but as I pointed out on Twitter we now know exactly what fake books views as a corporation art no matter how much they try to lie no matter how much they try to claim their unbiased no matter how much they try to claim they are against violence we now know exactly where they stand they can't lie a but this is why it's so important we know let me those of us on our side we've known for years this is what fake book and Google and Twitter all believe but now we have proof we actually have proof that this is exactly what fake books views are that's why this is important so after fake book was caught Tuesday encouraging violent threats against individuals it's deemed dangerous on its platform including Laura Lu Marin Paul Joseph Watson the company has quietly removed that part of its Terms of Service on Wednesday so update fake book has deleted its new policy that allowed violent threats against dangerous individuals quote unquote after a backlash dangerous individuals included anyone fake book didn't like Paul Joseph Watson pointed out yeah meanwhile actual dangerous individuals like Anne Tifa you can't even say I will violently defend myself against these violent thugs when they initiate violence against me even that will probably get you banned just by saying you'd actually defend yourself so the policy basically declared open season on any one whom fake book declares to be dangerous that obviously meant Loomer who the company banned from its platform for exactly that reason in May Tuesday the same day as the policy came to life Loomer announced a three billion dollar lawsuit against the company for punitive damages the site reported on the policy yes draconian updates of fake books community standards effectively allows for detractors of banned conservative media personalities to issue death threats against those classified by fake book as dangerous individuals yeah there's that screenshot again yep according to fake books recently updated a policy on violence and incitement death threats and incitement of violence are banned across the platform unless you're not in a protected group in which case it's open fuckin season yes really they used the words target as of its some sort of bounty yeah they did yep unless the target they really did so here's the new policy so threats that could lead okay that's all the same and so cost for how severity violence unless the target is an organization of individual covered in the dangerous individuals and organized policy way it sounds like it's still there yeah oh all right that's no no that is that is the new one yeah that that's the one before they retracted it yeah Oh actually no never mind never mind they looks like they looks like they still allow it but they remove them the part at the end of it or is described as having that no was or the media declares them so it looks like this looks like fake book is still allowing calls for high severity violence against non protected groups yeah so here's yeah here's Loomer statement I'm absolutely mortified to see that fake book one of the largest and most powerful social media companies in the world not for long I keep saying that these types of social media platforms have an expiration date built into them because you're never gonna get the youth to join because high schoolers don't want to be on the same social media platform as their mom and their grandma yeah so they haven't declared open season on my life you know Loomer is known to overreact just just for reference upon seeing the adjustment to a fake book community standards yesterday I thought it was so obscene that it must be photoshopped it then prompted me to look at the commune state as myself and to my horror it was not photoshopped at all you know the article was a while this article is being written fake book provided a statement backtracking about his policy reversal insisting that the language it used was used Mis yeah now it's just a prank guys it's just a prank we're taking it so seriously just a joke did the prank guys the language we previously used to describe our policies against violent an assignment was imprecise we have v replaced it more clearly explain the Parthian underlying rationale actually what what is it right now what is it right now what's what's the guide what's the URL I'm gonna have to hunt for this URL real quick just just give me give me a minute let me do some scrolling I'm gonna have to find it here where where's where's that garbage all right oh here is that it yeah okay let's just pull it up yeah I'm gonna pull it up right here okay so here's so here's what they what they so they did actually remove the unless the target is an organizational individual covered in yeah okay all right so let's see here oh what way what's this in some cases we see aspirational or conditional threats directed at terrorists or other violent actors IG terrorists deserve to be killed and we deemed those non-credible apps and specific evidence to the contrary so that means you can say that about anti-fur right because an Tifa are terrorists so if you say an Tifa deserves to be killed you'd be fine you should be fine yes okay so let's see here what is this oh so did they actually keep some of those let me see yeah it looks like they actually did remove at all I don't know yeah so instead of their yeah instead of that let's actually go directly there oh I guess they still have it I guess this is that they did actually backtrack completely it appears yeah yeah yeah it's just a prank bro yeah it's not a loop box it's a surprise mechanic cherrier and it's not piracy it's a surprise discount bitch yeah oh man but yeah now thanks to theirs thanks to their fuck up here we now know exactly where they stand we know exactly what this companies what this companies views are yeah oh god no look at this though yeah I love how they actually has still they leave it there just underlined so you could still see it you could see what they really meant alright Oh what's this unless the target is an adult public figure convicted or accused of certain crimes okay so alright so they modified it to how many times since April yeah oh here we go so now now they're so first they they actually had this since April the unless the target is in an organization or individual covered in the dangerous individuals and organizations policy so that yeah this so it was okay to call for high severity violence against people that they deemed dangerous all the way back in April yeah so the only thing they added that this part at the end or unless the media tells us it's okay but this part of the policy has been there since at least April yeah no no si si it's not pedophilia it's group now now see that the correct term like if you're a ei oh it's not loop I fit surprise mechanic there's not pedophilia it's early access it makes perfect sense yeah the traps aren't gay it's a bonus package it is yeah you're just getting more than you bargained for yeah you're getting an added bonus yeah what could be wrong why would anyone complain about getting a bonus yeah that's just weird yeah it's not predatory it's just indoctrination yeah that's the that's the government right there man yeah that's the fucking government ah what the hell happened there oh man did I I got nothin dropped on my end but on my chart I have this giant like empty space and for last in my ten minutes oh well Oh God yeah yeah I don't want a surprise like that we you don't want bonus yeah you don't want bonuses yeah it's not paid oh you're just a beta tester yeah that too yep that works as well it's not piracy it's a surprise free trial it is yeah traps just come with the dlc included yeah it's not spying it's Public Protection yeah that does that that sounds like some exactly what the government would say man exactly holy shit alright with with that though I think I'm yeah that Google article just took it all out of me man but laughing at tour-bus bullshit that actually did bring a little bit of life back into my cold dead heart so I'll cut up on shekels and hey what do you know Ethan Van Sciver streaming and he's only been at it for like an hour so it means he may still be there for a while so go over there and bug him there you go oh yeah and if you if you join his channel you get a blue-haired land whale emoji so sweet I'm just gonna spam that in the chat make sure you guys can see that double check the for last second shekels and cool all done all done so yeah go go to EVs is channel and be sure to come back Friday yeah definitely be here Friday we're gonna be talking hit pieces new payment processor is all sorts of good stuff oh okay I'll talk thank you for this 95 indie most I'm a retries protag is seto kaiba's II cannot engage also can't tune in live to your Saturday morning streams due to taking investment classes oh you live in Europe huh I guess it is Saturday morning for you yeah that's that's fine man but just be sure to catch the replay though it's gonna be a lot of important info there but there's stuff real be sure to make it Friday I'll be waiting for you then

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42 thoughts on “Serving fans vs. serving NPCs, Gab finally sees the light, social media hilarity, + more!

  1. Timestamps:
    2:29 – Anti-Licker Defense Force
    20:21 – Regressive media tries to fabricate outrage (again)
    36:22 – Google's priorities….
    1:06:33 – SNK stands with the fans
    1:16:20 – Fruitbat Factory stands with the NPCs
    1:34:48 – Gab FINALLY sees the light, but a little too late
    1:50:37 – Fakebook encourages violence, then backtracks

  2. I bet that "(unless…)" part of new facebook rules was supposed to just an internal comment to let people that if some "dangerous individual" comes with harassment case, they should be ignored, ut some intern posted whole thing, instead of the redacted version xD

  3. Excuse me but using a letter " i " as variable name in code offends me. I DEMAND that it is removed from all code that was ever and will be created.

  4. I am thinking of playing Samurai Showdown

    If they get Cham Cham into the game as a DLC character I might like to play it in my fighting game community.

  5. Nothing wrong with two girls kissing.

    I may be on the center right but I highly approve of two girls kissing.

    I am sure that Trump approves of lesbians as I am sure even he has seen some videos from Girlsway.

  6. There a RTS/FPS game somewhat like C&C renegade called Eximius Seize the Frontline in early access on Steam you can look into RGE.

  7. 20 years for licking an ice cream tub in Texas. Nothing for knowingly spreading HIV in California…. Sounds legit

  8. 1:43:09 can anybody spell that for me? The second one sounds like he's saying "Barog" but I could be wrong, don't know how to spell the first one though.

  9. Gab is and forever will be animephobic despite the "decentralization".

    Deleted my Gab account last month and never went back.

  10. For anyone who is trying to understand what RGE's social media alternatives are that were mentioned around 1:43:09, they are Pawoo and Baraag.

  11. I was looking at monitor from further away and that band-aid on nose looked like frown mouth and I was "damn this one is ugly"

  12. I’ve been an advocate for bringing back lashings, being recorded getting lashes and screaming like a bitch is worse than getting prison time

  13. As much as the left sees exactly what they want in everything regardless of reality, is there a chance that schizophrenia is that wide spread now?

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  16. Bullshit. No straight male was ever outraged at a public lesbian kiss between two fit athletic chicks in sweaty sportswear.

  17. Good luck finding those functions once these dumbasses are done Google, and if they feck it up, the whole system will go down for 'em and I doubt they'll undo it

  18. Stupid fucking Gab…a year before they got their heads out of their ass on that fake "crypto is just pedo-coin and Minds is facilitating it" bullshit they got reamed over.

  19. Give ALL of the smear merchants interviews, RGE. The answer to every question they ask is "(smear merchant group) is against games and gamers." They can't say you declined an interview.

  20. Even a simple paper tamper seal would be better than nothing. It would probably be less costly than a metal sealed lid.

  21. hi RGE! if and when you might get booted fron youtube are going to a different platform like dlive or smth like that . just curious

  22. Torba has killed gab with this update, completely gutted all the features that made the site worth using. Taking a break from the platform untill the faggot fixes the site and returns groups.

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