Sesame Street: Elmo and Dwight Howard make a Strategy
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Sesame Street: Elmo and Dwight Howard make a Strategy

ELMO: [GIGGLING] DWIGHT: Hi. I’m Dwight. ELMO: Oh and Elmo’s Elmo. DWIGHT: And we’re here
to tell you all about the word strategy. ELMO: Yeah, strategy. Tell them what a strategy
is, Mr. Dwight. DWIGHT: A strategy is a plan
to help solve a problem. ELMO: A plan to help
solve a problem. DWIGHT: That’s a strategy. ELMO: Yeah. But when do you use a strategy,
Mr. Dwight? DWIGHT: Well, I use a strategy
when I play basketball. ELMO: Oh! Mr. Dwight does? DWIGHT: Yes, in basketball, you
need a plan on how to win. That’s a strategy. ELMO: Oh, wow. When else can you
use a strategy? DWIGHT: Well, let’s say we’re
playing with this basketball. ELMO: Yeah? DWIGHT: And it went
over the fence. ELMO: Oh no! Mr. Dwight’s basketball
went over the fence. DWIGHT: We would need a
plan to get it back. And that’s a– BOTH: Strategy! DWIGHT: Right. Strategy. There you go. TIGER: Oh, yummy, yummy,
yummy, yummy, yum. A basketball for
me to chew on. ELMO: But– TIGER: Thank you. ELMO: But what a minute. Wait a– Mr. Tiger is trying to chew on
Mr. Dwight’s basketball. DWIGHT: Don’t worry, Elmo. We’ll get it back. We just need a strategy. ELMO: Oh yeah. We need a plan to solve
the problem. DWIGHT: That’s right. ELMO: But what can Elmo do? DWIGHT: Well, hey! I know what. ELMO: What? DWIGHT: We can just
ask for it back. ELMO: Good strategy,
Mr. Dwight. DWIGHT: There we go. ELMO: Go for it. DWIGHT: OK. Um, excuse me, Mr. Tiger. TIGER: Hmm. DWIGHT: Can we have our
basketball back? ELMO: Please. DWIGHT: Please? TIGER: Uh uh. DWIGHT: No? ELMO: Oh boy. Mr. Dwight’s strategy
didn’t work. DWIGHT: No, we need a new plan
to solve this problem. ELMO: Elmo has a new strategy! DWIGHT: Oh, what is
it, what is it? Tell me, Elmo. ELMO: Watch this. [HUMMING] Mr. Tiger. DWIGHT: Tiger. TIGER: Hmph? ELMO: Hi. DWIGHT: Hey! ELMO: Would you like to trade
that basketball for this delicious peanut butter
and jelly sandwich? DWIGHT: Please, please? ELMO: Please. TIGER: Peanut butter
and jelly? DWIGHT: Yes! TIGER: That’s my favorite
thing to chew on. Oh, let’s trade. ELMO: OK. TIGER: Here you go. DWIGHT: Thank you. ELMO: Here you go. Oh, boy! It worked! Elmo’s plan got Mr. Dwight’s
basketball back. DWIGHT: That was a great– ALL: Strategy. COBIE SMULDERS: So tell
them what courteous really means, Grover. GROVER: Umm. Yes. COBIE SMULDERS: OK. GROVER: I will do
that post-haste. Yes. It is a cute little flower
bracelet you wear when you dress up all fancy-like.

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62 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Elmo and Dwight Howard make a Strategy

  1. Dwight's strategy: play basketball half-assed, blame others when team fails, ask for trade to better team, rinse and repeat.

  2. Lol the haters that are commenting on this are ridiculous ya'll obviously didnt see the Rockets and nuggets game the other night did you.

  3. Lol the haters that are commenting on this are ridiculous ya'll obviously didnt see the Rockets and nuggets game the other night did you.

  4. This is the cutest thing ever. I'm 24 and I STILL LOVE Sesame Street. <3 My STRATEGY for continued happiness in life, is to keep watching Sesame Street. = )

  5. His strategy hasn't won him a championship yet, lol. Cute video though, lol. Stephen Curry is my baby daddy!!! #WarriorNation  

  6. Elmo's voice just doesn't sound the same. I give credit to Ryan Dillon for trying to sound like Kevin Clash but I can definitely tell the difference. 

  7. Well, his acting skills are better then his low post game. 🙂
    No hating, though, he's a great center =)
    Maybe they should've brought McHale there to help D12 with a strategy:)

  8. I noticed that they put tape over the basketball's logos. I think it's a Baden ball because their balls are very orange in color.

  9. Speaking of a strategy, I remember when a Frisbee flew over the fence and needed a plan to get it back by asking a teenager to throw it back over the fence.

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