Seven Story Brewing: Branding a New Brewery
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Seven Story Brewing: Branding a New Brewery

My name is Seth Clark, and I am a
co-owner at Seven Story Brewing
and Lock 32 Brewing Company (Michael) Tell us where the name comes from…
– Seven Story? Seven Story is- it’s a good play and just kind
of a nod to the marvel that we have here right- right in front of us, the Erie Canal.
The Erie Canal is seventy feet; the great embankment is right in the Basin
and it’s 70 feet above the lowest point which is Irondequoit Creek, so it’s a
play on that just obviously some of the natural resources we have in the area
here, and then also we put into a little bit of the storytelling aspect, something
you like to do when you hang out at an establishment and you know, there’s seven
different ways to tell a story, whether it’s a comedy or a drama or whatever
maybe so we have a lot of fun with the names and some play on things like that
so pretty fun. (Michael) Good. Talk to us about the- the logo design, I know you put a lot of thought into the creation of that. Yeah, the logo was a lot of thought, it was it was a lot of fun though too. You know, we were able to sit down have a lot of meetings with
our marketing people which did a fantastic job but you look at it and
part of the sub-brand there is that- that “V” that we have and it’s again it’s a nod
to the canal you see some of the the seven levels on that “V” and a vessel
going down the canal and you see a sun and what looks like maybe some- some
clouds in the distance and just again it has a lot to do with what your mood may
be you know when you’re having a drink whether it’s gonna be a darker beer or a
lighter beer and why you’re doing it so… Pretty neat.

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