Setting Up Campaign Approvals in SAP Marketing Cloud
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Setting Up Campaign Approvals in SAP Marketing Cloud

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if only certain campaigns required approvals? In SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, a few clicks ensures your campaign is signed off by the relevant managers, while other campaigns are simply approved automatically. Carolin is a marketing manager for ANCHOR Shopping Company. Her team is always busy planning creative new ways of reaching customers. With so many campaigns running, she needs to be sure that the right messages are reaching the right audience. Especially, when it comes to larger campaigns. Let’s see how Carolin can set up an automatic campaign approval process in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. Carolin creates a new workflow for her campaign by clicking “Add”. She enters all relevant information such as name, description, validation period and preconditions. Then she defines the approval rules for her email campaign. Her first step defines that an approval is required from Carolin herself and her team manager, Karin, if the number of people in her target group is more than 300,000. For target groups with more than one million people, Carolin defines a second step. For these campaigns, not only Carolin and Karin have to approve. In addition, Karina, a senior manager at ANCHOR Fashion, must give her approval. Carolin saves and activates the multi-step approval. Paul is a marketing associate with a last-minute campaign. He is concerned that getting approval will be a tedious process, and he’ll miss the opportunity to reach his customers at the optimal time. Right now, Paul has finished his campaign, submits it for approval, and adds a short note for the approvers. Paul’s campaign includes more than one million people and matches the conditions Carolin has defined. As a result, Paul’s campaign is sent both to Carolin and Karin for approval as the first step. Once Carolin and Karin have approved the campaign, it is sent to Karina for her final approval. Karina receives an email with a link to her inbox app to approve the campaign. Once she approves it, the campaign is released and executed as scheduled. Paul is happy. His campaign was approved and started just in time! Carolin is happy that she doesn’t have to approve each and every campaign. She decides to create similar approval workflows for target groups, programs and marketing plans. It’s just as easy !

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